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8 Best Accounting Software for 2021 - Complete Guide

8 Best Accounting Software for 2021 - Complete Guide

    Are you looking for the best accounting software to manage all your accounts ? Discover our top 8 of the best solutions.

    Whether you run a micro business, an SME or a larger business, accounting is at the heart of running your business.

    In addition, as a business manager, you do not have the time or the skills to manage your account in Excel or by hand, which I grant you, is less expensive.

    This is why for about ten years, with the explosion of SaaS software, we have seen various very useful accounting software flourish on the market that will help you in the management of your business and especially in fulfilling your accounting obligations.

8 Best Accounting Software for 2021 - Complete Guide
8 Best Accounting Software for 2021 - Complete Guide

What is accounting software?

    Accounting software is a foundational application that enables an organization to record the flow of money for internal and external review and audit purposes.

It is the primary tool for assessing the financial health of an organization and for complying with legislation through tools such as general ledgers, accounts payable and receivable, purchase orders, inventory management and management. billing.

Some accounting software has more functionality than others.

Some accounting software even allows you to have a dedicated accountant to assist you in legal procedures such as the VAT declaration or others.

Is it compulsory to use accounting software?

    Accounting software is not required but is recommended for most businesses.

If there's one area where you need to be square above all else, it's accounting.

Indeed, beyond the annual or monthly legal obligations, an accounting software will help you on many aspects of the management of your business, in particular:

  1. Allows you to see clearly in your finances (inflows vs outflows)
  2. Allows you to manage your invoices sent, paid vs late
  3. Allows you to centralize your bank flows for simplified management of your accounting obligations

8 best free and paid accounting software


    FreshBooks one of the best accounting software for small businesses , because of its ease of use and its many features.

With over 20 million users worldwide, FreshBooks is software that has been proven and validated.

Among the main and useful features for your business, we find:

  1. Management of quotes and invoices
  2. Banking centralization
  3. Automated bank reconciliation of expenses
  4. Payment management
  5. Reminders of unpaid bills
  6. The creation of the ledger

On top of that with FreshBooks, you will be able to simply drive your business cash flow and see the health of your business at a glance and then make important decisions.

On top of that, you can try FreshBooks for free without entering any credit card.


    Indy (ex Georges) is an accounting software designed for freelancers who want to simplify their daily lives and fully manage the finances of their business.

To put it simply, Indy is oriented around 3 main areas of accounting:

  • Bookkeeping : allows you to keep your bookkeeping online simply via the intuitive software.
  • The tax package: allows you to comply with French regulations in terms of accounting for your business.
  • Financial management: allows you to see clearly in your finances at any time of your activity.

Indy, this powerful accounting software targets the liberal professions and the self-employed mainly taxing companies.

Price level, Indy is really correct with a price of 20 € / month HT for liberal professions and 49 € / month HT for companies subject to IS.

Best of all, you can test Indy for free for 14 days so give it a try and give us your feedback. 😊


    Pennylane is an accounting software that clearly stands out from the crowd .

    Beyond offering a complete and efficient software, Pennylane allows you to have a dedicated accountant who will manage your finances for you.

Why is this interesting?

    Because it completely frees your mind from all the obligatory accountants of your company and allows you to focus on the business.

    Pennylane will of course provide you with all the legal documents but will also take care of declaring your VAT for you and contact you if something is wrong with your account (which is done on the fly)
Via the Pennylane software, you will be able to:

  1. Manage your purchases
  2. Manage your customers (invoices + quotes)
  3. Connect your bank accounts to centralize your flows.
  4. Have an accounting record
  5. Manage your business serenely thanks in particular to forecast graphics

    Regarding the price, Pennylane is on estimate but with a base price of 250 € / month which is clearly interesting given the power of the solution.


    Axonaut is a powerful and useful accounting software for any business owner .

    Axonaut is a tool focused around the management of your business and will allow you to centralize your cash inflows and outflows in order to manage your business in the blink of an eye.
This accounting support software is recommended if you are an SME, especially with fairly simple accounting.

    For larger companies, we do not recommend this kind of all-in-one software which can quickly be limited and instead opted for software like Freshbook or Pennylane.

    In addition to helping with accounting, Axonaut is an all-in-one business management software with the following features:

  1. Management of expense reports
  2. Management of invoices and quotes
  3. Management of purchase orders
  4. Human Resources Management
In short, to put it simply, a very complete software.

You can test Axonaut for free for 15 days for free.

Comptastart by Legalstart

    Comptastart is an accounting software developed by Legalstart.
This powerful accounting software makes it possible to simplify your procedures in terms of cash flow and to easily manage your finances.

    Among the key features of Comptastart we can find:

  1. Bank synchronization
  2. Management of quotes and invoices
  3. Management of expense reports
  4. Preparation of VAT returns
  5. Balance sheet (additional option)

    Regarding the prices, the plans start at 49 € / month before tax.
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    Freebe is a management software dedicated to freelancers / micro-entrepreneurs.

    Freebe is an accounting software, but not only and allows you to manage all your activity from the software.

    Among the main features of Freebe, we find:

  1. Management of quotes and invoices
  2. Centralize the pro account to manage cash flow
  3. Extensive project and client management
  4. Automatic declaration of turnover to URSSAF
  5. As you can see, Freebe has more than one trick up its sleeve and already appeals to many freelancers all over France. is a complete accounting and commercial management software.

    Among the features of we can count on:

  1. management of quotes and invoices
  2. tax returns
  3. investments
  4. payroll
  5. social declarations
    The accounting interface of is however a little less intuitive than that of its competitors in particular.

    This software is recommended for companies with -20 employees.


    QuickBooks is an advanced accounting software allowing any business to save a considerable amount of time in the management of flows and the accounts.

Among the most used features are:

  1. One-click management of quotes, invoices and unpaid reminders
  2. Expense management
  3. Current cash flow, forecast and simplified management of finances
  4. Synchronization of your bank accounts
  5. VAT management

    Quickbooks is really an easy-to-use and efficient management tool to see clearly in your finances.

    The other advantage with this accounting solution is the responsive support that allows you to be assisted quickly in the event of a problem.

How to choose accounting software?

    There are several key criteria that every accounting software must meet in order for you to get the most out of it. Let's find out together the few criteria to check before making your choice.

A billing module

    Whatever the basic operations, your accounting system should be complete (eg inventory management if you have it) and, if possible, you should always acquire a system that offers at least some basic billing functionality. This way, you will save yourself the trouble of purchasing additional software or migrating data to another system. So a simple management of quotes and invoices for example.


    There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” accounting system (in fact, it is one of the most diverse categories of software), and the reason is that every company performs specific financial calculations and adheres to a set. different rules. If you can't find a particular system that fits your business model (and it hardly ever will), look for flexible software that you can adapt to your operations, a program that can grow with your business.

Ease of use

    Accounting procedures and calculations are not easy, so the least your new accounting system can do is provide you with an intuitive work environment. This means that information should be organized in an orderly fashion and functions should be available on a single dashboard. You should complete operations in a matter of minutes by following a navigation scheme that you already know.


    As we have already pointed out, accounting systems play with the most sensitive data of a company, namely the numbers on which it depends. To ensure that the calculations and data sharing within the system are safe, choose a reputable provider and check the security mechanisms in advance if possible.


    By the time you buy an accounting solution, you already have a set of other software for your business. To avoid changing your entire software infrastructure for the needs of a single program, do it the other way around: buy a system that integrates with the tools you have or, in the best case, offers an API. open allowing you to connect it to any system.

The price

    The software logic applies again: the more efficient a system, the more it costs. If you can afford a full suite that is ahead of its time, go for it! Be aware, however, that quality accounting systems can be purchased for a fraction of that price, and some of them are even available for free.

Listening support

    Most accounting software prides itself on having knowledgeable, quick-to-respond teams, but the reality is you won't know how effective they are until you have had an issue to submit. To avoid bitter disappointment for the money you've invested, test the media ahead of time.

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