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Upwork site for freelance work and earn money

How do I earn money from Upwork?

Well, before we get to know the way to earn money from Upwork, come with us to introduce you to this site, Upwork is among the most popular and widely used Internet profit sites.

What is Upwork?

According to Upwork Wikipedia, it is a platform working in the field of self-employment, as it allows users, young men, and women from all over the world, to make a profit by highlighting their skills and capabilities, as the Upwork site acts as an intermediary between a person and companies or potential buyers.

On the site, there are many buyers or owners of companies and institutions (employers) who wish to employ others to work on their own projects (mini-services) that are related to self-employment.

The other party is the freelancer (independent workers), where a deal was concluded between the two parties to complete the work and the mediator platform and judge in the event of any types of disputes.

Upwork site for freelance work and earn money
Upwork site for freelance work and earn money

And, of course, work is remote, which leads us to this type of outbreak of the Corona pandemic, as many people were forced to work from home in light of the quarantine applied in many countries around the world.

Upwork is among the largest and most popular freelance market companies of all time, with over 14 million freelance workers, and over 6 million buyers or stakeholders

Register for Upwork

After we know what Upwork is, come with us to find out how to register in Upwork.

Do you want to sign up for Upwork?

  • First, go to the online platform link by clicking here, or you can type Up work in the search engine.
  • On the interface, go down directly and click on the Sign Up option to start registering an account on the Appwork.
  • You can register through a Google account in Gmail to save time and effort, if available, otherwise complete the following points.
  • Write your e-mail, whether it is on Hotmail Outlook, or using the Gmail mail

Explanation of registering on Upwork and earning money from it

You will be taken to a new page where you have to fill in the required information:

  1. First and last name, and it must be in English.
  2. At the bottom of it, write the password, and it is very important that it be strong, meaning it contains a number of symbols, letters, and numbers in order to increase the strength of the password and prevent any hacking or intrusion on your account.
  3. Select the country in which you reside from among the many countries available to you.
  4. There are two options below from I want to, the first is for employers or project owners, and the other is for freelancers or freelancers.
  5. Click on Work as a Freelance to work as a freelancer, not as an employer who wants to hire others.
  6. If you are a project owner, you can choose the other option.
  7. Add your nickname or username, which is your identifier on the platform.
  8. Agree to the terms by clicking on the box, it means that you agree to the terms and conditions of the Upwork site.
  9. Finally, click on Create My Account.
  10. You will be redirected to the interface of your new Upwork account, where you can login to your Upwork login.
  11. It is very important to go to the email and activate the email Verify your email to proceed by clicking on the activation link that you will find in the message sent to you.
  12. If it does not arrive, you can press the send button again, and check the junk mail in your mail, it is possible that it did not reach the main mail interface.

Earn money from Upwork

After completing the Upwork registration process, you will be ready to start earning money from it without any effort; Only by having a skill in one of the following areas:

  • Areas of work in Upwork
  • Writing electronic content in various languages ​​of the world: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, and other languages. Where you can earn dollars by writing articles on Upwork without experience or expertise if you are ready.
  • Web design, from programming from scratch, to the use of free site operating platforms such as WordPress, Blogger and others.
  • Programming applications for Android smartphones, iOS phones, and other mobile device systems. In addition to solving problems in desktop systems in Windows 10 and other systems.
  • Programming and development services.
  • Audio recording.
  • Remote training services.
  • E-commerce development.
  • Seo services for site optimization for search engines.
  • Translation into international languages: Arabic, French, English, German and other languages. This field is considered one of the most in demand and important fields on microservice sites, given the need for many to translate legal documents or translate in work sites.
  • Photo or video montage.
  • E-marketing through social media networks and platforms Facebook, Twitter, Likedn, Tumblr, Reddit and many other platforms that can be marketed on.
  • There are many areas that we have tried to mention some of. If you have one of these skills in the areas of writing, programming, design, montage, legal advice, running websites, and other services, you are eligible to profit from Upwork.

Add a service on Upwork

After you register on the platform, start uploading your first service. It is important to consider the following tips to succeed in winning your first business deal with business owners:

  • Write a clear title, it is important that it be short, clear and unambiguous.
  • Describe the service well, and fulfill in it all the things you want the business or project owner to know. So that it does not require any question, for this matter gives a positive impression about you.
  • Upload an appropriate image that suggests the service, not to be far from it.
  • Add hashtags or tags to your service.
  • Post it on your social networking site and pages. This is for more spread and an increase in the possibility of requesting the service from you in case you need it.
  • Browse services or requests not found on the site. In other words, see the services that business owners request and that are not available. There is no objection to adding a new service to your account and communicating with the service owner to agree with him if he chooses you to do the task.
  • In conclusion, Upwork is one of the sites that enables you to earn a lot of US dollars. If you want to work online, we recommend this popular and proven platform.

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