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Best Job Search Sites In Germany 2022

The best job search sites in Germany in 2022 are reliable and safe, as many companies in Germany want foreign labour to meet their work needs.

Although Germany is a large country, it lacks employment in certain areas, so you publish it on job search sites Work in Germany until you get the employment you want, so we will explain the best job search sites in Germany 2022 through the Money Makers website .

Best websites for jobs in Germany
Best websites for jobs in Germany

Best websites for jobs in Germany

Working in Germany is not easy at all, as this requires knowing the available and appropriate job first and then preparing the papers through which you obtain a visa to travel to Germany and several steps that we will explain in detail so that you can get a suitable job in Germany.

We will provide you with the best search sites for Work in Germany 2022, through which you will get a suitable job opportunity, these sites are as follows:

1- work agency

One of the best job search sites in Germany, as it is provided by the German Federal Agency for Employment, whether for Germans or people of other nationalities. Registered with the Arbeitsagentur which is the system established by the German government.

Which deals with major German companies that provide many job opportunities almost every week in many fields and for all groups, whether in management positions or unskilled workers in a particular industry, where you can enter this site with ease through this link.

One of the important features of this site is that it deals not only in the German language, but also in the English language, and this is very easy for people who want to get a job opportunity and are not fluent in German, although the available job opportunities in English are few, it is an important feature that should not be Overlook them not offered by other sites.

It is not only the large companies that deal with this site but also small and emerging companies that do not have enough capabilities to publish job advertisements on other sites that require payment of money for this advertisement, as this site saved them these costs because it deals completely free with Post those jobs.

2- Stepstone site

This site is ranked among the best job search sites in Germany 2022, as it periodically publishes nearly ten thousand jobs in all fields because hundreds of other sites share this service with it, and this made the owners of companies trust the site and want to post their vacancies on it, You can access the site from here.

The site does not support the English language, but it does support the English language, which can be easily understood in our time, but it should be noted that the job opportunities in German are more than the job opportunities in English, as working in Germany requires proficiency in the German language of course.

One of the important features of this site is that it allows users to know the salaries of jobs before applying for them, which helped many people to enter this site to search for suitable job opportunities, as this feature is not provided by many sites.

This site offers its own application that can be downloaded from Google Play easily from here, where you can create an account on it, view your CV, receive job applications that come to you or search for them yourself, in addition to the possibility of activating the notifications that reach you when there is a new job opportunity.

3- Ended website

We continue the topic of the best job search sites in Germany 2022, as Indeed is one of these sites that offer many job opportunities in Germany in many fields and for all categories as well. This site can be accessed from here.

Indeed is one of the international websites that offer job opportunities in many other countries, not only in Germany, and this is what made people in different countries enter it to search for job opportunities, which made it a popular and reliable site for large and small companies offering vacancies to them.

The site offers an easy-to-use interface, it is free of complexity, enabling people to search in it with ease, in addition to categorizing jobs according to their geographical location in Germany in particular, and the ability to search by the name of the job you want, as well as the date of the job announcement.

This site enables users to create a completely free account so that they can get suitable job opportunities after uploading their CVs on the site. An important feature of this site is that it provides you with detailed employment statistics in the labour market in Germany.

4- Federal Employment Agency

We are now familiar with one of the best job search sites in Germany in 2022. This site offers many advantages for job seekers that can be known in detail through the following points:

  • It can be accessed easily from here.
  • This site is affiliated with a German government agency, the Federal Employment Service.
  • This body works to reduce unemployment in Germany, so it helps provide many job opportunities.
  • One of the most important features of this site is that it deals with the Arabic language in translating jobs.
  • This site provides free training in many areas to qualify people for employment opportunities suitable for their soft skills.
  • It is one of the best websites that provide job opportunities for people who have no experience in industries, it offers many jobs for professional and non-professional workers like construction workers, cleaning workers, drivers and many more.
  • Contains thousands of jobs daily.
  • It has job opportunities for people who do not have university qualifications.
  • One of the important features of this site is the access of people from different countries of the world, whether Germans or non-Germans.
  • The jobs on that site are classified according to the number of working hours, salaries, geographical location, and all these things that come within the framework of facilitating access to jobs, especially for workers.
  • The possibility of placing your CV so that it is easier for employers to choose you in the right job for you.

5- XING website

One of the famous sites in Germany that offers many job opportunities in various fields. The site can be accessed through this link. It is also possible to know the advantages that this site carries through the following:

  • It supports many languages, especially English.
  • It provides many job opportunities both in Germany and other European countries.
  • The ability to apply for work on the company's pages that publish job opportunities.
  • Classification of jobs according to salaries, the number of hours of work, geographical location, experiences, and all these things that came to facilitate obtaining the right job.
  • The ability to create a resume in distinctive and elegant forms.
  • Creating an account on XING is easy and comes for free.
  • Each company publishes jobs to work on this site, the researcher can find out all the information about it.

6- Linkedin, Germany

We continue with you the best job search sites in Germany 2022, as Linkedin is one of the famous sites that offers many distinct job opportunities for job seekers in all fields, which can be accessed from here. You can also know the features that this site contains through the following:

  • It contains a large network of large and small companies that provide daily job opportunities in all fields, both artisanal and non-professional.
  • The ability to know information about companies that publish job jobs and the assessments that users offer, which increases the security of the person applying in the company.
  • Linkedin Germany publishes more than a million jobs a year, which made it the largest job search site.
  • Although most of the jobs on this site are in German, it supports English in many jobs.
  • One of the advantages of Linkedin Germany over other sites is that every company that offers job opportunities must have a personal profile that users can access at any time and see job opportunities and even apply for them.
  • The possibility of categorizing job opportunities on the site according to the geographical location, the date of the advertisement, the number of working hours, as well as qualifications and experiences, etc., in the context of facilitating the right job.
  • Linkedin provides a wide network of relationships where you can meet people on this site who have the same interests and experiences that benefit from them and benefit from you.
  • You can create an account on LinkedIn easily and completely for free.

Conditions for immigration to Germany

We have discussed the best job search sites in Germany in 2022. We will now discuss the conditions that must be met by a person who wants to immigrate to Germany for work, as there are many conditions and include the following:

  • Proof from the company in which you will work in Germany that it has a shortage of employees and no one can meet the needs of the company except this person.
  • The company must comply with the terms and conditions of work set by the German government.
  • The applicant for the job must have all the work requirements and experience that the job for which he is applying.
  • Obtaining a work visa in Germany.
  • The company to which you are applying must be accepting foreign workers.
  • Providing housing and a workplace before going to Germany so that you do not face many problems at the German airport.
  • Evidence from the company you are applying to that you have the full rights to this work.

Documents required to obtain a work visa in Germany

After we have clarified the best job search sites in Germany 2022, we will now clarify the required documents that must be prepared to obtain a visa to work within German territory, as these papers are as follows:

  1. passport.
  2. Pay the required money at the embassy to obtain a visa.
  3. Insurance Certificate.
  4. Flight ticket to Germany.
  5. The job contract was sent to you by the company based in Germany.
  6. The qualifications you have obtained must be translated twice, once into German and once into English.
  7. Biography.
  8. Proof of hotel reservation or the place where you are staying within German territory.
  9. birth certificate.
  10. Evidence from an insufficient track record.
  11. 3 personal photos, knowing that they must be identical to the passport photo.
  12. A business letter detailing why you are going to Germany and what plans you have when you enter German territory.
  13. You must prove the sources of funds that you get and that are sufficient for your needs for at least 6 months in Germany through a bank account of you or one of your family in Germany or in the country in which you reside.

Required jobs in Germany 2022

Although Germany is one of the large and advanced countries in its fields, it lacks many workers in several jobs, especially jobs that are for holders of intermediate qualifications, such as construction workers, nurses, drivers, electricians and many others that you can search for from the sites we mentioned above.

As the percentage of Germany's need for such jobs exceeds 50%, knowing that Germany faces many obstacles in bringing foreign workers to occupy these jobs, so we will present to you a group of the most famous vacancies in Germany for the year 2022 in the following points:

  • Entire engineering disciplines especially electronic, civil, architectural and computer engineering.
  • Sales personnel are one of the most sought-after jobs in Germany.
  • Programmers are well versed in all programming languages.
  • Health care professionals.
  • Production workers in factories and companies.
  • Accountants and administrators, especially in the field of financial accounting and business administration.
  • Communications service employees.
  • Customer service knowledgeable enough to deal with customers.
  • Speech therapists.

What are the best companies to work in Germany?

We have talked about the best job search sites in Germany in 2022. We will now talk about the best companies in Germany where you can work with good salaries, which we offer you through the following:

  • SAP, which can be accessed on its website from here.
  • Frost Germany, a famous company in Germany, you can enter its official website and find out all the information you want through this link.
  • The famous Daimler company in the automobile trade.
  • Cisco Systems is one of the famous companies in Germany and has branches in several foreign and Arab countries, including Egypt, where you can find out all the information you want through its official website from here.
  • BMW is one of the well-known companies in the Middle East for car trading, which can be accessed on its official website from here.
  • Bayer is one of the world's best-known companies in the pharmaceutical industry. If you want to know more information about it, you can enter its official website from here.
  • In Germany, many websites provide employment opportunities in various fields for people looking for work inside and outside Germany and for people residing in Germany or in other countries.

Questions about working in Germany 2022

In this paragraph, we answer the most important questions related to obtaining work contracts in Germany in 2022 and working in Germany in general.

The best sites that provide vacancies in Germany 2022?

If you are looking for jobs in Germany, you can use the following websites:

  1. Federal Employment Agency (BA) official website arbeitsagentur
  2. German job search site
  3. Job listings on

You can also obtain professional advice, or information regarding job opportunities in Germany 2022 by contacting the Qualified Professionals Portal in Germany, which is an official government portal, via the hotline through this number +493018151111

Is it possible to buy a work contract in Germany?

You cannot buy a work contract in Germany, and our advice to you is to stay away from sites that offer work contracts in Germany because they are scam sites.

Is it possible to get job opportunities in Germany without a language?

You can get job opportunities in Germany without the German language in one case if you work in the field of software and the computer field in most of its sectors, and here the English language is very sufficient even if the German language is not available.

What are the disadvantages of searching for job opportunities in Germany without a language?

If you are residing in Germany and looking for job opportunities in Germany without proficiency in the German language, you may be exploited to work for more working hours, get a lower wage, and may not get your wages in the end.

Is it possible to work in Germany without a certificate?

Yes, it is possible to work in Germany without a certificate, provided that there is the German language for those who are actually in Germany.

In contrast, the salary range in Germany without a degree will be lower than the salary range for people with a degree and who are well qualified.

About the low level of salaries, so that there is no generalization, the matter varies according to the profession in which the person works. There are professions in which workers receive a very good salary level despite the absence of a certificate.

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