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What is your Snapchat marketing strategy?

The strategy helps you as a marketer to choose the best way to communicate with your audience, which means that you must start with a deep understanding of who your audience is and what they expect from your brand.

Steps to Create a Snapchat Marketing Strategy

What is your Snapchat marketing strategy
What is your Snapchat marketing strategy?

Define your Snapchat audience

Snapchat's young user base includes 71% of all users under the age of 34, so if you're looking to connect with more brand followers and build this age group, Snapchat is a great place for you.

It also means that you need to think carefully about the type of content your young audience wants and that starts with a solid understanding of who the buyer persona is and what they want from you.

Create publishable content on Snapchat

The next step is to develop a marketing strategy for your efforts on Snapchat where you have to know that there are types of content that you will be posting. Here are some ideas that will support your social marketing efforts:

  • Behind the scenes on Snapchat: People prefer the unpolished, authentic look, by doing behind-the-scenes photography and talking about new products to your audience; giving them the feeling of a greater connection and part of the experience.
  • Make interactive projects: Get your audience by creating activities that they can participate in, this is an important feature of this platform as it supports the brand through audience participation.
  • Acquisitions: Employee acquisitions help you get to know your team members and what life in your company is like. It's a fun way to showcase your culture, the interests of your employees, and get new and interesting content beyond your office and products.
  • Campaigns Created by Your Audience: Ask your customers, your audience on other social media platforms, and your Snapchat friends to send you screenshots that you can feature in an upcoming story on a specific topic that includes your brand. You can also link this to a giveaway to generate interest and additional orders.
  • How to format the video: The story format goes well with teaching someone how to do something in short educational videos, where you ask your salespeople for frequently asked questions or review the most popular searches on your website. Think about who has exciting experience on your team. 
  • Interviewing senior leaders: Use Snapchat to provide your company’s senior leadership team with a platform where they can speak directly to customers, provide their feedback, and highlight what’s next for your company, getting them excited, this type might make some of your team members reach just a few times a year, if not less depending on the size of your organization and client base, this helps you get to know your company's executives better which can go a long way when increasing trust and respect for your business.

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