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How to run the Internet on TV step by step in detail!

How to run the Internet on TV step by step in detail! Modern TV screens can be connected to the local Wi-Fi network, but everyone needs a way to operate the Internet on the TV, which is the hard way, but you need to know some basics. By connecting the screen to the Internet, you can browse websites, play games, and applications, and can play videos. And movies from YouTube, to connect the TV to the Internet, you must follow several steps.

How to use the Internet on TV


How to run the Internet on TV step by step in detail!
How to run the Internet on TV step by step in detail!

1- Steps to turn on the Internet on the TV

  1. The way to turn on the Internet on the TV depends on the first step on turning on the TV, then press the Menu or Menu option by using the TV remote control.
  2. Through the same menu, you must select the “Connect” option, which will open a list of the network.
  3. The type of network must be selected, provided that it is wireless.
  4. By selecting the network settings and then choosing the network selection option, a list of all networks adjacent to the screen will be displayed.
  5. You must specify the name of your home network, where a text box will appear to enter the security key.
  6. In this step, you must enter the password for your Wi-Fi using the on-screen keyboard.
  7. Then press the blue button on the remote control.
  8. Here you must select the OK or OK option, when the message “Connect successfully” appears on the screen, the TV will be connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  9. In this step, you must restart the TV after entering your settings.

2- Update TV software

    The way the Internet works on the TV also depends on updating the programs on the screen or installing them again, to have the ability to browse websites and use programs that contribute to displaying video and audio clips.

    The software installed on the TV must be upgraded via USB. Some software may not be able to connect with the Internet unless it is updated. It can also be updated after entering the local network connection settings.

    Where the installed programs can be updated by entering the official website of the monitor, where the option to download on the website and choose your monitor model is entered.

3- Install programs after downloading them

    Then you must select the option to download firmware to your computer, then copy the file to the USB drive, then insert the drive into the TV screen, then press the menu button on the remote control and go to the support option and then upgrade the software via the drive portable.

    Now you must select the Yes option to install the latest firmware as your TV will install the latest firmware from USB and then the screen must be restarted.

4- Programs that can be played on TV

  • Youtube.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • PANDORA application.
  • Hulu Plus app.
  • Skype application.
  • HBO Go app.
  • eBay application.
  • NBC sport app

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