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How to get more web traffic seo

How to get more web traffic

    Now we want to do more organic traffic on the web. As (Google) has announced several times those good practices that web developers should implement to achieve a good SEO site, to avoid being penalized. Today we will focus on many aspects to consider, such as creating inbound links (link building), quality content, and using blogs and forums.

    About creating links. There are still many who think that they can fill a webpage with millions of links to increase their SEO sites, but this kind of action will ultimately penalize the web. We advocate another type of procedure, which is more effective in the medium and long term, and in many cases is effective immediately. It is about finding relevant and quality content for the user. This at the same time creates high-quality links, which will take us to the first page of Google.

How to get more web traffic seo
How to get more web traffic SEO

 How do you get more web traffic?

    The first thing is to study the website of the company in question, the platform or development used to create it and the URLs to see if the images are optimized, the lack of duplicate text, among other things, to implement the strategy of positioning more objectively and effectively. For this, we use basic tools, which make our work much easier, for example, (Google Analytics) and webmaster tools for developers, and others such as “SEMRush”, which offer us alternatives to search for the indicated keywords.

  • Create high-quality content:

    Once the website has been SEO enhanced, with already optimized code, with well-tagged web images, with ALT texts and titles in images, etc., we should move on to the content generation stage. Long and engaging articles are very useful for SEO, as they have powerful images and infographics that complement the information described in the body of the text. This type of article with long-tail titles and keywords, with URLs based on the same keywords and categorized into sections with the same keywords, will make our website drastically increase traffic.

    The use of social networks for this type of action is mainly, in our opinion, defaulting or publishing content that makes our article “go further”, you will favor more traffic to the web.

Participate in forums and blogs related to related topics:

    Writing interesting comments in blogs with the same topic or business sector, registering in the forums related to our site, and participating in them will make us have a greater presence online. Apparently, this doesn't seem to work in the short term, but it's a vital activity for (Google) as it discovers that the information we publish or share is real and interesting to the public, so it will appreciate our website in a very positive way and a long way. The term increased the ranking of positions in the search engine.

    However, once the Google alerts are triggered and we can climb up the sites in the search engine, with the constant work of positioning, we will be able to drive massively new traffic to our website. This means that direct web traffic will also increase as more users will know about us.

    In general, this is complicated, but you should not miss the opportunity to get links from other blogs or forums, you will appreciate that organic traffic, social and direct referral will be constantly increasing.

  • What should we do after SEO?

    When one of our clients manages to be on the first page when they do a search using their keywords and their website shows up when their website traffic doubles and their SEO increases, they tend to think that all the work of positioning For SEO has already been done and that this focus will continue forever.

    Positioning the web is something that changes daily, and requires constant activity and maintenance so that you don't lose websites. Just as we strive to maintain a good website, there is also a lot of competition, companies and agencies struggling with new digital strategies and keywords, and also to appear daily in top positions in (Google). However, the only thing we can say is that it is absolutely forbidden to stay idle while waiting to be positioned.

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