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Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Create and Manage an Educational Website

Hello followers of WordPress, as you know WordPress is the best content management platform , so you will find dozens of templates and plugins that give you many advantages and make programming and writing code easier for you, isn't that beautiful?

LMS (Learning Management System) is an integrated system for managing the education chain, and organizing the educational process by creating a website. WordPress level does the job.

Best LMS plugin for WordPress 2022

Best LMS plugin for WordPress
Best LMS plugin for WordPress


The best and most popular WordPress plugin, once you use it, you will find the plugin full of features, you can create lessons according to the required sections and organize lessons in a way that suits your content, you can also schedule lessons and courses.

The extension is compatible with global plugins and WooCommerce and adding members, you can provide free and paid lessons as well, while organizing and managing payment methods and monthly and annual subscription.

lifter LMS

Another powerful addition to building an educational website that offers courses in an organized, robust, smooth and responsive way that gives you thousands of advantages to manage your website's educational system.

The add-on provides payment via the PayPal platform and the Strip platform for paid lessons, and you can also use payment cards.

You can organize a whole series of lessons, divide them and reschedule according to the appropriate, and you can also complete the tests for the lessons, also prepare the certificates automatically upon completion of the course on the site.

learn Press

A very wonderful free add-on, and many global templates for educational lessons use this add-on for its wonderful features and ease of use.

The extension comes with a smooth setup wizard to adjust your settings, you can anytime export your content and move it to another site, many tools and plugins are available, both free and paid.

The bad thing about this add-on is that it accepts by default payment via PayPal, if you want to pay in other ways, you will have to purchase a utility from the programmer.


When you use this add-on, you will find flexible options that give you the freedom to create an attractive learning environment, and special features for conducting tests and competitions within your site in several ways.

The plugin is fully supported and has wide popularity in educational WordPress plugins. It is distinguished by allocating a special profile for the trainer and a profile for the student with easy follow-up and management of the student.

What is wrong with this add-on is that it does not accept electronic payment for paid lessons, so you have to use another add-on to implement this if you need to.

sensei LMS

What distinguishes this addon is that it is supported by the global addon WooCommerce, meaning that once you use it you will get hundreds of tools and plugins, and do not forget that it also comes supported by dozens of paid templates.

But what is wrong with it is that it is somewhat sterile, as there are many advantages within it to facilitate the management of the educational site, other than the additions that we have previously mentioned, and you will also need some experience to adjust its settings.

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