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Best Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook Messenger for Business

Best Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook Messenger for Business

    If you're reading this, you might be interested in creating your own marketing campaign ( Facebook Messenger ). We have many great examples that you can emulate in this article.
Some messaging campaigns

Best Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook Messenger for Business
Best Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook Messenger for Business

1- Uber Messenger Marketing Campaign

    Yes, in one click you can welcome Uber. In partnership with Facebook Messenger, Uber is now allowing millions of users to request a ride in a simple text on Messenger. You don't even need to download the Uber app itself or leave the Facebook Messenger tab. It's all done for you in one clean flow. All ride status updates or ride receipts are sent to you through your private Messenger chat, making it easy for you to manage them all in one central location.

    To order an Uber on Facebook Messenger, make sure you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed on your phone so you can use the service on the platform.

    There are different ways Uber lets you request a ride through the app. You can click on the address being sent to you on the map and place it in an (Uber) order; Or you can start a conversation with (Uber), then click the car button in the menu section, and select the "More" icon.

    This not only works in your inbox but also in a group chat. (Uber) introduced a new (Share ETA) feature where you can share the map location you are currently in and let your friends welcome Uber to get there. So, Uber is still with you. Your friends cannot track where you are unless you share this information with them.

    Uber is not only looking at the car service industry but also aims at the bigger picture to become the “all-in-one” app that users need. From getting movie tickets and booking hotel rooms to getting a plane ticket, they want to be involved in every aspect of a user's daily life to improve lasting value for a customer. As they try to keep the users within the app to minimize the inconvenience of the customer as much as possible.

2- SnapTravel Messenger Marketing Campaign

    You must be like us, as we're all tired of going from one hotel website to another to find the best deal you can get. The online travel company offers a hotel reservation service via (Facebook Messenger) or SMS.

    Whatever requests you want from the hotel, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast or any other service, all you have to do is write it on (chatbot) and the bot can automatically suggest a set of recommendations for you. There is absolutely no need to call the receptionist and ask you to “wait to please” and “let me move to another line” ten times until you get what you want. It made the travel experience easy for all the users out there.

    And the robot doesn't end there. It starts from searching for the right hotel, purchasing hotel rooms and beyond, making your travel experience completely hassle-free.

    Since they acquire users through a chat channel (such as Facebook Messenger ), its users are more likely to engage throughout the entire journey. Whereas, users are announced through sponsored messages within the application. If users do not complete the entire transaction process, they reabsorb this group of potential users by redirecting them directly to their inbox.

    This tactic has succeeded in generating a thriving 30% increase in user acquisition, making (Facebook Messenger) one of the most effective channels for growing your users exponentially.

3- HealthTap Messenger marketing campaign

    I think we're all in the same place: we might have a really bad migraine, then go look up the symptoms on the internet and suspect you have some rare disease. Well, maybe it's best to consult a real doctor. HealthTap is the first medical platform on Facebook Messenger. It offers a suite of health technology tools, online health educational content, and services for clients to choose whether they want to do it self-help or with a medical professional.

    Users can submit medical questions by typing their symptoms and conditions on the chatbot. On the platform, 100,000 doctors in 141 specialities help users answer their medical queries. In a channel of choice for customers, be it video, chat or audio visits, paying customers can get unlimited medical advice or direct consultation from doctors on their mobile device or website browser.

    Since Healthtap Facebook Messenger uses a chatbot that works 24 hours a day 7 days a week, medical questions can be asked at any time of the day. This makes it possible for users to receive answers to simple questions instantly and clinicians to answer complex questions at their convenience, making it flexible and convenient for both sides.

    (HealthTap) has been a huge success and has managed to gain a large user base simply by using send-to-messaging ads.

4- Marketing campaign for food delivery

    Just like any other app we mentioned earlier, you can keep texting your friends as well as order food and groceries at the same time without the hassle of switching between apps. Instead, you can now do it all on Facebook Messenger.

    In 2016 (MobileBeat), Whole Foods launched a Whole Foods Messenger bot, allowing users to search for recipes, ingredients, and inspiration, all within the Messenger app itself.

    If you're not sure how many ingredients you need to make a casserole for four, that's okay too. There is a recipe database connected to Whole Foods' full chat program on Messenger. Users can make use of this database interactively and search for any culinary information they may need.

    This is ideal if you want to save the issue or flip through web pages. You can talk to the AI-powered chef directly by typing queries or even emojis in the chatbox and within 3 seconds, you will have your answers, making cooking easier than ever.

    As Facebook pushes Facebook Messenger by making Send to Messenger ads cheaper, Whole Foods has taken this opportunity to acquire users and interact with them in a fun way.

5- Golden State Warriors campaign notifications and posts

    If you're a die-hard basketball fan, Golden State Warriors has a Facebook Messenger campaign for you. In 2017, the Golden State Warriors introduced an AI-powered virtual messaging assistant, making it easier for fans to keep up with the team, even if they're not watching.

    Through the campaign, Golden State Warriors is giving fans a way to interact with the brand in a new way. If you use and enjoy (Siri or Alexa), you will probably enjoy this too. The bot allows fans to check current and past game stats, keep up with players' stats and helps you buy your favourite Golden State Warriors items.

How does the Golden State Warriors Facebook Messenger campaign work

    We couldn't find the exact ad that (Golden State Warriors) used to get people to chat. But based on the ad history associated with their Facebook page, we're pretty confident that they used the Send to Messenger Facebook ad to get people in the chat.

    With this type of advertising, once a user clicks on a call-to-action, it sends it directly to on the desktop or to the Messenger app if it's on the mobile phone. Then all users have to do is press "start" and the campaign has acquired the user.

    Once you click start, the chatbot welcomes you to the chat and prompts you to choose the types of notifications you want to receive. And you can choose to receive updates on the current live score when the game is playing, game highlights, reminders for upcoming games and even directions to the arena itself. There is also a game called (What Will The Dubs). If you choose to receive this notification, the Warriors Aide will occasionally test you with questions that will allow you to win prizes.

    Once you are done setting up with your notification preferences, you will be presented with the main menu. In the main menu, you will be able to request information about the next game, previous games, live score, player stats and available merchandise. Although you can't buy merchandise directly through messenger, you can browse for the item you want and the link will take you directly to that page on the Warriors website.

    We've noticed that Warriors Assistant may no longer be updated. Currently, the player stats function no longer works.

Did the Golden State Warriors Facebook Messenger campaign work?

    Although the app does not bring direct revenue to Golden State Warriors per se, it is still important to the customer experience and announces another element of brand building. As with many brand campaigns and especially beta campaigns, it is difficult to determine whether a campaign has been successful or not. Nevertheless, we have two indications.

    The Golden State Warriors still use Assistant Warriors for their Messenger channel. If it really failed, we assume they would have taken it. However, the player stats function does not work, so we assume that they have reduced the number of resources that are allocated to the campaign.

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