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How to create and succeed in advertising on Facebook?

How to create and succeed in advertising on Facebook?

    Facebook is the world's No. 1 for social networks. The platform has more than 2 billion users and we meet all categories of people: employees, entrepreneurs, students ... There is no doubt that all your prospects are on this social network and that Facebook remains an essential tool for the community manager.

    So you can use it to promote your products or services and thereby boost your business? If you are a novice, we will detail, in this article, all the steps to create and succeed your ad on Facebook.

How to create and succeed in advertising on Facebook
How to create and succeed in advertising on Facebook

Prepare your Facebook ads

    To create your advertising campaign on Facebook, you must first define a web marketing strategy. Prefer a real marketing strategy to the publication boost on Facebook which is often offered by the social network to page owners.

    To do this, we must define good content (written and visual). Is it a promotion, a product or a novelty that you are promoting? Go to writing your textual content using vocabularies adapted to your target.

    The choice of words must be done with care, because, the more impactful they are, the more the advertisement will catch the attention of your prospects. So be specific and trust your targets. And do not hesitate to use a clear "call to action" that will make you want to click on your ads or contact you.

    What should not be forgotten is to choose a captivating visual. The choice of colour is important to attract the attention of users. A quality image, with graphic effects, is what you should prioritize.

Define your audience

  1.     Once you have a clear and effective action plan in place, you can move on to creating your content. Facebook provides 4 tools for creating and managing an  advertisement:

  1. the Facebook Ads Manager, the Ads Manager Application, the Power Editor and the Business Manager.
  2. Either of these tools will present you with the “Create Campaign” window.
  3. Click on it to define what type of person will see your content. You will be able to choose an audience among the three that exist: Main audiences, personalized audiences, similar audiences.
  4. With the main audience, you can define your targets by geographic location, age, gender, language spoken, etc.
  5. The personalized audience will allow you to reach people who have, for example, already visited your website or contacts in your customer file.
  6. And finally, a similar audience helps you reach users who share the same interests of a target already identified such as fans of your Facebook page for example.

Determine your ad placement

    You have just defined which target can see your ad. Now you need to select the right places from the five offered to you:

  • the right column on Facebook.
  • the news feed for the desktop version of Facebook.
  • the news feed for the mobile version of Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • The audience Network or the Facebook audience network.

    However, you have the option of letting Facebook determine which placement is best for your ad by selecting: “automatic placement”.

Define your budget and the broadcast period

    There are several types of billing for advertisements. You can therefore choose between Cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Cost per click (CPC) and cost per action (CPA). It is up to you to configure by clicking on "show advanced options" in the process according to your wishes.

    For amounts, you can pay daily. But you can also set a maximum amount allowed over a chosen period. In this case, Facebook Ads will adjust the daily budget so that it is uniform during the broadcast time. You can choose the budget you want, but a minimum is recommended: 1 € per day for the CPM, 5 € per day for the CPC and 40 € for the CPA.

Finalize the announcement

    Before you publish your ad, you will need to insert the URL of your website's landing page. Fill in the title of your ad. Copy / paste the textual content written upstream. Adjustments may be necessary later. Select an image or video.

    The formats vary and you can resize your visual content. To track conversations from your website, check the “track all conversations from my Facebook pixel” box and install this code on your site. 

    Facebook paid advertising must be able to bring you more customers and therefore increase your sales. According to the blog of the Swiss growth marketing agency Assets: “Once this pixel is installed on your website, it allows you to follow the actions of Internet users after they have clicked on your Facebook ads.

    Have they created an account the way you want, purchased a product, or fill out a form? Otherwise, you will need to change your ad and targeting. “

Good to know:  To advertise on Facebook, it is not mandatory to have a page on the social network. But to maximize the chance of improving your visibility and increasing your traffic, it is advisable to create one.

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