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SEO: How does Google work? What do I need to get to the top ranking positions in it? Free complete course

SEO: How does Google work? Free complete SEO course
SEO: How does Google work? Free complete SEO course


Cours SEO completes free

Learn during this post everything you would like to understand about SEO techniques, which is one among the techniques in digital marketing most employed by SGTInfo!

Appearing within the top ranks of search engines like Google is that the goal of the many professional people, and business owners working through the web. this is often because being among the highest-ranking positions of this tool, means a true possibility of fixing a business and, of course, generating revenue without having tons of cash. during this post, we'll mention all the foremost important concepts and techniques for getting started in SEO, SEO techniques, whether you're a business owner, a digital marketing professional or simply a curious one that wants to find out more about this subject.

Read this post until the top , it's long, but vital , start now!

What is program optimization SEO?

The program optimization or program Optimization may be a practice or application designed to draw in visitors during a way membership to a selected location.

It is a group of technologies that make websites appear on the Google results page in an organic way when someone searches.

To make everything tons simpler, imagine you would like to form a cake made from carrots.

You spontaneously attend Google and type:

Search the Google search engine for how to prepare carrot cakes
Search the Google search engine for how to prepare carrot cakes

Here you visit the website that ranked first in search results and finds the whole recipe.

The site has managed to draw in you, without making any advertisements. you're the one who visited him. this is often what we mean by a natural organic visit to the website.

These practices are closely associated with search mechanisms, which are tools available to users to look for information, solutions and services.

The best example of our program is Google, but it can't be considered the sole one!

Yahoo, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Play, the App Store and Facebook are good samples of search engines we accept a day.

To raised understand and be ready to practice SEO techniques well, you want to understand how these techniques work, and the way we will improve our channels to seem within the first positions in search results.

Although Google isn't the most engine, it's still the foremost used main program, and thus, is taken into account the foremost studied engine by marketers. that's why we'll focus entirely thereon.

Advantages of appearing in Google

Let's say you've got a pizzeria in Riyadh for instance, when someone searches for the phrase (best pizzeria in Riyadh), you'll notice that your website is going to be the first!

The first result that appears on sites receives about 30% of the clicks for somebody trying to find a selected piece of data or an answer.

This means that it's very likely that somebody checking out the simplest pizzeria in Riyadh will enter your website. And if it's ok and convinces the visitor that your pizza is basically good, the probabilities of winning a replacement customer are very high.

This can happen in many business models: E-commerce, physical business, services and software for instance.

Organic search has the potential to scale back the value of acquiring a possible customer since you do not need to spend money to urge your website to be within the first leads to Google.

On the opposite hand, tons of labour must be done and also dedicated, because the first place may be a very respiratory position!

If your goal is to realize visibility for your brand/name, appearing on Google is additionally very beneficial.

How does Google search work?

In a very simple way, Google seeks to supply answers to users' questions. And believe me, there are many, many questions.

Google gets a mean of about 3.5 billion searches per day. and the way does he do that? Imagine having an enormous database that has an outsized portion of the content found on the Internet:

Under this rule, Google can scan all of your content to supply the simplest answers for the user.

Results identified as “ads” indicate that website owners are paid to seem for those concepts, consistent with their interests. Advertising is often wiped out Google by Google AdWords and you'll understand more about this subject by clicking here.

On the opposite hand, the leads to the green frame are the natural organic search results, and that they are concentrated within the primary page, so counting on the intelligence of Google, the simplest results are presented on the search done. In our example, (learn to play the lute).

Each result's displayed as a snippet or featured snippet within the program box, which is that the part where Google displays the results.

Example extracts distinctive Snippet :

The title, URL path and outline are important elements to research, because it's through these elements that the user's first contact with the website is formed.

The title is that the first element that a user notices, and is taken into account as extremely important to an SEO strategy.

The URL path is that the website address the user is directed to if they click on the Snippet.

The description may be a supplement to the title and is a further incentive for the user to click on the link and obtain your answer.

But we'll talk more about that later during this blog.

How does Googlebot or Google spiders work?

Google has an intelligence referred to as GoogleBot which is that the program that does the whole scanning process in your data bank to arrange and supply important results.

Google Bot works in three phases:

Tracking: The Google bot browses within the info bank, rummaging through new and old pages.

Browsing: At now, Google Bot evaluates the knowledge it's scanned. supported criteria set by Google engineers, the bot will determine which pages are the foremost important out of all of them.

Post or Show: The Google bot displays the results to the user. and therefore the important part is that this whole process can happen within tenths of a second.

In our research about “learning to play the lute”, for instance, it happened within 0.60 of a second! (Example within the previous image).

Google Ranking Factors

Google currently analyzes quite 200 ranking factors before evaluating and highlighting sites, to place them within the first ranks of the SERP results.

The main factors within the classification, are during this order:

  1. Content;
  2. Backlinks;
  3. RankBrain. algorithm

It is the content that answers the questions of the user who is doing the search, so it's the primary and most vital factor that has got to be analyzed by Google when choosing the simplest results. your content must be important, more comprehensive and complete so as for the user to unravel their questions.

Are prepared background links backlinks when other guides sites to your site as a reference during a particular topic. For Google, if a site trusts you adequate and recommends you, it's because you're a true specialist during a particular topic, and Google takes this aspect under consideration when presenting results to users.

It is worth noting that Google also takes under consideration the standard and quality of those links, and this suggests that the sites that ask you ought to definitely trust you.

The RankBrain algorithm is Google's AI that works through a process called Machine Intelligence and Machine Learning. this suggests that it interprets pages from Google's data bank, and progresses whenever it learns new things.

The RankBrain algorithm analyzes the general user interaction and presents the result supported the search context, not just supported the keyword within the search. It can provide a crucial result to the user, albeit they perform an enquiry that they need not done before in Google.

How to appear within the first ranking sites in Google?

If appearing within the first Google search results is somehow helpful, it is time to know how the method works.

1. Perform an enquiry for keywords keywords

As mentioned, Google features a large data bank that, when there's an enquiry, uses this bank to supply results.

This search is performed by concepts that indicate the user's intent, these concepts are called keywords.

Keywords are those concepts wont to perform an enquiry via search engines.

If users use keywords to seek out a bit of data, then you would like to pick the simplest words for your business. In this manner, you'll focus your attention on your potential customers.

For this reason, you'll be got to do keyword research.

Before actually going to this step, you've got to know that there are two sorts of keywords: head tail and long tail.

Head Tail:

They are more general concepts and don't clearly express the true desire of the user who uses them.

Example: The concept “ online courses ” may be a general and short keyword Head Tail.

Through this idea alone, it's impossible to understand if the intention lies in knowing what the tutorial courses are, buying educational courses or maybe selling educational courses online.

Because these words are so general, they need an outsized volume of searches, and inevitably, this word faces high competition, but when a site that manages to rank well for a general concept, gets tons of visibility. This doesn't mean that this could be your goal.

We will now understand better the concept of long and specific keywords or long head.

Long Tail:

These are more specific keywords that more clearly indicate the intent of the user.

The concept “ the way to prepare educational courses ” expresses more clearly the question the user wants to clarify. this is often an extended and specific keyword.

Although there's significantly less research volume on this sort of word, the competition for it's also lower.

Another important advantage of working with this sort of keyword is that you simply are often more relevant to your work with this sort of keyword.

If you've got an area to grow vegetables in your home, and you'll earn an honest ranking in Google results using the expression “how to grow organic lettuce”, you'll have a high chance of attracting more customers.

Should I exploit Head Tail or Long Tail?

If you're wondering about the kinds of keywords Keywords that ought to be utilized in your strategy, the solution is simple: together !! types

Although a really broad term doesn't generate business directly, a future buyer can come to shop from you after a particular time after they need to access your more general content.

In addition, the looks for more comprehensive concepts is beneficial to get awareness about the brand Brand Awareness, which results in a mention of your brand and recognition.

As for extended and more specific concepts, it's essential that you simply take time with these words, because it is thru these words that users seek to unravel their most specific questions. Earning an order of this type means being the solution to what your customers are trying to find.

How is that the look for keywords Keywords?

Now that you simply know the overall concept of keywords Keywords, we'll attend the detailed explanation of the step-by-step process on the way to perform keyword search Keywords :

Define your persona:

To perform an enquiry using keywords good keywords you would like to know you would like to access it through improved procedures for search engines SEO administered, in other words, potential customers belonging to you.

That's why you would like to define your buyer persona.

The personas or "Avatar, " somewhat imaginary representations to customers idealists for your business. this idea is extremely different from that of the audience, while this idea is broad, personas complement behavioural characteristics in describing them, like preferences, lifestyle, personality and moral values.

When you pack up with a really wide audience and begin working with personas, you'll identify more topics that are simpler together with your potential customer.

Discovering a buyer persona isn't intimidating and maybe identified albeit you do not have any. you'll inspect our comprehensive guide fixing personas.

Use keyword tools Keywords :

There are some tools (free and paid) that assist you to do keyword research, we'll mention a number of them.

In the meantime, you'll found out a table where you organize the keywords you've selected, and see that they're the foremost important.

Keyword Planner Google Google Keyword Planner

This tool is free, and it's used tons by people that send ads on Google, and it's very useful for those that add the sector of SEO.

It is enough just to travel to the tool's website and use a Gmail account.

Go to the Tools section, then Keyword Planner, and choose the Search keywords section, here:

Specify the geographic location during which you plan to look for that keyword:

This tool allows you to enter quite one country to look for an equivalent keyword. Here within the example, I chose to look for the keyword (learn to form ceramics), in each of the countries: (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Iraq and Libya).

Then you decide on the language you employ to display the search results, and put the keyword (learn to form ceramics):

And you click to urge the leads to the upper left side, the results appear.

Here you see the screen that shows the monthly search results for the concept in question, below you'll find some similar concepts.

Note that there's a mean of monthly searches for these concepts, also because of the competition. choose between them the concepts that you simply deem important, and move them to the keyword table you've found out.

Tool Keyword Tool

This tool is additionally free, and there's a more comprehensive paid version. Here, the free version does well for your needs.

It is enough just to enter the specified concept within the white search box:

The tool offers you many options complementing the concept you've got entered.

Ubersuggest tool

This tool is additionally free. You list the keywords and their complements in alphabetical order.

The Ubersuggest tool is often used as a suggestion field for ideas associated with the first keyword being searched.

Note that every search result can offer you a graph showing the evolution of the concept in terms of search results, pay-per-click and if any, competition.


It is one of the foremost complete tools for anyone working within the field of program optimization or SEO techniques. Full access to all or any of its features is free, but there are some free functions.

Different from the tools we mentioned, this tool enables you to supply a clearer overview of the latest insights on the subject you're trying to find.

For those starting out now, it is a good idea to seem for ideas that have an inexpensive volume of monthly research, but that do not have tons of competition.

You can discover these criteria within the "table key words in sentences compatible " Phrase Match Keywords 

In the comprehensive version of SEMRush, it's also possible to research the keywords by which competitors gain good rankings, and this is often one among the important factors that you simply should specialise in if you would like to succeed in them.

After analyzing the keywords that are most vital to your business and adding them to your table, create a chart to point the priority of every word. Select the words that have a high, medium or low priority, to know the degree of importance to the necessity to start out working within the field of SEO.

Through the supply of research on the keywords in hand, you focus on) the interior setup internal configuration factors of the location ( you want to onpage also as external factors of the page for your business.

I see you in the second part of the SEO cycle, greeting from the SGTINFO site team (all rights saved 2021)

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