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The best free programming sites for children

Teaching programming for children is one of the most important types of education for children in recent times, as children can learn many things very easily, such as programming and spoken languages.

At the present time, it has become easy for a child to learn programming with great skill through smart phone applications at the age of five.

best free programming sites for children
best free programming sites for children

The best programming sites for children

There are many free sites that develop programming skills for children, namely:

  1. Khan Academy.
  2. CodeCombat.
  3. Code Monster.

Khan Academy

It is distinguished by its complex sports program and is more suitable for children in the first levels, and it can be separate lessons.

The aim of its establishment was initially to teach mathematics to children, and then it became an electronic platform specialized in teaching children a lot of science through it, not just mathematics.

To enter the Khan Academy website:

Code Compact site

It is considered one of the important sites in teaching children programming skillfully, which belongs to children of all ages, who love to play games through the Internet.


In which children learn programming through games, the beginning of a certain level by teaching children programming and the speed of jumping to the next level quickly.

To enter the Code Compact website:

Code Monster

It is a site that introduces children to javascript programming that teaches through an interactive and fun session with their favorite monster.


As there are two boxes: one for showing the child's programming, and the other for getting the result.

To enter the Code Monster website:

Benefits of learning programming for children 

educational benefits

  • Some elementary schools use computers to do activities, tests, and jobs.
  • But after programming languages ​​entered the Internet and the average person learned programming, many schools have become dependent on learning programming in their curricula, which makes the child learn the internal computer language.

Arithmetic thinking

  • The child is able to link his ideas logically by teaching him programming and how to deal with problems and tasks that arise in his life in a logical way.
  • As the way to accomplish tasks on the computer is in successive steps, then the child develops a plan to solve his problems and implements everything that is asked of him according to an organized method and in smart steps.

Learning from mistakes

  • It is noted that when teaching programming to children , it is difficult to avoid all errors, because some of them are frustrating.
  • But at the same time, programming errors are a challenge to patience and strength of observation, and to teach the child how to deal with problems in order to succeed.

Provide jobs

  • The current generation of children needs to master technology, to be able to compete in the future in the labor market.
  • Because most jobs will require knowledge of basic IT skills.

How to learn programming for children

  • Children must be taught programming at the youngest possible age, in order to develop their arithmetic and logical thinking, taking into account some things, namely: their age when receiving information, their experience in programming, whether they have dealt with them in programming languages, the duration of the lesson and the equipment owned to teach them, and the necessary period of time Time before the lesson to prepare and coordinate it.
  • They can also teach children programming through games, as it is their passion at their young age.
  • The programmer can use robots, because when children see the commands they wrote in the programming language when an important process such as teaching programming to children , they transfer them to the computer chip of the robot, which will make them feel successful and victorious.

Programming languages ​​for children's education

Scratch language

It is the simplest language that children can learn, between the ages of 8 to 16 years, and it is available for free and they can use it without an Internet connection.

Blockly language

It is a development of the Scratch language by Google, and is intended for children over the age of 10, and differs from Scratch in that it contains few educational lessons. 

Alice language

They are designed to teach children the principles of rotating and moving 3D objects.

Twine language

It is for children who are interested in making toys, and it needs children over the age of 12, due to its accuracy and complexity. 

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