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course SEO complete Free partie 2

 SEO: How does Google work? What do I need to get to the top ranking positions in it? Free complete course -partie 2

course SEO complete Free partie 2 How does Google work
course SEO complete Free partie 2 How does Google work

SGTInfo - SEO -02:00 08/06/2021 - Cours SEO completes free parties 2

    After publishing the first part of the SEO lesson, improve the arrangement of the site in the search results, we are divided into two articles. In this article, you will find a study in the second part and everyone who is reading the first part can see the lesson from here.

2- Analyze the onpage initialization factors

The internal SEO factors are those factors that are associated with the website, and it's solely hooked into you to optimize these factors.

The internal SEO factors are as follows:

Content content

Since you recognize that content is that the most vital factor for Google, concentrate on what you're presenting to the user, once they come to your page.

Ensure that each piece of data he needs is on your site, which he won't be got to test on another site to answer his questions. Your content must be unique and valuable!

A good approach is to research the results that appear within the first positions in Google, for that idea used, which you plan to rank well in Google for and prepare more valuable content from it.

Include the keyword that you simply are that specialize in within the text, also as include other concepts associated with the keyword.

With that in mind, a top SEO specialist named Rand Fishkin found out the rule “ 10 x content or 10 x content ” which suggests your content should be 10 times better than your ranked content. the primary is from Google. There are, of course, many points and practices that you simply must follow to succeed in this premium level of content.

That is, if you would like to excel in Google and reach the primary ranks, you want to provide content that has high credibility, excellent organization and provides an excellent experience for those that access this content.

Sometimes it's necessary to spend tons of your time on research, creating templates that enrich your page, and every one the weather which will affect your presentation.

Creating content this way isn't easy, on the opposite hand, it'll bring you very impressive results.

In addition to the element of quality, it's essential that you simply update your site/blog frequently, and consistently, to point out to your users and Google that you simply are effectively keeping the element fresh and up so far.

Titles Titles

In this paragraph, we'll provide you with two sorts of headings that are important for internal SEO setup, namely:

SEO Title: it's the user's first point of contact together with your page, and for this reason, it should be attractive enough to earn you clicks. an honest SEO title should contain 55 to 65 elements. Then, Google will crop it and insert an ellipsis (…) which will indicate that there are more words additionally to what has been displayed.

Use headlines that are slimmer, containing the chosen keyword, which complements the most ideal of the content.

If you're using Aluwrdberas platform WordPress you'll install the plugin extension Yoast, an Extensions add-in SEO, which helps you adjust the SEO title and size, and guide you to the simplest techniques and tips when the interior setup for SEO onpage.

Internal Address: the interior address are often different from the SEO address, and it must be persuasive enough to stay the user thereon page. It doesn't have a group limit of things.

Readability survey Scanability

Scan reading, looking reading, or exploratory reading may be a way you employ to arrange the content you've got on a page. this is often a crucial factor, as before the user makes the accurate reading of the content, he may scan the text together with his eyes to research the foremost details of his research.

Within your page, keep the content as clean and appropriate as possible.

There are a couple of important techniques that help your text have the advantage of scavenging:

  • Establishing subheadings to divide content;
  • maintain a logical sequence of paragraphs in long texts, like in blogs;
  • Avoid very long text segments;
  • merging textual contents with multimedia (photos, infographics, videos, etc.);
  • Use bullet points to form an inventory of bullet points ;
  • Use headings as appropriate, H1 just one occasion for the text heading, and sub-headings ( H2, H3, etc.) for sub-headings.

Site speed

The loading time of the pages of the location directly affects the rating of the bots in Google, and also the user experience.

If a site is late in providing the content that the user is expecting, the user could also be tempted to exit the page they entered and look for results aside from what Google offers them via the SERP.

To check your site speed, attend the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and enter your domain address. Within the PageSpeed tool, it's possible to know which aspects got to be optimized so as for your pages to load better.

Mobile access

As of now of publishing this post, Google remains to place the primary place for the Desktop version for sites that aspire to earn an honest ranking rate. But perhaps within the coming years, Google goes on to think about the version of the pages on mobile devices mobile within the first place. this is often what we call Mobile-First Index.

With that in mind, it is vital to think about that each important user (and Google) themes displayed within the desktop version also are available within the mobile version to form your site compatible with the new program guidelines.

URL paths

The URL path is that the only address for every website. Although it's not one of the main factors that carry tons of weight in terms of SEO techniques, the URL path can affect the user experience, and therefore the rate of clicks you receive within the SERP search results page.

Choose short, simple URLs that contain the keyword.

Note our hypothetical example below. Note that an extended URL, filled with items, doesn't give us a thought of what the page is about:اhave-fun-every-day

The URL path itself can only be shortened by its main root ( ) followed by an idea that has the keyword and summarizes the content of the page, for example:

This is what we call: the friendly URL path.

In an e-commerce business that contains tons of pages within categories, the challenge could also be greater, but always remember to enhance as many aspects as possible so that the user finds what he's trying to find within the URL path. Another recommended tip is to put in an SSL certificate to modify the URL path from HTTP to HTTPS. this suggests that the info that leaks through the location is encrypted and guarded.

This process is especially recommended for sites that are banking or contain tip. But it doesn't work to the present day with any of those aspects, issuing an SSL certificate brings security and reliability to the user.

Internal links:

Internal links direct users to other URLs that belong to an equivalent site.

Building an honest network of internal links is an important part of your website's architectural planning.

Internal links direct Google to the foremost important URL paths, expressing authority and authority for the subject, moving this from page to page, and keeping the user longer within your domain.

Alt-Text or Alt-Text

It may be an acronym for Alternative Text and is a resource wont to describe images. it's a crucial resource to form Google's spider crawlers to understand the content of images on a page.

This is very useful for user experience if it's impossible to load images on a page, where the visitor can read the text accompanying the pictures to know the content of the pictures.

We will follow mention the viability of the scouting Scalability, if it had been capable of content entry by people with visual disabilities, can recognize this alternative text Alt-Text through an electronic screen reader device.

Alt-text: Article: Selling on Instagram - Smartphone with an Instagram app on the screen, and a $200 card on top of the pc, to point that you simply can sell through the app

You may have noticed that while applying internal SEO techniques, the foremost important point we've mentioned several times may be a good user experience. This complements several other concepts that make the visitor get what he expects (and quite that).

Keep all the standard in your site, not just the aesthetics, run tests, and understand everything which will improve your website performance and potential customer experience.

3- Analysis of external factors for SEO techniques

These factors are those factors that don't depend exclusively on you, but totally on the sites that ask you thru links. Of course, you'll work indirectly on the externalities of SEO techniques, and we'll talk a touch more about that.

First of all, you ought to realize that the large external factor that counts in Google are backlinks.

Practically speaking, the whole section of external settings for Offpage SEO techniques is devoted to understanding which links are directed to your site.

To maintain these factors daily, the subsequent should be considered:

Scale - the authority of Domain Authority

Domain authority may be a measure prepared by the corporate MOZ, one among the foremost famous companies among specialists within the field of program optimization techniques, and its founder is ( Rand Fishkin ) that we talked about during this post, once we mentioned his method in quality and quality Content.

The Domain Authority may be a global ranking that's used supported a scale from 1 to 100, and therefore the higher this number is, the higher your website is going to be rated, and therefore the harder it's to climb. which suggests growing from a 19 to twenty range may be a lot easier than growing from a 59 to 60.

The domain authority rate is calculated supported the amount and quality of links pointing to the most domain of a site, also because of the onpage configuration factors mentioned.

Page authority Page Authority

The page authority has equivalent standards and principles because of the domain authority, but here we are talking about specific pages.

Following this concept, page authority is often reached that's above the authority of a website, if that specific page has better rates, this makes MOZ see it as essential and essential for growth in scores and scores.

It is important to notice that domain authority and page authority are associated with the extent of efforts and endeavours that are made within the field of SEO techniques generally. this suggests that although links are important factors therein ranking, everything that has been mentioned thus far can affect your ranking.

You can determine the position of your website and your competitors through the Mozbar tool, which may be a Google Chrome extension that permits you to look at the SERP results within each site to ascertain the ranking.

Anchor Text - Anchor Text

Anchortext is that the text utilized in links. this is often an element being considered by Google, consistent with the simplest specialists within the field, like Brian Dean -, Brian, Dean of the location Backlinko

The text that's found next to the link also affects the way Google analyzes your site!

To be more clear, if your website earns tons of quality backlinks from your anchor text “make carrot cake” etc., it'll probably rank well on the SERP for this idea.

The number and quality of backlinks

This section holds two things together because it is vital to say that it doesn't matter if your website gets thousands of links if none of these links come from really important domains.

Google cares about a number, but also, as webmasters acknowledge, the standard of backlinks is additionally more important.

How does one get good links?

As mentioned, links are a testament to the trust that other websites offer you reciprocally for the great work you are doing on your website.

To deserve good links, you would like to try to do quality work on your website, produce important content, generate popularity and resonance for your brand, to become a reference in your topic.

Maintaining a blog and adding permanent content thereto is a superb thanks to creating quality, frequently accessed content, using content marketing techniques.

To speed up this process, you'll establish partnerships with other sites, so that it fits together with your business, and propose a content exchange so that you post articles and texts through other people's blogs and the other way around.

Also, create highly shareable content. Lists, infographics, and videos are great formats that are easy to consume and share on social networks.

Within your field, also search for topics that haven't yet been discussed thoroughly. Research the key questions that come from your persona, and establish that you simply are an authority on the matter.

4- Monitor performance and results

To notice the primary results, you ought to monitor your performance on a day to day, produce quality and effective content, conduct a check-up survey on your website to make sure that each one practice and actions suit the rules and guidelines issued by Google.

The tool considers Google Analytics an honest ally during this matter. during this post, we'll teach you all about this tool, and the way to put it in it to start out analyzing the results obtained.

Remember to stay an in-depth eye on your competitors, and note the actions and actions they take so that they're shortly before you.

There are many other analytics tools, just in case you would like to figure with great SEO techniques, it's worth considering the paid and paid version of 1 of the tools and equipment we mentioned, like SEMRush!

Also, remember to line goals for your business, which relate to natural organic traffic, because it is far easier to research the results you get.

If you're ranging from scratch, you'll start by evaluating the daily traffic your website gets, also because of the number of backlinks, and tiny by little you develop in terms of sales metrics from organic traffic, for instance.


Search Engine Optimizations techniques are a permanent, continuous, medium and future business.

The biggest advice we offer you here is: study frequently, keep an eye fixed on potential updates from Google, and in fact, stay consistent.

If you would like to continue learning about the techniques involved in managing and generating organic traffic, also because of the opportunities which will be generated in business, Automatic publishing of your articles in all social media at once

Share your feedback with us within the comments space!! this subject is basically important and deserves attention if you would like your business to seem on the primary page of Google search results!

See you in another post and another post, Greetings from the site team SGTInfo (all rights are save 2021)

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