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The best shopping sites and companies that support cash on delivery

Cash on delivery is one of the great ways to help global shopping sites achieve more success and online sales.

There are many product selling sites on the Internet today that accept the “Cash On Delivery” system. This feature enables you to buy products and shop online without a Visa Card.

The cash-on-receipt feature also helps you verify the products sent to you, as well as guarantees you your right or your money, and today's global sites on the Internet now support the cash-on-delivery feature.

The best shopping sites that accept cash on delivery

best shopping sites that support cash on delivery
best shopping sites that support cash on delivery

Souq is one of the largest online shopping sites. enables you to buy any product and you can pay on delivery. Souq is one of the most famous shopping sites in the Middle East. is characterized by its high credibility and the quality of its products. If you want to buy a phone, laptop, clothes and other products, you can buy them online and pay upon receipt.

Amazon owns, one of its largest online stores today, and the largest online store in the Arab market.

The Souq website contains many advantages, offers and discounts that you can get on a continuous basis.

Products always reach you within 1 to 7 days.


One of the largest online shopping sites as well, not much different from Souq. You can buy a variety of products through the Jumia website.

The Jumia website also supports the payment on receipt feature.


Amazon is the American online shopping giant, through the Amazon website, you can buy e-books and various products.

It is one of the largest online stores that have many products that you may need from electronics, clothes and many other products.

Amazon supports shipping to almost all countries of the world, and also supports the payment on receipt feature for many countries.


The Chinese Internet giant, Banggood, is one of the best shopping sites for Arab countries. The site supports the cash on delivery feature also for a limited number of Arab countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman.

There are many different products, and offers. You can get huge discounts by shopping through this excellent website.


Namshi is one of the most famous Arab online shopping sites. The store has achieved tremendous success in the recent period on the Internet.

The site offers competitive services and features that allow it to progress and achieve more successes. The site also accepts shipping to many countries and supports the payment process upon receipt.


MarkaVip is one of the leading Arab online shopping sites that allows cash on delivery on many of its products.

MarkaVip is one of the famous Arab shopping sites specialized in providing world famous and original brands of various products.


He became famous recently in the Arab market and was able to achieve many successes and get a good selling share in the Arab market. You can shop and buy many products through it.

The site offers many advantages that you can discover on your own while shopping, and also supports the cash on delivery feature for many Arab countries.

It also supports many different online payment methods.

Ali Express

Ali Express is the largest online store on the Internet, and one of the oldest that competes with Amazon and eBay.

The Alibaba website offers many products, and the types of products inside the Alibaba store reach more than 1,000 types. You can get anything you want through the site. It also supports the cash on delivery feature for customers.


In recent years, the Walmart electronic store chain was launched, and it is one of the oldest stores in the United States, which contributed to the spread of the chain significantly.

In addition to the online payment methods supported by the site, it provides a cash on delivery service.

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