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The best photo compression and resizing apps for Android, iPhone, and PC!

Reducing and compressing images is important, especially when publishing them on other sites on the Internet

The best photo compression and resizing apps for Android, iPhone, and PC!
The best photo compression and resizing apps for Android, iPhone, and PC!

Everyone loves to share all kinds of images on social media, whether they are eating, drinking, swimming, or even at parties, sharing images on social media is one of the new standards, and with the publication of A lot of photos are sent quickly, especially in the case of using limited packages, it is necessary to use image compression programs that help reduce the size of photos, whether you are using a computer, an Android device, or an iOS device.

Image compression and resizing apps for Android

1- Toolur Photo & Picture Resizer

    If you want to reduce the image size or resolution quickly, Photo & Picture Resizer is a perfect choice. Download and launch the program. Select the image from your device or cloud storage.

The application will detect and display the image size and resolution.
You can choose from several measurements based on the preset sizes in pixels and percentage, you can also enter custom values ​​for both, you can choose the size 566 x 1080 which is the recommended horizontal size for Instagram, choose the custom option, enter the values, and click OK. The application will run in the background, and provide you with a new-sized image, with an area of ​​only 152 KB, so that the application preserves the device space by 98 percent.

2- toolur Reduce Photo Size

    There is another app that comes with some extra features like rotate, revert, open the app and you will get two options, choose either an existing photo or take a new photo. When selecting images you will see at the top the three buttons in the upper right corner, choose the reduce option, some pre-set resolutions will be presented, and in a custom box, choose the percentage of the image you want to reduce. The app will run in the background, but after the process is done, there is no visual indication that the image size has been reduced, as we saw in the previous app.

Photo compressing and resizing apps for iPhone

1- photo compress app

    The application provides more options for users, as it enables them to control the reduction of image sizes, as it allows controlling the reduction of image sizes of any size, and any quality, and allows cutting images, specifying the dimensions that the user wants, and providing an option to modify the size of more than one image at a time.

2- Photo Resizer app

    This application allows the ability to reduce image sizes with ease, as it contains eight preset sizes and custom sizes, and allows users to choose image sizes according to their preference, and the application saves images that have been reduced in size automatically in the photo gallery.

The best image compression and resizing software for PC

Cesium Image Compressor

    This program can reduce the size of the images without affecting the quality, and it is a free, open-source program that contains several tools through which you can control the dimensions of the images, and their formats, to get what you want, as well as change the degree of quality with many distinctive features in this program, One of its most important features is that it supports the time, date, and meta tags for images, and the ability to easily change the image format in the program.

    The program also provides a portable version that does not need to be installed on Windows. It has multiple options to control the degree of quality you want for the images, with the ability to change measurements. And the ability to process several images at once, and keep the same quality, which is the best image compression and reduction program.

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