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The best electronic payment methods in 2022

The payment trends that are arising for the time 2022 reflect the enormous impact of the global epidemic affecting us.

COVID-19 has forced shoppers to turn to E-commerce, numerous businesses have been forced to fleetly shift their model to online deals to meet growing demand.

At the twilight of this dark time, companies must be ready to face and acclimatize to the dislocations that won't end hereafter, in order to remain competitive.

best electronic payment methods
best electronic payment methods

Definition of electronic payment gateways

Electronic payment gates can be defined as a commerce-related electronic service that enables companies and online stores to receive their dues by credit cards or to process automatic payments, and it is provided by banks or financial service providers.

Or it can be defined as an E-commerce payment receiving service where it acts as a link between the seller and the buyer, and between the payment processor and the seller.

How electronic payment gates work

Electronic payment gates work on regulating financial transactions that take place in electronic stores, through mediation between the merchant and the buyer, and between the merchant and the banks as follows.

  • Merchant and Buyer: Electronic payment gates allow the buyer to pay for the products or services he wishes to purchase from the online store, and also enable the merchant to receive his dues and send them to his bank account without any trouble or interference from his side.
  • Merchant and Banks: Electronic payment gates record the card information used in the payment process of the buyer, and work to send it to the payment processor (the bank), so the latter checks and reviews the information sent to him, and when approved by the bank, the electronic payment gates return to the merchant to inform him of the validity of the payment information and accept it.

How to choose an electronic payment gateway

Below we will mention to you the 3 most important tips when choosing an electronic payment gateway to deal with it as an approved payment method within your online store.

Choose a reliable payment gateway that provides the element of security

  • When choosing a payment gateway in your online store, the security component must be taken into account. Do not add any anonymous payment gateway. Rather, it must be very popular and have credibility. Studies have shown that 80% of buyers feel confident and secure during the online purchase process, when they see them. For a reputable and honest payment gateway among the payment methods supported by the store they will deal with.
  • A respectable payment gateway is the one that takes into account the security element when processing the payment process, and works to protect customer data and takes this matter seriously, as we mentioned in the last few lines that the payment gateway that enjoys the trust of customers, and gives them psychological comfort when buying, you must seize this point and make it to your advantage And not the other way around, choose a well-known payment gateway that cares about the security and protection of your customers' information.

Choose an affordable payment gateway

  • It is known that companies offer their products and services for a sum of money, and the same thing happens when subscribing to a payment gateway and adopting it as a way to pay your dues within your online store, where you charge fees for the financial transactions that take place in your store.
  • You should know everything big and small about the size of the fees imposed by the payment gateways, there are fees that some electronic payment gateways collect from you for financial transactions, as well as fees for the account statement, also fees for your merchant account, in addition to fees for cost recovery.
  • There are also fees that may be applied to buyers when dealing with a payment method within the supported payment methods at your electronic payment gateway, but the method chosen by the buyer may impose additional costs, so you should know all the costs that are imposed by the portals Pay so as not to be surprised by out-of-your-country fees.

Choose a payment gateway that supports multiple payment methods:

  • Choosing a payment gateway that supports more than one way for customers to pay for their products will lead to a significant increase in sales, as the relationship between providing multiple payment methods and sales is a direct relationship; That is, the more you facilitate the payment process for your customers when purchasing, the more you will find that the percentage of sales has increased.
  • There is a study that proves that about 50% of online buyers permanently cancel the idea of ​​buying from the store that does not provide them with the payment method they prefer, and there is another study that concluded that 40% of the study sample members feel satisfaction increases when dealing with electronic stores that provide More than one method of payment.
  • You can achieve this by periodically monitoring the statistics of your online store; To know the countries of the store’s visitors, where you can choose the electronic payment gateway that supports multiple payment methods, you must take into account that the payment methods differ from one country to another, in summary, you have to deal with the electronic payment gateway that covers your target market.

Do electronic payment gateways affect your business?

Choosing the right e-payment gateway is crucial when it comes to the success of your e-commerce store. Payment gateways act as a bridge between buyer and seller. It allows the transfer of funds directly to the seller, subject to the security and convenience of the buyer.

According to a Baymard survey, 6% of customers abandon their cart due to insufficient payment methods. In addition, most users these days prefer mobile payment options as they are quick and easy. Hence, it is essential that you choose a payment gateway keeping these points in mind:

  • Safe
  • famous
  • easy to use

Let's have a look at the best online payment gateways

most popular digital payment methods

Here are the most popular payment gateways in the market, their pros, cons, and the cost involved in working with them:

most popular digital payment methods
most popular digital payment methods


PayPal is a global electronic payment platform that helps transfer money online. It currently has more than 277 million users worldwide and operates in 202 markets. Furthermore, PayPal allows customers to send, receive and hold money in 25 currencies worldwide.

One of the advantages of PayPal is that you do not need a PayPal account to process the payment. This is a big advantage for e-commerce stores because they don't have to worry if customers have a PayPal account or not.

Key Features of PayPal:

  1. Users are not required to have a PayPal account to process the payment
  2. Supports international payment and credit card
  3. Multi-currency support
  4. There is no withdrawal fee.
  5. Fast mobile payment


PayU is a popular electronic payment service provider that processes payments faster for both merchants and buyers. PayU covers 18 markets across Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa, serving more than 2.3 billion consumers.

They have more than 300 payment methods for fast, simple and secure electronic payments across platforms. It supports one-click buying which allows users to purchase with one click, thus improving customer conversion rates on your e-commerce site.

Key Features of PayU:

  1. Merge and receive all local payment methods instantly
  2. Supports one-click purchase allowing users to purchase with one click
  3. mobile integration
  4. go out on the web
  5. Multi-currency support

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is a payment service offered by the e-commerce giant Amazon. The payment gateway is available to Amazon users both sellers and buyers to help facilitate the online purchase process.

At Amazon payment gateways, merchants can accept payment either online or via mobile. Moreover, it allows users to easily access their information from the merchant's website, so you don't need to add any details like name, shipping address, credit card details, etc. without compromising security. This facilitates and stabilizes the payment process.

Key Features of Amazon Payments:

  1. Has a faster checkout process
  2. Provides first-class security
  3. There is a merchant site integration
  4. Supports automatic payments
  5. Fraud Protection


Braintree is an online payment gateway and a division of PayPal designed to make the payment process easier. Braintree supports over 45 countries and 130+ currencies worldwide. One of the advantages of Braintree is that users can customize their logout flows the way they want while remaining PCI compliant.

Moreover, it saves your customers the time and hassle of re-entering their payment information every time they make a purchase.

Braintree Key Features:

  1. Merchants can customize their checkout workflow
  2. Ease of data migration
  3. dynamic control panel
  4. Easy and faster repeat billing
  5. Advanced Fraud Protection


Authorize.Net is a payment gateway platform that works on 3+ clients for you. Provides security and a complex infrastructure to enable fast, secure and reliable data transmission. It offers plenty of options to its users for both accepting and processing payments.

Provides online payment system, as well as, in retail locations. The online payment system accepts credit cards and electronic checks from websites and deposits funds directly into the merchant's account.

Key Features of Authorize.Net:

  1. It supports multiple payment options viz. Mobile, Retail, Postal & Phone Payment
  2. It employs an advanced fraud detection suite
  3. It supports recurring billing
  4. It does not have a fixed pricing system for enterprises
  5. It supports syncing for Quickbooks


Payline has been in the payment gateway business for a while now. They provide a clear and useful fee plus exchange pricing model .

If you're going to mainly accept credit cards, this might be the best solution for you. In this form, you are charged based on the transaction fee associated with each card as well as the operator fee.

That being said, you'll need a separate merchant account to work with Payline, which makes the setup process more complicated and perhaps not as friendly if you're just starting out with a new e-commerce store .

Payline is more of a payment gateway and hands-on , meaning it's up to you to set up things like recurring payments or other non-standard payment systems. In other words, implementing a specific solution may be more complex and therefore more suitable for existing businesses.


  1. Due to the cross-exchange pricing model, you are charged for the specific credit card you are processing + 0.3% of the transaction amount (you can negotiate the fee amount down to 0.2% if you have a high enough volume)
  2. There is also a separate fee of $10 per month to keep your account enabled


Stripe has been one of the most popular payment gateways on the market for a good few years. A clear fee structure, good integration with all major e-commerce platforms, and an easy-to-use interface have been huge factors in helping Stripe gather a happy customer base.

Stripe is probably the most developer focused payment gateway. This may sound intimidating to some, but what it really means is that you can adjust the bar to serve your business exactly the way you want it.

Stripe lets you process one-time payments, bill customers on a recurring basis, set up a marketplace, or even handle in-person payments.

Stripe also ensures transaction security and stores all credit card numbers and transaction details in a secure manner (using good AES-256 encryption keys).

Furthermore it:

  • The tape has PCI DSS Level 1 certification
  • SSAE18 / SOC 1 issues Reports 1 and 2
  • It has US money transfer licenses, AFSL in Australia, e-money license in Europe, and MSB registered in Canada
  • Compatible with PSD2 and EU Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Works with 135 + . coins
  • Currently available in 30 countries +
  • Works with a large number of third-party tools and platforms - read: it will work with your e-commerce provider for sure
  • On top of all that, there's 24×7 support via email, chat, and over the phone.

Prices :

  1. 2.9% + 30 amount per credit card transaction amount within the US
  2. + 1% when accepting international cards


2Checkout has been around since 2006 and now offers services in more than 180 countries.

They provide you with a complete online payments processing solution, giving you access to an advanced platform where you can manage your business finances and e-commerce efforts.

One of the unique things about 2Checkout is that apart from being able to integrate its payment gateway with all the popular e-commerce platforms, you also get access to a hosted shopping cart that has been designed with best practices in mind and optimized for maximum conversions. This gives you the option to work with 2Checkout alone, without the need for an external e-commerce solution. This can be an attractive option for businesses that don't have an e-commerce setup yet.


Other important details about the 2Checkout offer:

  • Works in 29 languages ​​and 100 . currencies
  • Exit translated for supported countries
  • Integrates with more than 120 e-commerce tools
  • Allows you to accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments
  • 2Comply add-on provides advanced tax and VAT compliance and processing


  • 2Sell: Easy and simple way to sell globally; 3.5% + 30¢ per transaction
  • “2Subscribe”: to subscribe to a business; 4.5% + 40¢ per transaction
  • 2Monetize: a one-stop solution for selling digital goods globally; 6% + 50 per transaction

This price may seem more expensive overall than the other solutions on the list, but, especially with the last two plans, you get a number of additional features that go beyond just serving as a simple payment gateway.

Stripe electronic payment gateway

It can be said that Stripe is one of the best electronic payment gateways that is used by huge stores in the world. It provides an easy and fast payment interface in addition to supporting more than one way to pay dues online, so it suits most businesses.

The online payment gateway Stripe offers features that help merchants perform their business with the utmost accuracy and professionalism. As an online merchant, it allows you to handle your store payments once, in addition to providing invoices for purchases, as well as providing an element of security when processing payments and recording credit card information and details of financial transactions inside your store.

  • Stripe Payment Gateway Pricing: 2.9% + $0.30 is charged for a successful transaction only, Stripe doesn't charge any monthly fees or hidden fees.

Worldpay Online Payment Gateway

Worldpay England's number one online payment gateway, processing over 50% of UK commerce transactions online, Worldpay also offers many low-end subscriptions that are suitable for both start-up and small online stores.

The electronic payment gateway Worldpay offers several features, including providing security when processing payments, in addition to its support for various payment methods, as it accepts all major credit cards in the electronic payment market, as well as accepting payment processing by PayPal, as well as accepting most debit cards. It supports many There are more than 100 currencies from around the world.

  • WorldPay electronic payment gateway pricing: worldpay fees range from (2.90%) to (3.30%) + $0.30.

Vapulus electronic payment gateway

Vapulus is a leading Egyptian payment gateway and one of the best electronic payment gateways in Egypt. It was newly established in 2016 and managed within a short period of time to reach the world, as it was selected among the list of the best 74 electronic payment gateways in the world, as it succeeded in only 4 years of work. Since its launch, it has reached the 14th place in the Finance Online rankings.

Vapulus is a reliable payment gateway at the local and global level and is the ideal choice for merchants in the Arab world, as it is concerned with security and protection of payment information, as it holds a PCI certificate granted to companies and institutions that consider the element of security.

  • Vapulus Payment Gateway Pricing: The fee is 0% Vapulus is 100% free, there are no subscription fees, monthly fees or even hidden fees.

PayFort Electronic Payment Gateway

PayFort occupies a great position globally and in the Arab world, as it is owned by the international giant in the field of e-commerce Amazon (Amazon), this is enough to give customers confidence and comfort when adding PayFort as an electronic payment gateway within your online store.

The PayFort gateway is very popular in the English market such as USA, CANADAAUSTRALIA, etc. It also provides multiple and diverse methods of payment, in addition to taking into account the element of security and protection of customer data.

  • PayFort Online Payment Gateway Pricing: Fee rates vary depending on the merchant's country. The monthly fee in the UAE is AED 420 plus 2.94% + AED 1.84 for each successful transaction.

Moyasar Electronic Payment Gateway

Moyasar is one of the distinguished electronic payment gateways that enjoys the confidence of customers from the Arab world. It is one of the best electronic payment gateways in Saudi Arabia, providing multiple and diverse means of payment, in addition to providing an easy and simple payment interface free of complications.

Moyasar electronic payment gateway pricing: setup fees of 1500 Saudi riyals, payment account fees of 1.5% for each transaction, provided that the fees are not more than 75 Saudi riyals and not less than 0.5 Saudi riyals, and fees for preparing credit cards are about 1000 Saudi riyals Payment fee of 2.5% + 1 SAR for each successful transaction.

PayTabs electronic payment gateway

PayTabs is an Arab payment gateway based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is considered one of the best electronic payment gateways in the Arab world. It was established in 2014. The PayTabs payment gateway has several advantages, which are its support for most global e-commerce platforms, providing a fast and direct payment interface within your store, meaning that your customers You will not be redirected to external pages during the purchase and checkout process.

  • PayTabs Pricing: Offers several plans to suit most businesses, there is a plan for start-up stores that has a fixed monthly fee of $49.99, while another plan is suitable for growing stores and has a fee of 2.7% + $0.27 per successful transaction .

Hyperpay Online Payment Gateway

The electronic payment gateway HyperPay was launched in 2010, during which it was able to gain the trust of customers in the Arab and Western world. It has spread in the Arab commercial market via the Internet and penetrated Africa as well; This is because the HyperPay gateway provides an easy payment interface that is compatible with e-stores established on all e-commerce platforms, in addition to supporting many methods of online payment.

  • Hyperpay Pricing: The fees for hyperpay vary from country to country, you can contact Hyperpay support team via the official email [ ].

6 payment trends in 2022

payment trends in 2022
payment trends in 2022

Buy now/ pay latterly

Gen Z are reshaping how retail workshop by demanding that their preferences be admired. One of the main areas of emphasis is fiscal inflexibility.

It turns out that this population favors inflexibility, as well as happiness over wealth, and seems to maintain savings, which we no longer inescapably saw with former generations. All of these are reflected in their shopping habits.

The conception of" Buy now, pay latterly"is getting decreasingly popular this trend can both increase deals and client fidelity.

The trend is indeed starting to homogenize across all demographics, with the average age of guests being in their early 30s. It boosts deals for numerous retailers because consumers are more likely to add further particulars to their wain knowing that they will have the option to gradationally pay it back over time.

2021 has thus seen the growth of buy-it- now and remitted payment services like AfterPay, Klarna, Affirm and Sezzle. This trend has not escaped the attention of established companies that set norms in terms of payment, as demonstrated by the launch by the giant PayPal of “ Pay in 4x”.

Bettered authentication

Credit card data, i.e. the account number, the cryptogram and the expiry date, as well as the name and indeed the address of the holder can be bought on the dark web for only$ 1 per account. This data is also circulated by sophisticated fraud rings and these pose a massive trouble to consumers, similar as merchandisers for whom fraudulent purchases affect in their stock dropping “ for nothing” which occasionally also results in products. unapproachable for trade.

With this increased focus on cybercrime issues, it's anticipated that preventative measures will crop.

  1. Offline stoner data name, address, landline number, and dispatch address;
  2. . The stoner's online data the IP address, the identifier of the cookie or a mobile phone number, or indeed the advertising ID assigned to his smartphone are used to identify the stoner;
  3. . Data from the stoner's device, similar as IP geste or the presence of a VPN, the use of the Tor cybersurfer.

This type of authentication is inappreciable to consumers, and thus extremely practical without impacting the stoner experience, it offers an fresh guarantee to the trafficker.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments are considered one of the biggest changes in the world of high technology. 2022 will see ever lesser relinquishment of mobile payments like Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. All banks now accept them as a means of payment.

Did you know?

Smartphone deals tripled between 2015 and 2017, according to the Mobile Marketing Association France.

But the trend goes much further moment, consumers want to be suitable to take out their phone, like they take out their bank card, to pay for a purchase in store.

Merchandisers who are still reticent to accept' mobile' payments may find it hard to get started in a hurry.

Payment in cryptocurrency in 2022

Little by little, cryptocurrencies are getting more popular and there are numerous spots that accept these currencies NordVPN,ShowroomPrivé.com, my gift card, OpenBazaar, ExpressVPN, Wikipedia …


Considered a promising trend, it's time to suppose about espousing it on youre-commerce!

Payment via chatbot

Another trend enterprises payment via chatbot.

Given their fun aspect and their vacuity, these online agents can guide consumers in their purchases … right up to the inauguration of payment.

Taco Bell,Oui.SNCF, Subway, Lufthansa, 1-800-Flowers … several companies formerly offer this service. Easily, this payment system is part of the trend, when we know that 85 of client- business relations will involve the use of a chatbot in 2022, according to Gartner.

Omnichannel payment in 2022

The buying trip is now omnichannel. Consumers are starting with mobile and ending their purchases on desktop. Occasionally they start by doing exploration on their PC, before going to the store. They can also order via a mobile operation and go to a point of trade to pay for and collect their products.

A true omnichannel payment strategy is crucial to adding deals. The possibility of reducing the number of interposers by allowing the client to pay directly in the business operation is decreasingly seductive.

This is particularly intriguing for caffs and cafes, which engage in" click and collect" (or home delivery), not to mention companies that bear major fidelity sweats, similar as service stations for illustration.

suppose about it

The creation of your own operation also serves to open a direct communication channel with the client, it allows him to have the occasion to carry out the entire purchase process singly. As a perk, such an operation can include fidelity tools similar as point cards or tickets.

Advantages of online shopping and electronic payment methods 2022

When you pay online, you can get a number of advantages, especially since you can get a currency discount card, and in this paragraph we will learn about the most important features of electronic payment:

  1. The electronic payment system is easy and easy to use.
  2. It is difficult to hack the electronic payment system because this system is protected by laws and rules and is fully encrypted.
  3. You can save time and effort while paying online.
  4. Electronic payment is linked to local and international currencies, which does not make you feel the big difference between the two payment methods.
  5. The electronic payment system is not linked to any geographical or physical restrictions or barriers.
  6. There are many electronic payment methods, so you can choose between these methods that suit you.

Disadvantages of online payment and online shopping

This system also has many advantages, as well as some disadvantages and risks. In this paragraph, we will learn about the most important of these disadvantages:

  1. If anyone steals your electronic payment card, they can use it for you.
  2. Money may be stolen from your electronic wallet, which is done by hacking special systems in electronic payment.
  3. Through electronic payment, the price of the service is deducted and the price of the product itself is increased.
  4. You must have a bank account to be able to use these payment methods.
  5. You must have an internet connection to be able to benefit from the electronic payment feature. 


What are electronic payment gateways?

The electronic payment gateway is an intermediary between two parties - one is a sender and the other is a receiver - in the process of financial trading via the Internet to and from the locations of the two parties. They both ensure a smooth, fast and secure flow of funds electronically, free from any attempts of fraud, fraud or even data theft

What are the top 10 electronic payment gateways

  1. PayPal
  2. PayU
  3. Amazon Payments
  4. Braintree
  5. Authorize.Net
  6. payline
  7. Bar
  8. 2Checkout
  9. Worldpay
  10. Stripe electronic payment gateway

Does the payment gateway support the payment methods used by the target market?

There are a large number of online payment methods in use all over the world, ranging from well-known and well-known cards such as Visa and MasterCard, to very specialized payment methods used in only one or two countries

What are the means of electronic payment?

The main means of electronic payment (bank cards, transfers, direct debits, mobile payment) are thus offered by banks within the framework of “interbank” networks or systems. These means of payment do not call into question the role of banks in payment transactions

What are the risks associated with electronic payment?",

On this last point, two main risks are generally perceived by the user: the embezzlement of funds being paid, likely to lead to immediate fraud, and the capture of the user's bank details which could lead to fraud. later

Which means of payment in the USA?

  1. Visa.
  2. MasterCard.
  3. American Express.
  4. Electronic wallet.
  5. Discover.

Who accepts payment in crypto?

Overstock is currently the leader in shopping and cryptocurrencies. Overstock goes so far as to accept several types of cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoins. Overstock not only accepts bitcoins, it also holds them!

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