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Solve the problem of the touchpad stopped in the laptop

The traditional external mouse has become a thing of the past after we used to use the TouchPad or the touchpad in the laptop, but the problem of the TouchPad stopping the touchpad on the laptop still suffers from many computer users, and in this article, we will talk about ways to restore The touchpad works in simple and easy steps.

Solutions to the problem of the touchpad stopped in the laptop

Solve the problem of the touchpad stopped in the laptop
Solve the problem of the touchpad stopped in the laptop

Make sure the touchpad is disabled in the BIOS

There is a possibility, for unknown reasons, that the laptop touchpad may be disabled in the laptop's motherboard BIOS, and this could happen for example after a firmware update.

To check whether the laptop's TouchPad has stopped working problem, from BIOS Enter the BIOS by repeatedly pressing the Delete or F2 key while the computer is on, the button you need to press may be different.

Likewise, the BIOS for different motherboards has a different layout, but your goal is to find an option called Internal Pointing Device or something similar and then make sure it is enabled, it might be under the Advanced heading Once you are done select the option Save changes and exit.

Re-enable the touchpad using the fn. key

This is what happens a lot at the beginning of using the laptop while trying to use the fn key to change the volume on the laptop, you may disable the touchpad by pressing the wrong next button, you may not notice this problem, it skipped at any moment, especially because of the similarity in the function icons The touchpad looks like a screen icon, and it may take a while to realize the problem because you might have pressed fn with the touchpad button, rather than the volume down button, for example.

To solve the problem, hold your hand on the fn button, and look at the buttons of the F keys, you will notice that there is an icon with the touchpad icon, and make sure that the touchpad is working again, keep in mind that you may turn off the screen by mistake, so just press this button again if that happens.

Remove other mouse drivers

Have you plugged a whole bunch of mice into your laptop in the past, and didn't remove their drivers? If so, the group drivers might be conflicting with your laptop's touchpad, and some mouse drivers even Automatically disable the touchpad on the laptop.

Go to Device Manager and click the arrow next to Mice and other pointing devices, right-click, and uninstall mice one by one, until the touchpad starts working again.

Updating or restoring the touchpad software

While you're in the Device Manager section, right-click on the touchpad in the list. It might be called Dell TouchPad, Lenovo TouchPad, Synaptics, or similar, depending on your computer brand, and make sure it's enabled if it's enabled. Also, click Update driver to see if any updates are necessary.

Also, touchpads may stop working properly after installing Windows 10, which means that the Windows 10 driver for the touchpad may behave incorrectly.

In Device Manager, right-click on the touchpad, then click Properties and Roll Back Driver to see if an earlier version of the driver is working on the problem.

Enable your touchpad in mouse properties

In many cases Device Manager doesn't handle enabling your touchpad, disabling it, if your touchpad is somehow disabled it has to be restarted, you'll need to go to Mouse properties in Windows to re-enable it.

Type mouse in the Windows search bar, go to Mouse Settings, there click Additional mouse options, then in the new window go to Device Settings or Touchpad, then find the touchpad in the list, select it and click Enable.

Disable the tablet input service

If your Windows 10 laptop is hybrid and has a touch screen, the tablet input service that controls the pen's functions is likely to be interfering with your touchpad. If you use it, you must tell yourself to stop the service whenever you want to use its touchpad.

To disable the Tablet Input Service, press win+R and type services. MSC in the box in the list of services, scroll down until you find Table tInput Service, right-click on it, and disable it.

Final conclusion

Hopefully, the laptop touchpad stuck issue has been resolved by all the solutions found here, but if you can think of another new solution, let us know.

Remember that different laptops may have different software for their touchpad, so These instructions may vary slightly, but most of the time the solutions provided by the Pliers website should point you in the right direction.

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