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Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube partie 3

Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube partie three

Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube partie 3
Tips to improve your YouTube channel results for monetization - Cours Youtube partie 3

SGTInfo  -  SEO  -21: 00 10/08/2021 - Youtube course part 03

A comprehensive and complete guide that leads you to the possibility of profit from YouTube - Part Three

    Welcome to the SGTInfo blog. during this third a part of a really important topic that a lot of people occupy on the web: learning strategies and methods for improving the extent of the YouTube channel and preparing to form money from the Internet.

In this third and final article:


    Concerning tags, specialise in the essential things, people who fit alright with the subject you're talking about within the video, alongside other important supplements, to stimulate focus.

    For example: In one among the videos that talks about “Gaining subscribers on the YouTube channel”, the subsequent signs are often relied on:

  • Participants
  • Youtube subscribers
  • How to gain subscribers
  • channel subscribers
  • More subscribers
  • Increase the number of subscribers
  • gain subscribers on the channel 
  • Attract subscribers to your YouTube channel

This form of “flanking” the most topic works best with YouTube’s algorithms, so you'll make certain of their side of the subject and recommend the foremost appropriate content for the user’s search, but you'll also put other related concepts in situ.


The video description helps viewers and algorithms evaluate the content found.

We highly recommend that you simply write an outline that accurately explains what you talked about within the video, don't be concerned about revealing what you are going to speak about and deduct the element of surprise, because for YouTube, the more accurately you explain the content within the video, the higher.

Try explaining about 300 characters, speaking directly without unnecessary lengthening.

Some experts recommend that you simply put the whole text you recorded within the video description area.

In the case of videos that are long or multi-topic, try using timestamps to function an index and guide to the content. Try putting the days into hours, minutes and seconds (separated by colons), and YouTube will create a shortcut that results in the video in question.

Try to cash in on this by putting links to your other social media accounts also on your website (if you've got one).


YouTube allows subtitles to be placed in videos, which helps with SEO, also helps the algorithm understand the content you provide through the videos.

Also, having subtitles is important to form the videos more understandable both by people with hearing problems also for viewers in situations where audio can't be played (eg on conveyance and in places where silence is required for example).

In the video manager, for instance, the YouTube edit screen, you'll attend the CC subtitle guide and add text.

Also, you've got the choice to type the text manually, put together a special file with subtitles (SRT for example) or just put together the script and use the simplest resources for the subtitles, which is an automatic synchronization by YouTube itself.

Remember that the platform generates automatic subtitles for videos, and in many cases this translation is inaccurate, but it is often used as a base and basis to facilitate the scripting of the video.

After a while, upload is going to be available and you'll upload it by clicking on the three dots on the “Save” side (lower right end of the video play button). then, just click on the “Open Voice Graphs” button and replica the text that's generated.

Additional tips from gold to enhance the extent of the YouTube channel 

Now that we all know the most points, it's worth mentioning to spotlight a series of small tips which will assist you to improve the results you get.

1- Share links via playlists

When publishing content on external sites and social media, attend the playlist page on YouTube, and replica the video link thereon screen, therefore the user views the content through the playlist, which leads him to observe more related content.

2- Use the series playlists

A serie may be a different sort of playlist and it's very useful for content that has continuous content from episode to episode or from video to video, with you'll create seasons and episodes.

These videos tend to display content in sequence, video after video, which contributes to providing a far better experience and expertise for the viewer.

3- Check the origin of network traffic or visits

Lots of people may come to your YouTube channel supported tips from other videos or do an enquiry through YouTube's search bar.

Well, evaluate this data that talks about the origin of network traffic in YouTube, by counting on YouTube Analytics, especially concerning videos and research on YouTube. This strategy is extremely good and helps you to know what your audience wants foremost and also to reveal the competitors.

4- Use the “First Offer” resource

Advantage premiere in YouTube may be a feature that helps you draw attention to your videos, through it, flying video and send notices to the general public half an hour before the official time for the deployment of video.

At the instant of publication, another notice is shipped to make sure that the viewer doesn't miss the video and also to get an impact almost like that of a live broadcast where people are simultaneously watching the content being shown.

5- Try the thumbnails

After publishing the video, it's worth noting that you simply conduct tests to ascertain which image can make the video more beautiful, as long as the thumbnail is that the only element that we recommend that you simply choose immediately after publishing the video.

This is thanks to the very fact that metrics and other data (title, tags and descriptions) are employed by the platform to undertake to know and rank the content you provide.

If you modify this information within a recent post quite once, it's going to hinder the calculations within the algorithm. By doing so, your video features a high chance of affected by poor performance.

6- Keep track of click rates and impressions (CTR)

Video titles also as thumbnails could also be subject to evaluation by CTR or Click-through Rate criteria and metrics. The importance and impact of this are often very significant and you ought to learn more about these metrics.

In other words, this suggests evaluating the interest that your content generates in viewers so that they really click on the videos.

To realize more subscribers on YouTube, you would like to realize views, and to win views, first, it's necessary to draw in the viewer's attention, hence the importance of evaluating the speed of clicks and impressions.

7- Use cards

Throughout the videos, you'll use the cards to recommend other videos or lead viewers to an external site, which must be registered together with your account. 

Although it's a really great way to steer the user journey, remember that in doing so, you'll run the danger of reducing the retention time of the video also because of the platform, so use these resources carefully and wisely.

8- do not forget the things on the ultimate screen

As with the cards, the ultimate screen elements help drive the viewer's career. 

During the last 20 seconds of content, you ought to put suggestions that cause videos or playlists and cards.

As mentioned earlier, take care of the items you set at the top of the videos, to make sure that the viewer doesn't leave the video prematurely.

9- concentrate on the comments 

It is vital to interact together with your viewer base through comments. Try your best to answer all comments and questions quickly.

These interactions are considered alright by the algorithms, and thus, assist you to determine excellent relations with the audience.

If you simply need to affect a really large volume of comments, a minimum of attempt to specify a “like” or “heart” on the many thanks posts or positive comments you get, which don't necessarily need a solution.

This way, users get notified of your interaction with the comment, so that they know that the message or comment they wrote has been read and answered.

10- Create a trailer for the channel 

Create a little video that talks about what the viewer will see within the channel, and place it distinctively on the house page of the YouTube channel. during this way, your chances of convincing the newly arrived audience to register within the channel increase.

If you would like to believe in paid strategies, you'll make use of this video to make a trueview ad for instance.

11- choose the simplest days and times to publish content

If you've got a lively YouTube channel, attend YouTube Analytics and rate the number of views over time. you'll do that through the Showtime tab, by clicking on Views and rating the performance of the graphs.

To make it easier for you, choose only data that talks about what happened within the last 90 days or less. during this way, you'll generally identify the height areas and also identify the times of the week during which you bought more or fewer views.

The Real-time tab helps you identify the simplest times. For this reason, follow the graphs for the last 48 hours for a couple of weeks and check out to ascertain if you'll get a particular model consistent to guide the simplest times to publish content.

This information is often an honest ally for you when talking about the view velocity, as long as the algorithm evaluates the performance of the new video on the channel during the primary hours of publication to understand if it's possible to still raise its impressions. 

All of this stresses the importance of getting an honest click-through rate.

12- Evaluate the competition and study it well.

We have already mentioned the importance of analyzing suggested videos to raised understand the interests of the audience, and this is often also a superb thanks to investigating potential competitors.

Type within the YouTube search box (through the separate tab) the most topics of your channel, and investigate the result.

This process helps you uncover topics and ideas for videos that are relevant to your industry, because it may be a good way to urge new ideas for creating new content.

13- Partner with YouTubers 

You've probably heard before about the business of the partnership with YouTubers, right?

This means inviting another creator to participate during a video on your channel and the other way around.

This is an excellent thanks to gain views. That's why not only does one thing that each one other channel that provides similar content to the niche you're talking about are competitors, but that these channels can end up to be good allies for you.

Remember that for this strategy to figure and truly gain subscribers on your channel it's essential that you simply work with channels that have similar audiences to yours.

You also got to evaluate the dimensions of the channels which will become your partner, because if they need a way larger audience than yours, this cooperation might not be very useful to them. 

In the same way, doing collaborative work with channels that have a way smaller audience than yours might not be very beneficial to you.

14- back built-in formulas

If you're an individual who is hooked on watching content on YouTube, then surely you would possibly have seen tons of content on YouTube within the form of:

Lists: Buying Experiences, Top 10 Gadgets or Places to Have…


  • Videos explaining the content: scientific videos, guides, educational contents…etc.)
  • Videos for opinions: vlogs, reviews, etc.
  • Interviews: Celebrities, Life Stories, Humorous Stories)
  • Music clips: official, parodies, etc.
  • Interactions: tests, magic, virtual...etc.
  • Nonfiction: web series, parody, short scenes or sketches
  • Bet on mixing and mixing these formats of content, to make a series of interesting topics, as a result of which the viewer becomes more curious about all the videos that you simply present within the series.


As you saw during this text and former articles, Part 1 and Part 2, of improving your YouTube channel performance, it's imperative that you simply learn all the methods and methods that assist you to enhance your YouTube channel performance to be ready to increase your chances of monetizing your videos Capture it and post it on your channel.

The thanks to taking advantage of YouTube is an accessible way, but it needs awareness and knowledge of strategies to succeed in it because it should.

What does one think?  Re-read these three parts that we provided to you, just in case you've got questions or anything that you simply have shared with us or your opinion through the comments space at rock bottom of the article.

All the simplest to you and see you in another post and another blog

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