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Top 12 Free Internet Download Programs for PC

Top 12 Free Internet Download Programs for PC

    There is no doubt that downloading files from websites is essential for every Internet user.

    but downloading files directly from the Internet is very difficult, especially since direct downloads are slow. and some files cannot be downloaded directly, such as videos.

    so Internet users need A program specialized in downloading files from the Internet so that all the files that the user desires are downloaded easily and quickly.

Top 12 Free Internet Download Programs for PC
Top 12 Free Internet Download Programs for PC

    We will include in this article, God willing, the 12 best free download programs from the Internet for the computer.

What is Free Download Manager

free download manager
free download manager

    Free Download Manager is the best and most powerful program in this field, and it has achieved the most number of installations in the world. It has been recognized by everyone who used it around the world. It is a proprietary download manager for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and it has become a free program starting from its version 2.5 and providing all download services with distinction.

    This program is a free file download manager which is open source, as the free download manager is known by its massive name Free Download Manager. It is available on the Internet, and it does so for free, not to mention the tremendous versatility that made it even more amazing in this field.

    This program supports several elements that make you especially biased towards it in an attractive way, which makes you like it is supportive of the English language, as it is supportive of BitTorrent so that you can rely on it in this regard to download files in torrents, not to mention its support for both Windows and Mac operating systems and so on. Linux, which is what made it especially in the first place, noting its superiority over the program “ Download Internet Download Manager IDM programs for free ” which we discussed in another topic, but this program was able to successfully surpass it in recent times.

Features of Free Download Manager

    What made this program achieve superiority over all other programs is that it has several characteristics, interesting and piercing features for all other programs, and this list is its most prominent features.

  1. It allows you to download files and view the list of downloads remotely through the Internet.
  2. It allows you to download torrent files.
  3. It is a free FDM program that supports the English language.
  4. It increases the speed of downloading files.
  5. The program allows you to drop links directly to be downloaded.
  6. Allows the ability to complete the download in the event of a disconnection from the Internet.
  7. The program provides you with the ability to download your files at 10 times the speed.
  8. A free program and is open-source software.
  9. It supports the most popular Internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  10. A free program and is open-source software.
  11. You can use the program to download from torrent sites easily.
  12. FDM program splits the file into several parts for faster downloading.
  13. Highly secure and prevents malicious files from accessing your computer.
  14. You can review video and audio files before downloading.
  15. The ability to preview audio and video files before downloading them and allow very the format of these files after downloading.
  16. You can control the program's bandwidth to reconcile browsing and downloading.
  17. The possibility of dividing the downloaded files into several parts and then downloading them, thus greatly speeding up the download process.
  18. You can categorize and arrange files according to priority and schedule the download process.
  19. Allows you to organize the downloaded files according to their type.
  20. You do not have to start the download process from the beginning. When it fails, you can easily resume it.
  21. The ability to download files from many mirrors at the same time.
  22. The ability to download only the files you want from within the zip file.
  23. The possibility of scheduling the download of files in it so that it stops downloading at a certain time and restarts the download at another time.
  24. The possibility of downloading an entire internet page with all its contents of files, as well as the possibility of downloading an entire website with all its contents.

Disadvantages of Free Download Manager

    Free Download Manager is the most popular program to download various files and videos from various sites, but despite the many benefits and features of the program, it contains some flaws that annoy users, and this does not mean that it is a malicious program, and perhaps the most famous defects of this program are: 

  • When you activate the program, you will sometimes encounter a problem with the serial number.
  • You will also encounter some protection issues with “antivirus programs” such as Avira and Avast. 
  • You will encounter the problem that the download icon does not appear on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. 
  • The program is not completely free and you will have to buy it or download a special patch to activate it, and this may harm the device.
  • Some problems you may encounter from the program policy.

Download and use Free Download Manager

    After we got acquainted with the distinguished Free Download Manager program, which is one of the best programs to download from the Internet to the computer for free, which, as you can see, has many advantages and characteristics with the fewest possible defects compared to the programs that we will include in this list. It is one of the free download programs and fast download programs. FDM is a suitable free alternative to many paid download managers that may outperform some of them in terms of its advantages, and due to its superiority over the rest of the programs, we have chosen to be the king of this article today. Download Manager, You have to follow some of the steps that we will show you in the next lines.

  • Go to the official website of the FDM program to download a free download without registration from here and click on the download button Click on the Free Download for Windows button.

Free Download Manager
Free Download Manager

  • Open the file after downloading the installation file from FDM, a free and fast download program from the Internet
  • A welcome window will appear, click Next, click Next.
internet download manager
internet download manager

  • After that, the additional tasks window will appear for you, choose it according to your desire and press Next.
  • Click on the Install button and wait for the installation to complete.
  • After the installation is completed, open the program, which is the fastest download program in the world.

Uses of Free Download Manager

    The program to download video from the Internet to the computer for free, as we explained to you. After you install the program, as we explained to you above, you will be able to use it and thus will provide you with many advantages such as:

  1. To add a new download, tap the + button at the top left of the screen.
  2. Press the + button to add a new download.
  3. To set the download and upload speed limit, press the speed indicator at the bottom left of the screen, then press Manual and select the speed limit.
  4. You can categorize downloads into folders under the toolbar.

Connect Free Download Manager with browsers

    FDM is one of the programs to download from the net without registration, unless, uh, if the Free Download Manager program, after installing itself, is not connected to the browsers, do the following:

  1. In your browser, go to the add-ons store.
  2. Search for Free Download Manager
  3. When you find the extension, install it and it will be automatically linked to the program
  4. He will become the one who manages the download of the browser
  5. Don't forget that you can install the extension on all supported browsers besides those based on Chromium.

JDownloader Free Download

JDownloader Free Download
JDownloader Free Download

    JDownloader is a program that specializes in downloading files from many sites so that it does so quickly and efficiently and in a fast time compared to the time taken by other download programs or downloading through the browser by the traditional methods that many Internet users know, and this must be what made it within This list.

    This program is one of the most famous programs in this field, a research that has been able to gain the confidence of most of its users, not to mention that the program is open source, and it also provides a lot of features that have been able to attract more users to this program, research-based on these features to improve the performance of the program, Its developers also work periodically to provide as many great tools as possible for this program.

Click to download JDownloader

Download Likee

Features of JDownloader

    What made this program on this list must be the wonderful features that it offers to its users, we will now present the most important features of this program.

  1. The program is free and open-source and does not require any registration like some other download programs.
  2. The program is available in several languages ​​and is available on all operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac.
  3. It is characterized by ease of handling as it is simple and the novice user can deal with it without problems.
  4. You can download with more than one different internet connection.
  5. It supports many languages, including Arabic, and this distinguishes it from other programs.
  6. The program solves the captcha code to get the download link.
  7. The program is characterized by the ability to bypass the requirement to wait for a certain time before performing the download process, which makes many users of download sites very bored.
  8. A program that enjoys distinguished technical support and a quick solution to many problems that appear in the program, no matter how simple or small.
  9. It can be relied upon to download a video from Facebook with ease.
  10. It organizes files and describes them in rows that are easy to browse and download easily and quickly.
  11. You can set a limit on the bandwidth to reduce the program's consumption of the Internet package.
  12. Distinctive control over the download process such as starting, stopping and resuming.
  13. You can download several files simultaneously through the program.
  14. It makes the download process easy for the user by providing a structured one.

Disadvantages of JDownloader

    Despite the advantages of this program, it has some flaws that do not pose many problems for the user.

  • It needs to download the JAVA program to activate the program
  • There are some things that you cannot understand in the program

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A fast download program for the computer, EagleGet


    This program is considered one of the wonderful programs that download and manage files with a clean, easy and comfortable interface, and it is an integrated program with browsers and websites, which is what made it gain the trust of many of its users, so it is considered one of the best alternatives to the Free Download Manager program, and it is enormous in terms of the tools that it provides. He presents it.

    Eagle Gate is a free piece for your computer that acts as a download manager for your files, if you are tired of slow downloads and a great file manager it is sure to win a lot of satisfied users because of its efficiency and ease of use, especially that what made it earn this are the many features that It contains and the features it provides.

    EagleGet is a completely free program and does not require activation, a program that enables you to download files, videos, programs and other documents, and it is characterized by high speed and small size not exceeding 4 megabytes, and it is a fast and light program on the system and does not affect performance, as it supports many Of languages, as well as support for the Windows system, not to mention its capabilities through which it can fully control the downloads.

Features of EagleGet

    This program is characterized by several advantages and characteristics that made it among the list of the best programs in this field.

  1. A fast and light program that is the fastest download program on the computer.
  2. An excellent video downloader for PC.
  3. A program that supports more than thirty languages.
  4. A program based on supporting the mother tongue, the Arabic language.
  5. A program that provided a portable version that does not need any prior installation.
  6. A program that provides the possibility of scheduling download operations.
  7. A program that arranges the download so that it is based on the priority of portable files.
  8. An easy-to-use program in terms of the tools that it provides.
  9. A program with a simple and special interface that distinguishes it from other programs.
  10. A program that supports the most popular browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.
  11. A program that activates the automatic update feature after downloading operations.
  12. A program based on containing a program convert video and audio formats to other formats.
  13. A program that downloads videos in high quality by automatically detecting media content.
  14. A program that checks files after downloading them.
  15. A program based on the feature that there are no viruses in the content that it downloads.
  16. A program based on quick downloading of 6 times compared to other programs.
  17. A program based on the fragmentation of portable files and multiple download paths from any site.

Disadvantages of Eagleget

    This program has several advantages as we have previously disclosed, but it contains a few flaws that do not cause many problems, and they are in the following

  • Sometimes it does not download the audio with the video, especially from YouTube, but this problem can be solved
  • It may sometimes bother with some ads that are not required.

uGet Video Downloader for PC

uGet Video Downloader
uGet Video Downloader

    uGet Download Manager is a modern program that provides great services in the field of downloading files from the Internet, as it speeds up the download process 5 times the normal speed, relying on pioneering technologies, including dividing the file into small parts and uploading them at the same time, which gives momentum and strength to downloads, this It is compatible with various types of browsers, as it provides an extension that works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera, and provides a great feature, which is downloading the file from different servers and merging them together after completion.

    The get program is also considered one of the leading free programs in this field. It is a widely popular program as it is an open-source program, and it has several advantages and capabilities, such as extracting visual resources from websites, especially videos from YouTube and others, in addition to audio clips and direct internet and offering to download them. to the user without interference from him, and other features that we will reveal later.

Features of uGet

    This program is characterized by several characteristics that made it included in this list of the best download programs so that it has gained by providing these features attracted many users

  1. Free and open-source software.
  2. Small size program with high efficiency.
  3. A program with a high and high download speed.
  4. A program that supports multiple browsers.
  5. A program based on support for the most popular browsers Chrome and Firefox.
  6. A program that allows you to add the name to some files.
  7. A program based on filtering when downloading.
  8. A program that can resume downloads.
  9. A program that resumes the processes that stopped or failed during the download.
  10. The program is based on owning several advanced algorithms.
  11. A program that can speed up the Internet by 500%.

FlashGet download program for PC


    You can rely on FlashGet, which is one of the good programs that you can try to download files from the Internet. This program allows you to download various files from the network with ease and very quickly while maintaining a good speed for use while browsing the web.

    You can rely on this program for quick downloading of the computer, which is considered one of the good and tremendously organized programs in terms of its capabilities and the features that it provides. It is also based on downloading various files from different sites, not to mention the ease and simplicity of use while maintaining the necessary download speed.

    FlashGet also speeds up your files by gaining the strongest speed on the Internet, which you download as it activates all servers on the Internet that you own and also downloads torrent files, and this is the amazing thing about this program.

To download FlashGet, click here

FlashGet Features

    Let's get to know more about the features of this program through the features it offers us, find out with us.

  1. The program is freely available to all computer users.
  2. A program that provides ease and simplicity of use.
  3. The program downloads torrent files.
  4. A program that does not consume a lot of computer resources.
  5. A program that supports downloading in more than one format.
  6. A program that uses MHT technology to provide faster downloads.
  7. A program that splits the downloaded files.
  8. A program that scans the downloaded files after completion.
  9. A program that you can download files from the Internet by dragging and dropping links in the program.
  10. You can download files from the Internet by dragging and dropping links into the program.
  11. FlashGet gives you maximum speed while downloading files.

Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator
Internet Download Accelerator

    The Internet download accelerator program is one of the outstanding programs in downloading, as it is the fiercest competitor to the IDM endurance program.

    The program has many features, as many of us suffer from slow downloads via the Internet, and also suffer from corruption of the files that you download, or from interruptions on the Internet at times, but this program does all the supplies that make you especially at peace of mind, not to mention that it provides a free copy of it For personal use and support for all versions of Windows.

Features of Internet Download Accelerator

    The alternative IDA program and similar to the giant program IDM is characterized by several characteristics that made it a fierce competitor to this program, and the most important of these features are as follows

  1. The program provides a completely free version.
  2. Supportive program for several languages.
  3. A program that is easy and simple to use.
  4. A program that can force the computer to shut down automatically after completion.
  5. The process of completing the download continues when the download process fails or stops.
  6. A program based on resuming failed downloads for any reason.
  7. A program that enables you to schedule files to be downloaded in a specific order.
  8. A program that can be used to download videos and MP3 files.
  9. Contains a built-in anti-virus program to scan files after downloading them.
  10. It splits the download path to get the maximum download speed.
  11. A program that gives you the ability to control the amount of bandwidth and the speed at which it works.
  12. A program that supports the most popular Internet browsers.
  13. A program that supports Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  14. A program that supports downloading from Mirrors links and all types of Internet connection.

Download Accelerator Plus DAP10

Download Accelerator Plus DAP10
Download Accelerator Plus DAP10

    Download Accelerator Plus DAP10 is a program to speed up downloads from the Internet, as it enables you to download all files such as applications, images, video and audio, and it is one of the most important and most famous download programs around the world, as it competes with many download programs such as IDM and others.

    This program is considered one of the most amazing programs in this field, as it is a free program that provides a lot of special tools to its users, which made it more famous in this field, as the number of its installations reached more than 300 million downloads, and it also provides a free version and a paid version and the best In that the two versions have almost the same features.

Features of Download Accelerator Plus DAP10

    This program is distinguished from others by many features through which it was able to compete with powerful programs, and gain the trust of its users, so what are these advantages?

  1. A program that provides free and paid versions.
  2. A program that is easy and simple to use.
  3. A program that allows you to stop downloads.
  4. A program that allows you to resume failed loads.
  5. A program that allows you to download from many sites.
  6. A program that supports the most popular Chrome and Firefox websites.
  7. A program that supports about 15 languages ​​completely free of charge.
  8. A program that divides downloads into about 10 tracks.
  9. Programs that provide tremendously better download speed.
  10. A program that provides protection from any materials that may harm your device.
  11. A program that avoids viruses when downloading.
  12. A program capable of downloading files and converting them from video to audio.
  13. A program that enables you to see the contents that you downlo

Download FreeRapid Downloader


    This program is the best program to download videos from the Internet easily, and the free rapid downloader program is one of the most popular programs for downloading from the Internet, as it has many great features, which led it to be on this list.

    This program enables you to put any video link you want to download by placing the link inside the program, and then this program will enable you to download the video that you put the link inside, and this program supports all operating systems.

Features of Free Rapid Downloader

    The FRD program has many advantages that allow you to download videos and songs from the Internet, and from all social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. The program also includes an addition that allows you to quickly download the icon in browsers.

  1. Supports the language of the device and owns all the languages ​​of the world and famous languages ​​such as English, French, and others.
  2. You can use the program to download the live broadcast.
  3. It includes the ability to download videos from all social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others.
  4. A free multi-language program, characterized by ease of use.
  5. It includes fast download tools that allow you to download from the Internet at x4 speed.
  6. The program provides the ability to identify and resolve verification codes.
  7. It contains the ability to divide large files, download them into parts, and merge them again to download large files at high speed.
  8. You can rely on the program to make an automatic stop after the completion of the download.
  9. Periodic updates are made to the program to add new features.
  10. Supports all extensions and formats such as "MP4 - 3GP" videos, "mb3" audio, "png - jpg" images, compressed files "iso - zip" and many other extensions. It includes the ability to download audio only without video.

Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager
Download Accelerator Manager

    Download Accelerator Manager is one of the most powerful programs in this field, as it downloads files from many sites, many of them, and supports several languages, as well as supports all operating systems.

    This program, known as DAM, is considered one of the competing programs for the first download programs that we talked about previously. It is also based on the portable file splitting feature to increase the speed, which often reduces the time it takes for traditional downloads.

Features of Download Accelerator Manager

    What made this program on the list of the best free programs that do the task of fast downloading are these loyal features

  1. Free program with many tools.
  2. A program based on faster and better downloading.
  3. A program that is light in weight and highly effective.
  4. A program that is easy and simple to use.
  5. A program that allows direct downloading from many sites.
  6. A program that helps facilitate all types of download.
  7. A program that gives you complete control over the download process.
  8. A program that enables you to resume failed downloads.
  9. A program that allows you to schedule downloads.
  10. A program that supports even the most popular Chrome and Firefox sites.

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Download Mipony Download for PC

Download Mipony
Download Mipony

    Mipony is one of the programs that help you search for any link that you can download in the browser that was designated for this reason, and although this program comes at the end of the list, it is one of the powerful programs that carries with it several advantages, and the best thing is that it provides a download program for Android, as well as providing an application In the Google Play Store, not to mention that it supports all operating systems.

    You can also through the program to download more than one file at once, and this is one of the good things that preserve and protect your computer and help you speed up the Internet, and you can merge more than one file and download them together and this certainly facilitates the download process.

    Mipony 2019 is one of the important programs that allows you to manage files uploaded to sites, so this program is designed for any site hosting programs such as Megaupload, Rapidshare, Mediafire Files end, this program helps you a lot in downloading from any site, and makes you feel very comfortable about downloading any file from Internet, Mipony works with free and great accounts from Rapidshare and Megaupload and free accounts for many other hosts.

Mipony features

    This program is characterized by several characteristics, despite being the last on this list.

  1. You can continue downloading by simply adding the link to the download list.
  2. The file is downloaded even if the download is stopped more than once.
  3. Files are downloaded on the go and if the downloader is closed, the downloads will be restarted when the program is started again.
  4. The program provides the ability to control downloads from a distance.
  5. The program allows you to give priority to files in the queue.
  6. The program resolves the verification codes that appear on the download pages.
  7. You can control the number of files that can be downloaded simultaneously from each server.
  8. The program supports the property of splitting files into several parts for faster downloading.
  9. The browser included with the program has a built-in browser where download links are discovered.
  10. You can add a link to the program or several direct links to start the download process.
  11. Mini has the ability to add new websites to the supported websites.
  12. The program offers to download any visual files that are displayed on the browser.
  13. Mini enables you to analyze entire websites where you are looking for links.
  14. You can arrange the priority of files and specify the number of files to be downloaded together.
  15. Indicates if the links are still available on the server for download or if they have been cleared.
  16. You can control the downloads on your device through your Android phone.

Requirements for the operation of Mipony Upload File Manager

  • The program supports Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7/Windows 8 / Windows 10.
  • Supports 64-bit kernel operating system, 32-bit operating kernel.

Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager XDM
Xtreme Download Manager

    Xtreme Download Manager is one of the oldest download programs available for the Windows operating system, and it is still one of the best programs to this day because it provides the advantages of downloading from the Internet to the computer, although it is not one of the download programs from the Internet for mobile, Xtreme is the best program for downloading videos for several reasons including that it supports automatic video capture from most popular video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Video, etc. You can also download free modern computer programs and it supports downloading all types of files. One of the great features of this program is the ability to download entire playlists from YouTube without the need to download videos individually, as it supports almost all operating platforms Windows, Linux, macOS.

iDownload Manager IDM

internet download manager IDM
internet download manager

    iDownload Manager is a small and powerful tool for managing downloads for Windows, and this tool is perfectly compatible with all different Internet browsers from full free software download sites, it is also a fast YouTube downloader for PC, and the tool is available on Microsoft Store It is completely free, which means that the user does not have to do the installation and setup process. Once you click on the installation link, it will be installed automatically and ready to perform various downloads. As for the features, this tool has all the features of distinguished download management programs such as high download speed using splitting Files, the ability to set a specific download speed or use the full speed, pause and resume downloads and other great features.

What is the downloading process?

    The download process is the transfer of data from one device to another using the Internet so that this data file, which may be videos, images, audio songs, games, etc., and this process is considered the opposite of the uploading process, as the latter means sending files from your device to another device. Using the Internet on devices that are sending and receiving.

    The term download means that we download any type of file from the local device and upload it via the Internet, either it is on a social networking site such as a profile picture, a video on YouTube, or send a file via e-mail, and all of these terms explain what is downloading or downloading files.

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The difference between normal download and torrent

    Downloading is known by two famous techniques known as a direct download, which is a direct download, as well as torrenting, and these two types of the download are used to obtain information from the Internet, we will try to talk in detail about these two techniques.

  • Direct Download

    Direct download is a type of download that is always done through the server, where the file to be downloaded is hosted on it. For example, if you want to download a file from a specific site, you will download it from the server on which it is located, and this technique is the most popular in the Arab world.

    One of the features of this download is that the server may sometimes stop working, the connection speed may be weak, or its resources may be modest. All of this will judge the speed of our download from the server.

    The server owner can do anything such as adding another file or deleting the file, determining the download speed and other things. In summary, in a normal download, you are completely connected to the server you want to download from and you have no other choice.

  • Torrent Download

    We will find that downloading torrents is based on the idea of ​​sharing, so you will find that everyone participates in the process of transferring data, meaning that the subscribers share files, meaning clearer when you download a file via torrent, you are at the same time uploading a file and this ensures that the files remain for a very long time, and the download speed fluctuates Between speed and slows depending on the number of people downloading or uploading files.

    What distinguishes it from the normal download is that there is no controller in this matter, or rather, there is no one to stop the process, and in Torrent Download we will find that you take and give the opposite of the normal download, you only take.

Better to download or download torrent

    In normal downloads, the control of your download speed is the server itself, unlike torrents, where the number of subscribers who controls the download speed is the number of subscribers.

    We cannot be certain that this is better than that because every server has its flaws. That is why I will give you points to pay attention to before downloading so that you should pay attention to the speed of the server and the stability of its resources in both ways. Pay attention to the number of participants in that file, the higher the number, the better the speed of downloading the file.

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