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8 apps to turn your phone camera into a professional camera

In this article, we review with you 8 applications that will help you turn your phone camera into a professional camera and also edit and improve your photos with ease. You can use these applications for free on any Android phone.

Nowadays, one no longer needs to carry a DSLR or a separate regular camera everywhere they go to record special moments, instead, there is a camera, two and three in our pockets that we can carry anywhere, this is the phone that can That performs many jobs now. Many people rely on their phones as their primary device for taking photos and recording videos.

All smartphones come with a default Camera app developed by the phone manufacturer. However, the default app doesn't always help you get the best photos, and that might be because it doesn't offer many options. But fortunately, there are plenty of camera apps in the Google Play Store that comes with useful features for anyone who wants to turn their phone camera into a professional camera that makes you get the most out of their phone camera. We've picked 8 of the best of these free apps… Let's get started right away.

Best apps to turn your phone camera into a professional camera


Camera FV-5 Lite app

Camera FV-5 Lite is a very special application that provides you with the same controls that are available in DSLR cameras but for Android, this application is designed for photography enthusiasts and professionals. The application allows full control of all camera features, such as ISO, focus, colour balance, shutter speed… and others. The application includes high features and has an easy-to-use interface.

The app is available in both a free version and a pro version, the free version is good but comes with fewer features than the pro version. But overall, it is one of the best camera apps that give the user complete control over all the features necessary for photography.

A Better Camera

A Better Camera is an app that brings together all the important things and tools to get high quality and unique photos with your phone's camera. The application integrates all the functions of advanced cameras such as HDR technology, panoramic photography, one-click group photo capture, night photography…etc. It even offers a “Best Shot” mode that automatically selects the best shot for you after taking a series of photos at the same time. Other than that, the application has a lot of unique features that photography lovers prefer. The app is free but also has a Premium version which unlocks many great features.

Lumio Cam app

Lumio Cam is an easy and professional application that covers a range of features inspired by the most professional digital imaging camera. With this application, you can integrate the functions of DSLR cameras with your phone's camera and get a unique experience in taking pictures, as once you start it, you will be in front of several options and settings that You can set to control the image or video. You can use the app completely for free, but if you want more camera controls, you'll need the Pro version.

Retrica. app

Retrica is a well-known application with more than 100 million users, as it features amazing and unique colour effects along with other tools to edit photos and make them attractive when sharing on social media. You can get these tools as soon as you take a picture through the application itself, and the camera of the application provides a good number of control options. But overall you will have a very good experience when you use it.

VSCO. Application

VSCO  application is another great application that can turn your Android phone camera into a professional camera, as it helps you to take pictures with full control over the camera features in addition to providing other techniques for capturing distinctive pictures. Side by side, the application provides editing tools that enable you to edit images of all shapes and add creative filters. And if you want to get creative in the field of photography, you can get help from other users of the application by joining a forum that brings together photography creators and you can get tips and tricks that help you produce amazing photos using your phone camera.

Camera MX app

Camera MX  is a full-featured camera application that provides its users with a lot of options to take professional photos through the phone’s camera only, as it gives you complete control over the resolution and provides clear and sharp images. With this app, you can even create animated photos and videos as well as apply colour effects, picture frames…and other touches that make the picture look better. Overall, Camera MX is a great camera app that is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Candy Camera app

Candy Camera is another great camera app and although it is not enough for a photographer; However, it may be enough to satisfy lovers of selfie photography or taking selfies via the rear camera, as it is an application available for free and the application comes with a huge set of filters and beauty additions that include makeup tools and facial control effects in addition to editing tools that enable you to add stickers or texts or instantaneous faces.

Camera app

Cymera is a popular app that has more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store.  It is an ideal choice for Android users who want to get the best photography experience through the phone's camera, as the application provides unique options and tools that amaze its users. Whether at the level of the camera or editing tools, where you can simply add multiple filters to the image after taking it, resize it, or add stickers to it.

Questions and answers

Can the phone camera be changed?

Changing the camera mode can help to get a better picture. When you open the camera program, you will find a group of camera modes (panorama - night photography - portrait..) that you can easily switch between and test the improvement of image quality, try also moving the phone and pressing in the middle of the screen to activate Focus the camera again.

How to turn a phone camera into a professional camera?

But many of us don't even browse the camera app to find these settings, and that's where HedgeCam 2 comes in. The open-source tool brings us all the control options to help us take pictures that are difficult to capture with mobile cameras.

How do I set up the Samsung camera?

  • Step 1: Open the Samsung Camera app and tap on the Settings icon in the lower-left corner.
  • Step 2: Scroll down and tap Edit Camera Modes. On the next screen, tap Back Camera.
  • Step 3: Enable Food Mode

How do I change the settings of a Canon camera?

By holding down the exposure compensation button on the back of the camera and rotating the dial, you can control other settings: In Program Mode, the dial enables you to change the aperture size, although the camera can change it automatically, via the exposure compensation button. The tweaks change the exposure of the photo you take

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