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What are smart masks and what are their types and benefits

What are smart masks and what are their types and benefits

What are smart masks and what are their types and benefits
What are smart masks and what are their types and benefits

Technology companies have multiplied the capabilities of their imagination to make products to stop the emerging coronavirus, 

Among the innovations also are smart masks that alert their owner to the necessity to exchange them through spirometry. 

A number of those gadgets were shown in the week at the favoured Consumer Electronics Show, which happened entirely online this year thanks to the pandemic and concluded Thursday.

The company "Draganfly" revealed a drone that sprays from the air an anti-bacterial preparation to sterilize sports stadiums.

The head of the Canadian company considered that this technology "allows the reopening of public places."

Also, Dragan Fly has designed a camera which will send alerts about social distancing or detect changes in pulse, rate of respiration, or vital sign, which may sometimes be indicators of infection with the Coronavirus.

In the same vein, the Taiwanese company "Face Heart", which focuses on AI, offered a program that's installed on cameras to live vital signs daily using different algorithms.

In the field of connected portable accessories ("pushable devices"), US start-up Bio-Intelligence has created the Biopatten, a sticky badge placed on the chest that measures skin temperature, pulse, or maybe coughing frequency.

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At a time when the spread of tracking technologies since the start of the epidemic has raised concerns among consumers and civil liberties organizations who fear the shortage of respect for privacy and data confidentiality, "Bio Intelligence" confirmed on its website its respect for US law regarding the protection of medical data.

Smart masks and alarms

Masks even have their share of innovations, which became an important piece since the start of the pandemic.

Air Pop Health demonstrated a model of the gags that collect respiratory data and contains a sensor that alerts users once they got to replace the mouth and nose cover.

As for the Razer muzzle, it's equipped with rechargeable breathing devices, and it's transparent, “which enables the interlocutor to ascertain facial movements like smiles or laughter, and allows the hearing impaired to read the lips of the one that puts the muzzle,” she explained to the corporate.

Startup Boot has created a video alarm that measures the temperature of tourists at the front entrance of the house using an infrared sensor to see if they need a fever.

Also, a box designed by Taiwanese company iWifnology will sound an alarm if two people aren't respecting the principles of social distancing.

"The pandemic is forcing us all to consider innovative solutions to make sure the security of all our employees within the workplace," said company founder Shao Gang.

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The best 3 smart masks to combat Corona

Technology quickly reaches masks to affect the Coronavirus, and kinds of smart masks with elegant and new designs have spread in Europe, especially in Spain, and major companies have begun to take a position in technology to form the muzzle modern and effective against the epidemic.

Clip mask

It is the primary transparent, safe, technological, sustainable, and comprehensive muzzle, although it's made in Italy, its design dates back to the Spaniard Alvaro Gonzalez.

This muzzle is characterized by being transparent, improving communication with others because it assesses the standard of the encompassing air and issues an alert if the Coronavirus is present near it, so it's equipped with Bluetooth technology, a microphone, and integrated sensors.

And the charging base of this mask is meant with a UV lamp, which may be charged in but an hour, and it kills all bacteria in a moment, and it's also ready to absorb pollution and reduce pollen that causes allergies.

There are two versions of the mask, Standard and Pro - which is that the one that comes with the technology -. the worth will range between 99 and 250 euros, respectively, and therefore the first masks of the quality edition are expected to be delivered in October to those that have contributed to the project.

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Aero mask

The technology giant Xiaomi has designed an Airy muzzle, which may be a transparent, washable, and self-disinfecting muzzle, but it's a flaw, which is that sterilization is completed inside the muzzle, so it must be sterilized from outside the muzzle manually

This muzzle is formed of sentimental and versatile materials so that it fits the face well, and it measures the air quality, humidity, and rate of respiration, and its alternatives to tapes and filters to suit different colours of clothing.

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LED Matrix Face Mask

There are other sorts of smart gags in Spain, like the LED Matrix that permits writing text or designs or allowing the utilization of mobile music tracks to get equalized musical effects on them.

 With a double layer of cotton and mesh with LED Flex panel, the respirator consists, of removable electronics for cleaning, but it had been noted that this respirator has not been tested for medical efficacy unlike Clio, but the technological components are often removed to enhance air circulation.

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