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The 8 best free software to create a business logo

best free software to create a business logo

    Creating a logo is a reflex when you have a business idea or business on the internet or other project.

    And rightly so! The logo is a key element in the graphic representation of the image (visual identity) of your company, product or service.

Why do you need a logo for your brand?

    Combining textual and visual elements, the logo is a strategic and communicating element for your business.

    Like a signature, it provides information about your company, its activity or its industry, and even its values. It builds your brand awareness over time and secures your customers.

Why is it important to have a good logo?

    It's not all about having a logo, it also has to be good. What makes it possible to appreciate the good quality of a logo is its simplicity, its ease of being memorized, its durability, its versatility on all media and its relevance to your target or your customers.

    This is why its creation can be quite a journey often requiring the exploration, creativity and know-how of a graphic designer, as well as the budget that goes with it.

    Today, you don't necessarily need to have those skills, abilities, and a big budget before you get started! In this article, I present you with the 8 best free software to create your brand logo.

best free software to create a business logo
best free software to create a business logo

1. LogoTypeMaker

    LogotypeMaker is an easy-to-use, 100% web-based, online logo maker.

    This online tool is mainly used by small businesses and entrepreneurs who need to design their logos.

    LogotypeMaker uses advanced artificial intelligence and great templates to create professional logos.

    Once complete, the logo can be added to an email signature, web banner, business card, clothing, mugs, ads (print and online), social media, etc.

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2. Logomyway

    To create your own logo, simply go to the LogoMyWay home page and click “Start Now” to go straight to their online logo maker. 

    You don't need to create an account or enter payment information to access their logo maker. However, you will need to create an account to download the final version of the logo, without a watermark.

    You can edit and adjust the design to match your brand identity. You can also add slogans to complement the logo.

    After finalizing your logo, you can choose to save it as PNG, JPEG, or vector. Anytime you want to change the logo, you can re-enter LogoMyWay's logo maker and get to work creating a new variation of your design.

3. DesignEvo

    DesignEvo is a rich online logo generator and designer with over 8,000 pre-designed templates, millions of icons and over 100 eye-catching fonts.

    Its easy-to-use editing tools let you create and customize a unique and compelling logo for free in minutes.

The positive points

  • Extensive library of models
  • Available in software and mobile application

The negative points

  • Free logo not copyright free
  • Higher resolution for a fee

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4. Logaster

Logaster is also a simple online logo generator to quickly create a professional logo with ready-made templates and by type of business.

    Once you have chosen your template, you can modify or download it directly in both classic JPEG or PNG formats as well as in PDF or SVG vector formats.

The positive points

  • Easy to get started with additional designs
  • Large database of predefined templates

The negative points

  • Higher resolution for a fee

5. LogoMaker

    LogoMaker makes it easy for anyone to create an impactful logo by simply dragging and dropping, with over 3,200 professional and animated logos and 6,000 shapes and objects.

    You can customize your logo at will before exporting it in JPG, PDF, TIF, SWF and other image formats.

The positive points

Very easy and intuitive to use
Possibility to create animated logos

The negative points

Simplistic and generic models

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6. Canva

    It is not known to everyone but Canva, the free tool for creating visuals, also offers you to create free professional logos by industry. Once registered, launch "logo" in the engine and the interface appears that allows you to choose a predefined template and customize your logo by simple drag and drop!

The positive points

  1. Good quality models
  2. Available in mobile application

The negative points

  1. Limited choice of models

7. Hatchful

    If you haven't tried it yet, you should! Hatchful is the logo maker that Shopify brings to you for free.

    Depending on your activity, you get logo proposals on more than 100 models available and customizable with the colours and fonts of your brand.

The positive points

  • Free branding and social media variations
  • Available in desktop and mobile app versions

The negative points

  • English only Limited choice of models

8. Logoshi

    Logoshi has the particularity of offering you two options for creating a logo. The first automatically generates the logo based on your name, tagline, and colour preferences.

    The second option gives you the freedom to design your logo yourself.

    The Logoshi generator will then be based on this drawing to offer you several customizable logo variants.

The positive points

  • Standard design or free option
  • Higher resolution logos (3500px x 3500px)

The negative points

Free limited to design (logo at $ 29)
Only in English.

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