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24 Best Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Ranking

Which software is best for SEO in 2021

    I suggest you discover a list of free SEO software that allowed me to increase my site traffic from 20,000 visitors per month to more than 50,000 monthly visitors.

    So here is my ranking of the 25 best free SEO tools ranked by importance.

24 Best Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Ranking
24 Best Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Ranking

1. SEMrush

    Quite simply the best tool to analyze the keywords on which your competitors are positioned. And you can also do keyword research to analyze performance, as well as come up with ideas for new words to rank for.
    From a French-speaking point of view, SEMrush presents the results of searches on search engines in French (which is by far not the case for all free SEO tools!). Clearly a must!

The positive points

  • Competitive keyword analysis
  • Keyword positioning
  • Results in French
  • Keyword Inspiration Research 

The negative points

  • Limited free version (but offering a lot of possibilities)

2. Woorank

    When it comes to performing an SEO analysis of a website, there are a whole series of parameters to take into account. And that's exactly what Woorank is good at! This tool is among the most respected to perform a complete audit of its website, or that of a competitor. With a very pleasant interface, it is a tool to keep in mind to improve your SEO

The positive points

  • A solution in French
  • A detailed and clear audit
  • A neat interface

The negative points

  • Free solution limited to 14 days

3. Google Search Console

    Google Search Console is THE solution to use to obtain results on any errors that prevent your site from being well referenced. You also have the possibility to send your sitemaps to indicate the pages to be indexed for Google.

    This is also where you get the results of your site and your pages in the search engine. It is impossible to do without it for SEO.

The strong points

  • Indicates indexing errors
  • Gives performance in Google results
  • Several practical tools

The negative points

  • Results only for Google (and not other search engines)

5. Ludo SLN Audit SEO

    This software performs a complete analysis of your website and specific pages. You also get a whole host of, particularly useful optimization tips.

The positive points

  • A completely free SEO tool
  • Competitive analysis

The negative points

  • Youth of the tool

6. Google mobile optimization test

    In terms of SEO, in recent months, Google has favoured pages optimized for mobile. This evolution of the algorithm makes this test tool essential to understand the actions to be carried out to improve its mobile pages.

The positive points

  • Complete analysis of mobile optimizations

The negative points

  • No additional features
  • Some optimization tips are not essential

7. Seed Keywords

    One of the best free keyword research tools, with a whole host of features dedicated to this crucial part of SEO. You will be able to discover the best keyword opportunities on which to position yourself. The strength of this tool is that it offers a different approach, based on research scenarios. A must.

The positive points

  • Several useful features to find the best keywords
  • An innovative method of keyword research

The negative points

  • Dedicated only to keywords

8. PageSpeed Insights

    Another very useful tool from Google for evaluating the loading speed of a web page. When we know that this is one of the most important factors for the SEO of web pages, this tool becomes all the more crucial to use. You get information on both your desktop and mobile version, which turns out to be very useful.

The positive points

  • Comprehensive optimization advice series
  • Desktop and mobile optimization

The negative points

  • Not all optimization proposals are always essential

9. Moz Local

    If you are interested in SEO, chances are you've come across posts from Moz's blog, one of the best in the business. But above all, it is an excellent tool for measuring your ranking in Google search results. A free and very interesting feature is offered by this tool, is Moz Local, which allows you to optimize your results in Google's local searches, and to simplify your registration. Very useful for SMEs and local businesses.

The positive points

  • The complete SEO tool suite
  • Optimization in local Google results

The negative points

  • Limited free offer

10. SmallSEOTools

    If you are looking for a fast and reliable online duplicate content checker that can help you find the copier sites in seconds, then this online tool is the best one for you. The interface of this plagiarism detection tool is simple and easy to use.

    Content plagiarism has become a serious problem, especially for website owners who may face SEO consequences from uploading pirated content. Search engines like Google don't like duplicating page content and can throw a site at the bottom of the results if piracy is detected. So it is inevitable to use an online plagiarism checker which allows you to find any similarity of text content in a flash.

    This online tool offers you free plagiarism detection. Moreover, you don't need to create an account on a website to use this free tool. You can access this tool by simply clicking on   

The positive points

  • Get search volumes

The negative points

  • Obligation to register on Google Adwords

11. Seobility

    To get a complete and in-depth analysis of your website, Seobility is quite simply one of the best tools available on the market. You will get a full report about the following indicators:

  1. You're slow to load pages
  2. Blocked pages
  3. Sitemap issues
  4. SEO technical errors
  5. etc.

The positive points

  • A complete diagnosis of your website
  • Indicators you won't find elsewhere

The negative points

  • A limited free offer
  • A little too technical for beginners

12. Screaming Frog

    One of the ancestors of SEO tools, but still effective despite a somewhat austere interface. These are clearly the essentials of the SEO toolbox! The idea of ​​this tool is quite simply to “crawl” your website looking for all the URLs as well as the internal links of your website.

The positive points

  • The best free SEO crawling tool

The negative points

  • Austere interface

13. Dareboost

    For once, I present to you this very complete French tool to carry out an SEO audit of your website. With the addition of active monitoring of your performance, Dareboost is clearly a tool to test as a beginner or advanced user.

The positive points

  • Solution entirely in French
  • Audit SEO
  • Performance monitoring

The negative points

  • Limited free solution


    This software allows you to see your website through the "eyes" of a search engine robot. You will be able to identify all the potential errors that lower your SEO. Not very ergonomic but very useful!

The positive points

  • SEO error analysis.

The negative points

  • Limited ergonomics.

15. Positionly

    One of the best tools to analyze the positioning of your site and web pages in Google search results. With an intuitive interface, you can generate reports as often as you like and analyze the competition.

The positive points

The negative points

  • Limited free version.

16. Ubersuggest

    Quite simply one of the best-known keyword research tools because it is very intuitive!

    It suffices to enter the keywords to obtain precise search volumes and even to know the difficulty of positioning on a keyword thanks to the analysis of the competition present on this keyword.

    Additionally, Ubersuggest will provide you with the average cost (CPC) of a keyword on Google Ads.

17. Keyworddit

    This tool offers an original way to find keywords. It allows you to analyze discussions and discussion topics on Reddit and allows you to contextualize this research.

    The advantage is finding keywords in real chat contexts.

The positive points

  • Context of the discussions
  • An alternative method of keyword research

The negative points 

  • Useful especially for searches in English

18. Google Analytics

    There is no longer any need to present Google Analytics, the best website analysis tool, with an impressive series of indicators on the visits and visitors to your website.

    The tool also helps to get traffic from SEO and also offers the ability to connect to Google Search Console to get the information directly into Google Analytics. Still as important as part of an SEO strategy.

The positive points

  • SEO traffic statistics
  • Login to Google Search console

The negative points

  • Lots of stats, not all of them useful for SEO

19. Yoast pour WordPress

    Quite simply one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress users, with a whole host of very useful features and tips to easily improve SEO on WordPress.

The positive points

  • A lot of SEO features for WordPress
  • Sitemap generation
  • Optimization of descriptions

The negative points

  • Only for WordPress

20. Penguin Tool

    The idea of ​​this tool is very simple, but can potentially save your life depending on the situation. In summary, Penguin Tool analyzes whether a Google algorithm update has had a direct impact on your traffic.

    This allows you to find out what actions you need to take to “limit breakage” and improve your results.

The positive points

  • Allows you to assess the impact of a Google update

The negative points

  • Useful only in these specific cases

21. Lipperhey

    If you want to perform a free and efficient SEO audit of your website, Lipperhey is for you! A particular effort has been put into the readability of the reports with clear advice and graphics. Perfect for beginners in SEO.

The positive points

  • Audit SEO complet.
  • Readable and understandable graphics

The negative points

  • Limited free offer

22. Siteliner

    A free tool to obtain a complete SEO analysis of your website. The advantage of this software is to offer a comparative analysis with the competition. Very practical, and easily overlooked the not very ergonomic interface of the report.

The positive points

  • Free SEO Report
  • Competition analysis

The negative points

  • Interface not ergonomic

23. Keys4Up

    This tool has developed an original way of researching keywords. The idea here is not to search for keywords but to identify the type of person doing that keyword research as well as the terms related to that keyword. An ideal complement to classic search tools.

The positive points

  • An alternative way to find keyword niches
  • Enables a better understanding of users

The negative points

  • Should be used in addition to other keyword research tools

24. Detailed

    An alternative tool, but very interesting! Detailed tells you which sites are the most popular in your field, and which can be a great source of inspiration. Very silly, but very useful to better understand the competition and be inspired by it.

The positive points

  • Lists of the best sites by domain

The negative points 

  • Strictly speaking, not an SEO tool

25. Varvy SEO Tool

    A very simple and very effective tool to obtain a free SEO analysis of your website, as well as SEO optimization advice.

    The design of the report is not amazing, but the information obtained is nonetheless invaluable.

The positive points

  • Free SEO Report

The negative points 

  • the interface is not very pleasant.

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