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Top 5 toolur Converter Audio to Text for free 2022

toolur to convert audio to text

There are several examples that crystallize the need for audio-to-text conversion toolur, including obtaining written text that can be copied from a long speech, for example, instead of writing it manually.

This technology is also useful for other tasks, such as recording an email message with your voice instead of typing it, and this technology converts it into text that you can copy and send without spelling errors.

And in the past, many toolur and websites that provide this service have spread, depending on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, and serve millions over the Internet every day.

Finally, this service is characterized by speed and completion of the required tasks without installing programs or applications and also for free.

Top 5 toolur Converter Audio to Text

toolur to convert audio to text
toolur to convert audio to text

  • speech-to-text

The site offers the service of converting audio to written text through several toolur, including recording a file online or uploading an audio file. It also supports many languages, including the English language, which makes it at the forefront of sites that provide this service.

  • speechtexter

The site will first need a license to use the mic on your device, then you can record any voice message and then get the exact text.

  • dictation

This service here accurately converts your audible speech into text in real time. You can add paragraphs, punctuation, and even smileys using voice commands.

The site supports the English language among several other languages.

  • speechnotes

This site features a very simple interface that allows you to quickly handle and record any audio clip and get accurate text in real time without any complications or confusion.


Transcribe saves thousands of hours each month of transcription time for journalists, lawyers, students and professional transcribers around the world by toolur completing an audio-to-text conversion service.

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