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What are the reasons for closing Facebook accounts and pages?

What are the reasons for banning Facebook accounts and pages?

What are the reasons for closing Facebook accounts and pages
What are the reasons for closing Facebook accounts and pages?

    As a Facebook user, you're in danger of closing your account or official page. What are the explanations and mistakes we may make that lead us to the present problem, and what's the answer to the matter of closing my account on Facebook? We see many youths facing an equivalent problem, and lots of them say that the matter occurred for no reason. but there's an enormous problem, which is that no folks have seen the policies and conditions of using the location.

What are the explanations for closing Facebook accounts and pages?

Reasons to shut my profile on Facebook?

    We find on Facebook many policies, which prevent us from many practices and operations, where Facebook prevents spam, for instance, or posting inappropriate things so that it protects other users from these uses, and Facebook has conditions for page owners, there are many ones among the conditions that you simply may skip and cause you to finish closure, and in today's article, we'll study these reasons that you simply will protect yourself by avoiding them within the future.

What are the explanations for closing personal Facebook accounts?

  1. Opening many accounts from one device may cause you this problem, and here I'm talking about opening new accounts continuously.
  2. Using an improper noun, especially nouns that end with meaningless adjectives.
  3. Sending friend requests extensively and really large.
  4. Subscribing to applications, websites and programs that need registration via Access Token.
  5. Use a well-known movie character's name and photo.
  6. Using random images from Google that are protected by copyright.
  7. Use someone else's photo and name.
  8. Posting randomly in groups and during a very short time.
  9. Posting website links daily in comments and in groups.
  10. Use of Facebook auto-use programs.
  11. Participation in an unknown game will cause you to automatically post on your profile, which results in your account being closed.
  12. Using scripts and applications to extend the likes of publications.
  13. Get an enormous number of notifications on your account during a very short time from other users on Facebook.
  14. Using strange scripts to post on Facebook may cause you problems.
  15. Opening your Facebook account from a replacement IP in another country suddenly from a phone or computer that you simply haven't used before in your life.
  16. Do not associate the account with a telephone number.
  17. Doing a registration process while you're connected to a VPN or proxy on your computer or phone, causes an immediate shutdown.

What are the explanations for closing Facebook pages?

  1. Using a forbidden website link and posting it on Facebook.
  2. The link to a site can also become banned on Facebook, so avoid publishing it randomly.
  3. Failure to pay the promotion rights on your advertising account, automatically causes the pages with debts to be closed.
  4. Using the messenger bot randomly causes you to completely pack up your page. you ought to only use the bot to reply to messages that you simply receive within the first 24 hours, then don't contact customers again.
  5. Using apps and programs to extend likes randomly.
  6. When you publish a link on Facebook, you realize that they're not asked to verify before exiting, because the second button next to the confirmation button may be a report button, and picture with me if only 20 per cent click thereon, so say goodbye to your page.
  7. The use of profitable short links is additionally prohibited.
  8. Using a link when publishing a live broadcast, is often considered a nasty use of Facebook.
  9. Getting an enormous amount of notifications during a short time from many users causes closures.
  10. Publishing prohibited images and prohibited videos also cause pages to be closed.
  11. Using software and scripts on the page also results in closing.
  12. Using scripts to extend page likes on websites also causes closures.
  13. Any unusual use of a Facebook page results in its closure.

What are the explanations for closing advertising accounts on Facebook?

  1. Never promote a health-related product on Facebook of any kind (hair loss, weight gain or reduction, kidneys, back...).
  2. Never promote products that you simply want to mark (Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Lacoste...).
  3. Never promote designs for copyrighted T-shirts (almost all existing T-shirts are copyrighted, so design your own..).
  4. Using characters from the cinema or phrases from movies and series in designing shirts.
  5. Failure to pay advertising rights on time (blank bank card).
  6. Using evasive user images (eg using incomplete images).
  7. Use arrows on photos.
  8. Use photos (before and after).
  9. Posting any strange political content causes closure also.
  10. Use tons of writing on the photographs.
  11. Promote pages that are linked to a billboard account that has been closed before.
  12. Promoting anything that's forbidden and strange is additionally prohibited.
  13. The use of many watermarks on images, like video playback or opening tag, is prohibited.
  14. Quite simply, Facebook encourages you to market something you own or a product that you simply have full rights to sell (except in clothes you can't), and do not use any writing on ads images to avoid problems.

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