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How do we solve the problem of weak network in the phone?

    The problem of the weak network in the phone or its complete loss is one of the most annoying problems, it affects the ability to make and receive calls, as well as use phone data and surf the Internet, and the reasons for the weakness of the network in the phone are due to several different factors that we learn about in detail in today’s article with effective solutions that you can try To address the problem of the weak network in your phone.

How do we solve the problem of weak network in the phone?
How do we solve the problem of the weak network in the phone?

Determine how strong the network is on your phone

Before starting to address the problem of the weak network in the phone, try to determine the strength of the network in the place where you are to make sure of the coverage of the network and compare it with other phones nearby, the strength of the network is measured in (decibels dBm) its strength is supposed to range between -44 dB “the strongest” To -140 “the weakest” - note that the number is always negative - and you can find out the number from the mobile settings easily by following the following steps:

  1. Head to phone settings - Settings
  2. Then choose from the list (About Phone)
  3. Then choose (SIM Card Status)
  4. In the next menu, you will see the signal strength - Signal Strength and you will find the number of the network strength written in front of it.

Is the problem with your phone or the network?

    After you have confirmed the network coverage in your place and the signal strength on your phone, we advise you to compare the number with the nearby phones, to determine if there is a problem with the wireless network unit in your phone, then you will need to refer to the manufacturer of your phone for phone maintenance, but if the network is weak in your device For other devices, try the following solutions in order.

5 quick solutions that address the problem of the weak network in the phone

  1. The first solution that we always recommend when facing any problem with the performance of the phone is to restart the phone - restart your phone This sometimes helps to activate the signal receptors capacity in the cellular devices 
  2. The second solution Disable Bluetooth and try again Sometimes the network strength is affected by Bluetooth activity
  3. Third solution Stay away from electronic devices and TV screens, as the frequencies and radiation that they emit affect the wireless signals coming to your phone.
  4. Fourth solution: Remove any metal or magnetic accessories connected to your phones, such as a metal phone case, a magnetic phone holder, and others, as these materials sometimes interfere with wireless signals and lead to a weak network in phones
  5. The fifth solution is to try activating Airplane Mode for 10 minutes and then turning it off and test the network again

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Network reset

The previous quick solutions did not work, and the problem of network weakness persisted in all incoming and outgoing connections and phone data, so it is inevitable to try network reset, despite the simplicity of the steps of this solution as we will explain, but its problem is that it leads to erasing all Wi-Fi networks data wifi from your phone as well as Bluetooth networks synced with your phone, but with that solution often gives an excellent result 

  1. Head to phone settings - Settings
  2. Then the system-system
  3. Then Reset options
  4. Then Network reset
  5. Then choose the Sim card that has a weak network problem and reset its network

Submit a complaint about a weak network on your phone

    If you have tried the previous solutions and the problem of the phone network is still weak or even completely lost, here you have to contact your service provider, i.e. the telecommunications company that your line belongs to, and file a complaint about the problem and follow up until action is taken to strengthen the network in the area in which you reside or take a decision change the service provider.

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