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Download Adobe After Effects 2021 for PC for free

Download Adobe After Effects 2021 for PC for free from mediafire 

Download Adobe After Effects 2021 for PC
Download Adobe After Effects 2021 for PC

    If you want to edit the video or create a professional video with high quality, and add powerful effects to it. in order to make your videos in the lead, you must resort to programs launched in this field. and among the most important programs in the field of video editing. and the creation of powerful videos, It is the After Effects program. this powerful program that contains very many features and many advantages that you rarely find in other programs, so the number of users for it is beyond description because of its high quality. and professionalism in creating videos simply, and the use of the Adobe After Effects program Easy.

    simple and easy for adults and children, it does not need much previous knowledge, until you create a professional video, and today we will talk in detail about this program, how to download it. its most important features, its characteristics, and how to deal with such a program, so that we create a professional and brilliant video that leads all videos So that we can simply gain from these videos a great financial return from such a program. and many owners of large channels on YouTube rely on such a program. with its many advantages that we will mention in this article in detail.

Adobe After Effects Program Overview. 

    Adobe After Effects ProgramIt is produced by adobe company. and this is a leading company in this field, it has designed a lot of things in many fields. and in the areas of specializing better digital videos, and also in films and fantasy effects for TV works, and this company has made the After Effects program, even We create high-quality animation. sound and visual effects, and this program works to create a digital video, a giant movie, and an anime movie at the same time, and it is one of the most directed programs for cartoons, motion graphics. and also advertising for high-definition graphics. and this program offers a lot of The tools for merging and the many functions, which add to the program many advantages, we can remove the green background from the videos. and we can simply configure the video to merge with other clips. and in this program you can change the dimensions of the video to 3d and 2d simply. There is also the possibility of using the tools for merging, which are different and many, so that we produce different scenes and scenes in the video, and we specify the dimensions and angles for these scenes and scenes. and we can modify these scenes simply. and this program depends on the layering system when editing the video, so all An element that has its own sound, video. and image, and its layer that makes it easier for the user to modify them alone without other images, and he can move, edit and merge materials and artistic elements in a three-dimensional, and two-dimensional way as well,It makes it easy for the user to modify them alone without other images. and he can move, edit and merge materials and artistic elements in a three-dimensional, and two-dimensional way as well,It makes it easy for the user to modify them alone without other images, and he can move. edit and merge materials and artistic elements in a three-dimensional. and two-dimensional way as well,The After Effects program for the computer is used to edit and manufacture videos in an efficient manner, and visual effects can be added, as well as animated breaks, and we can use it in television advertisements. in addition to using this program in the post-production stages of television, and film production.

Requirements to download Adobe After Effects for PC. 

    There is a minimum specification for After Effects 2021 download requirements. and these requirements are: 

  • Disk space: It must be at least 5 GB, and also needs additional space, so that we can install the program, which is about 10 GB. 
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels. 
  • Graphics Card: This program requires a minimum graphics card of 2 GB. 
  • RAM: It is 8 GB RAM. 
  • Processor: Intel Core I5. 
  • Operating system: Windows 10 (64 bit), MAC.
  • Recommended requirements to run the program:
  • Disk space: The required space is 5 GB, and the space required to be able to install is 10 GB. 
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Graphics Card: 4 GB is required for a graphics card. 
  • RAM: Maximum 32 GB, Minimum 16 GB. 
  • Processor: Intel Core I7. 
  • Operating system: Windows 10 (64 bit), MAC.

Download After Effects for free of charge on your computer. 

    If you would like to download the After Effects program for free of charge. you want to confirm the specifications claimed for this program. compare them with the specifications of your computer. then follow the subsequent steps to download the Free After Effects program and activate it for Android phones also. through Next steps:

  • First, click on the direct link that we'll mention to you during this article, and thru this program, you'll be directed to the download page.
  • Then download the file to your computer.
  • Then, unzip it, install it, and after you've got finished the installation process, open this program.
  • The registration interface will appear for you, so you'll log into the account of the corporate Adobe, and after logging in to the has-bled program, the appliance will open for you automatically, and once you click on the icon for this application, the interface will appear directly on the screen.
  • Then then, the interface of the appliance will appear to you, until you create a replacement project. and you'll specify the place and set the specifications of its place, once you do these steps you'll see the interface of this program. and this is often an interface that contains tons of tools and menus, and there's a workspace Custom, with which you'll create your own project. many threaded panels, overlapping images, timeline panel, add effects panel, edit panel, and preview panel.
  • Then you'll add the materials you would like to edit or create and make new videos.

Disadvantages of Adobe After Effects 2021. 

    There is no complete program on the face of the world because it's man-made. there's nothing man-made that doesn't have defects. albeit these defects are very simple, and After Effects is one among the very distinguished programs in content creation, but it's some minor flaws.

  • Each user of this program must learn well the way to affect this program so that you'll affect it because it's large commands, and features a rather difficult interface.
  • You cannot install this program on computers with weak capabilities, it needs very high specifications, and these specifications are very expensive.
  • Adobe gives you a free trial of After Effects for a brief period of your time.
  • This program requires a physical subscription from time to time.
  • The process of rendering during this program requires an outsized amount of your time and also requires large and really high capabilities for your device, and despite these shortcomings, this program is taken into account one among the most important programs within the manufacture of video content professionally, so it's vital for all video users, and everybody who creates Artistical works.

Features of After Effects 2021 for PC Free.

    This program is extremely distinguished, and it's endless advantages. you'll create powerful, unparalleled videos through the after-effects program and during a short time and easily, so we must realize it well to face it directly using this program, and from the foremost important of those features:

  • You can create a special format for video, images and audio.
  • Through this program, you'll create different and professional introductions also.
  • Uses the tools during this program.
  • Dealing with the 3D files of this program, and you'll add them to your own work.
  • There are tons of improvements during this software through the tools in it.
  • You can control the video quality, brightness, and colour change.
  • You can make videos with green background simply.
  • You can combine it with the files in your video.
  • This program supports many sorts of quality, including FHD and 4K.
  • In this program, you'll create cinematic tricks from scratch, and you'll also download them ready-made.
  • You can undo the edits you made before saving all the edits you made within the video.
  • This program allows you to manoeuvre and alter the lighting angles within the video, additionally thereto you'll control the shadows.
  • There are thousands of templates during this program, able to use, you'll download them from the web, and you'll simply download and modify them.
  • This program is one of the foremost important programs for editing, and it contains tons of commands and functions that cause you to produce knowledgeable videos.
  • This program is compatible with many operating systems, like Mac OS and Windows OS.
  • You can produce high-quality video clips, and you'll add different animations to the media, making the video with many aesthetic and professional scenes.
  • This program supports audio files, you'll combine these files with video files.
  • You can get this program free of charge through the link that we'll mention during this article.
  • You can learn the features of this program and affect it in a simple and freeway because there are educational programs for this program.
  • You can remove unwanted objects simply and simply, additionally to large microphones, also assigns and other people in clips.
  • Automatically sync fonts to manoeuvre from one device to a different, and from one project to a different, you'll sync any missing fonts automatically from this program.
  • Expression Editor you'll write simple expressions using line numbers, also match code fixtures and parentheses, and have customization in coding.
  • Improved performance: There are tons of effects during this program that cause you to create a knowledgeable video and an outsized project in a simple way.
  • Site Format Support: This program enhances the rek so that the speed of the OS is increased.
  • This software is auto-enabled, so you'll add frame and motion blur, also as updates for old changes.
  • Saving directories: you'll load directories settings, simply save them, so that you'll reuse them in other projects. and also share them with editors, so you'll set parameters for his or her chaining.

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Download Adobe After Effects for PC 2021

    If you want to download an easy and easy program. so that you can simply create a professional video, you must download the Adobe After Effects program, and in this article. I came to you with easy and easy links through which you can download this program in a short time. you must enter On the following links. to be able to download it. you must follow the steps that will appear to you through the links below:

What can be done using Adobe After Effects?. 

  1. First, video shooting: You can simply shoot a video through this program, so that it is easy for you to produce a movie, a video clip. or great content, with very powerful enhancements and effects in the video, whether it is through the desktop, or through the phone. mobile. 
  2. Second, video trimming: You can cut the video in a simple, effective way that suits the special things of social networks, and theatrical releases. 
  3. Third, the animation program: You can use this program, starting from the initial ideas to the animation, and this is done quickly. and using the tools in this program, which work at an imaginary speed. 
  4. Fourth, a video editing program: You can create engaging content with this program's animations, fun compositional techniques, and also have a powerful export of finished videos to 4k movies or to social networks.
  5. How do I get After Effects to work when I am disabled with On startup with the message "The application could not be started properly (0xc0000005)"
  6. This problem appears to many users of this application, and it could not run properly, so you get this message "The application could not be started correctly (0xc0000005)", and there are several options so that we can plan this problem.

First choice 

  1. Uninstall this software, then restart your device.
  2. Then install the program again.

the second choice 

  • Select Device Manager, then go to Gallery Devices attempts.
  • Then disable NVIDIA Graphics. 
  • Then go to the control panel in it, and modify the settings under the 3d program. 
  • Then select Integrated Graphics. 
  • Then update the software through Windows Updates or by downloading the drivers from the company that designed this system.

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