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What is video marketing?

What is video marketing 2021

What is video marketing?
What is video marketing?

SGTInfo social media - 03:00 - 08/06/2021

It is not rare to ascertain this subject is his address and treatment on as a separate strategy alone, but you ought to know that any video was, both within the field of digital marketing the Digital Sales, or marketing content Content Sales, advertising or maybe sales funnel may be a Marketing video or video Sales.

Yes, it's as simple as I even have seen!

For those that are conversant in the topics mentioned, we'll check out the overall capabilities of videos, to raised understand what it means to use them in your marketing strategies.

In addition, we offer you some choices of platforms that you simply can use to try to do ads.

We hope that, with the assistance of this post, you'll be ready to understand that video alone doesn't solve a drag and isn't always considered the simplest case, despite the good reputation that revolves around this type of content.

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Why are videos so important?

The interest in this topic may be a result of the increasing importance that videos have gained!

In addition to the YouTube platform, videos have invaded other platforms and networks, by focusing, initially, on other media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Linkedin.

This is not surprising if we take into consideration the technological development that has taken place during the last ten years!

Where we discover a transparent increase within the simple producing and consuming videos, recording, editing, also as, using this sort of content via a telephone.

Through video, tons of data are often conveyed, not only through photography but also through the utilization of audio, music, letters, and words, live effects..etc, for instance.

Through these stimuli, it becomes much easier to draw in the viewer's attention and, in turn, gain his interaction.

Additionally, as a person's being, there's nothing more natural than interpreting the tones of voice that are generated during the speech, the expressions that appear on the face and body (body language). The personality of the person presenting the video becomes clearer and more legible and has all the influence on the way the video is understood!

In addition to textual information, moving images usher in an endless amount of cues that communicate with the viewer, from dress to the scenario being presented.

Projections indicate that video will remain the leading format by 2020, as online videos will structure 79% of worldwide internet traffic, up from 63% in 2015, bringing the planet to three trillion minutes of online video per month.

As for the center East and Africa ( consistent with an equivalent report ), the video traffic on the web will grow by 8 times between 2015 and 2020, with a compound annual rate of about 52%, because the share of this region is estimated at about 169 billion minutes of video content monthly by the year 2020.

But those numbers don't mean that, by 2020, we'll be using videos 80% of our time, right? But in any case, this suggests that the videos are going to be more present in our lives because the days progress! 

If, you've got to focus only on marketing videos Video Sales?

In sum, with the various advantages and therefore the increasing presence on the web, should priority and priority tend to videos thanks to their strategic benefits in communication?

Should you hurry to take a position and buy a far better camera when doing video marketing?

Is it an honest idea to prevent feeding your blog with useful topics and focus only on YouTube, as a platform? 

Well... it isn't like that!

On the one hand, if you are doing not make videos, you'll lose tons of possibilities and possibilities that you simply can exploit.

We won't enter details, because if the digital market sparks your curiosity and interest, and you're just starting out, sure, you're consuming tons of videos a day, and you recognize how important webinars, educational videos, sales-focused videos, advertising are within the sort of Videos, blogs, vlogs, etc.

What many of us don't notice is that marketing the message, the instant and where it's entered, makes all the difference. It doesn't matter if we're talking about a few videos, a text, an audio file, a picture, or maybe a spatial connection.

In other words, marketing within the video field Video Marketing won't do anything if there's not very intent clear if you are doing not specialize in the audience and appropriate, and if you probably did not provide an honest text - we are specifically talking about the art of advertising writing copy within the content (scenario ) – albeit it's a really well-prepared video, with beautiful pictures and excellent presentation.

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Why shouldn't you employ videos all the time in video marketing?

We aren't saying here that the video has come to exchange the normal text, but rather to enrich it.

It is also worth noting that, counting on the sort of communication and behavior of the buyer, the video could also be an explanation for generating a negative result, because additionally to the wide popularity of the video because it helps to facilitate the consumption of data, this feature depends tons on the tactic and place during which the video will appear in it.


Imagine if your favorite news site were to exchange the bulk of written reports with videos.

It would certainly be inconvenient, or maybe annoying, not having the choice to travel through the news story with eyes to scan the text through a fast read, and choose which texts to read carefully.

Or imagine if the majority of the content on a page you're keen on LinkedIn or Facebook was all converted into videos. 

No matter how long the content lasts, I assure you which will be a bump, because to observe videos you would like a faster internet connection, and sometimes, you would like a selected place and moment, if the content is predicated on audio.

For an equivalent reason, the video, which is meant to incite sales, usually doesn't appear directly at the highest of the article or ad page.

Letting the reader peer through the overall information first would be an excellent strategy to form his or her purchase decision by clicking a button or scrolling across the page.

After these actions, you'll know that the user is going to be more willing to focus fully on his attention. And here, at this moment, comes the subject of the video, as this video will have a greater chance of being successful and winning over that person.

Another reason that motivates you to not bet all the convictions papers on the videos only, and still work well across other media, which is that once we mention the topic of techniques to enhance search engines program Optimization or Acronym SEO, carrying videos during this area is additionally a dimension may have Its negative results, if the video is compared to written texts, especially within the blog.

Google search works far better, and in a more specific way, on written content than on videos.

Despite the mixing (merger) between Google and therefore the YouTube platform, and with of these improvements that the YouTube platform has witnessed recently, the back the difficulty of tags, description, the location of the caption accompanying the image, also as titles, especially concerning the power to interpret algorithms, win texts Higher and better rating factor.

What video feature should I set up?

Now that the text became clear more important for the success of selling techniques Video Video Sales, we will understand why we aren't to stress an excessive amount of, too often, on the standard of production, especially concerning pictures.

Not that it doesn't make any difference, after all, the more well-crafted the video, the more attractive the probabilities are!

The point here is that one among the most important differences between online video in comparison to TV or cinema: On the online, employing a simple format may be a good option, and may even simplify the method, allowing more videos to be made during a short amount of your time.

In some cases, the simplicity of production, in and of itself, offers even greater credibility and spontaneity!


If you follow YouTube channels from influencers or brands, you'll have noticed that it isn't always necessary for successful people to possess good image production.

However, since everything is connected and associated with marketing, this relies on the audience, and on a variety of things like a specific support team.

With this information available, experiment with options, models, parts and always analyze the metrics and standards that platforms offer you.

You can found out brief educational videos or long videos, books, interviews, videos that include evidence of illustration, what we call emotional Paljravek or Motion Graphic, Alanfujravek Moving Animated Infographics it's an excellent tool to interpret and explain complex concepts.

When mapping out all the possible actions, it becomes more and more clear that creating videos, albeit simply, takes time, doesn't it?

So here's a useful tip:  Try making a recording calendar and record several videos directly, then edit it little by little.

Another clever concept that will assist you to make better use of some time, and generate an endless amount of byproducts and byproducts, is to consider a video that lasts longer and has more intense content. It is often within the sort of a conversation or an amplified lesson for instance.

Based on these materials, you'll take the audio file and switch it into a podcast, highlight important phrases, make style posts (text or image), and particularly, separate clips and little paragraphs for Instagram and other social media.

Is it possible to line up ads within the sort of videos?

Although many of the choices and possibilities have emerged in recent years, especially within the field of content marketing Content Sales, the normal ads are still present and alive and kicking today!

The following social media, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, have many options that assist you to get your message across to the proper audience.

To talk a touch bit about this subject, we'll specialize in YouTube, which offers you 3 main options :

1- TrueView advertising

These are the standard ads that appear on YouTube. Here you pay as long as the user interacts with the videos, for instance, by clicking on a Call to Action button and also when the user watches the ad for quite 30 seconds or watches the whole ad.

These ads can appear alongside search results and within the middle of related videos ( Discovery Ads ).

There is also the choice to display these ads before the beginning of the video ( In-Stream Ads ). during this case, the user can skip the ads after 5 seconds of starting the ad.

2- Non-skippable advertising

These are ads that the user cannot skip.

It is often placed before the video, within the middle of the video (if the video is longer than 10 minutes), or maybe at the top.

These ads last for 15 or 20 seconds.

3- Bumpers ads 

These are short ads, lasting 6 seconds, that are played before the video. It can't be bypassed by the user.

Facebook also allows (along with Alanstaqram) many options, like GIFs, short videos, vertical videos, ads on stories Stories, rotating ads Carrousel, ads fill the screen Canvas, Advertising Manifold Collection Advertising status 360 degrees, live advertisement and direct Live, Technology In-Stream on Audience Network.

Practically speaking, what quiet post you'll usually find out on Facebook you'll use as a billboard, it's enough just to log in to Facebook for businesses or Facebook Business

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We hope that this information is beneficial to you, which you've got acquired an honest base of data to use within the field of Video Marketing.

We miss your opinion! Now you'll start fixing your ads and marketing with video, share whatever you think that off within the comments space!

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See you in another post and another post!

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