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Learn how to verify your Instagram account when the blue tick appears

A blue sign that your Instagram account has been verified is all you need to sparkle your relationships and partnerships without worries.

verify Instagram account
verify Instagram account

If you use Instagram, the largest means of communication that talks about photos and videos in the world, this means that you follow the accounts of artists and celebrities, who have verified their Instagram accounts and got the blue logo that appears next to their name.

The idea of ​​this blue logo verifying account appeared in 2016, and since then, this concept has helped a lot of celebrities, Instagrammers, and even a lot of small and huge businesses shine and stand out online.

Although the Instagram verification request has been simplified in recent times, and over the years, talking about it in our Hotmart blog articles makes all the difference, and reduces the possibility that you will apply for it to Instagram management and your request will be rejected.

In the past, this strategy was limited only to artists and celebrities, but in today's world, we see it as common to all people.

For this reason, continue reading this article today and learn the steps that help you verify your Instagram account.

What does Instagram account verification mean?.

Authenticating the account, verifying the account, or having a verified account means that your account earns the blue logo with a valid sign inside, and this process was invented to verify whether the specified profile is real if it represents the business model that he is talking about, as he says, and officially.

Basically, it is a way to distinguish between official profiles and “ fakes ” and this helps the account holder get more credibility and turn into an online reference.

This feature also helps distinguish celebrities, digital influencers, and even small businesses, who can rely on the advantages of Instagram in their work and win partnerships with other companies.

What are the advantages of account verification?

Besides the possibility of proving that the account you are using is your official account, there are many other advantages and benefits that you get from the Instagram account verification process:

  • Generate more value for the company or brand

to have an account verified by the Instagram administration means that, besides being an important reference in the field, you fulfil all the requirements and conditions that must be met by you to get the blue seal in the online world.

In this way, the brand's visibility increases and it gains more prestige and value towards potential users and customers that may emerge later.

  • Reducing exposure to problems related to intellectual rights and copyrights

Another advantage of getting this blue logo we are talking about is the possibility to reduce traffic issues related to the theft of content from the Instagram feed, through this verification process the copyright remains more visible and protected.

  • The possibility of referring to other profiles in the publications

When you have a verified Instagram account, you can partner with other verified accounts as well, and use this strategy to produce two-way content. 

This strategy is often used by Digital Influencers who establish partnerships with major brands and brands, to demonstrate the name of the business.

This tool can be used to tag accounts through Instagram Stories as well, as well as on their feed.

  • Increases content delivery naturally

After you have an Instagram verified account, the reach of the content you naturally provide through Instagram can increase by 5% according to studies on this network.

Besides, your business profile earns more brilliance and distinction in research.

In a manner consistent with user research, which goes hand in hand with the algorithms of the Instagram platform, your official account on Instagram always appears among the first options in research, thus increasing the possibility of gaining more followers and lovers for your business and brand.

The first step to getting a verified account on Instagram is to know the important requirements to be able to get a good rating.

Find out what you need to do to get this blue brand.

Instagram account verification terms

  • Proper behaviour on the network

For your account to be verified, you must maintain good and proper Instagram behaviour, the way you deal with followers, as well as the content you share, the platform looks at you differently.  

With good social media management, you can deliver values ​​and benefits on the web, and enhance the brand's presence.

  • Complete the description on your account

Your Instagram account must have a complete and meaningful description, and speak accurately about the products and services being offered.

Besides, it is essential to have a good profile picture, highlighting important information such as phone number, contact details, website, email, etc.

Remember that Instagram is a social network for building relationships with people, so the more accurate and well-defined the profile, the more chances you have to establish good relationships with users.

  • The original 

Try to do everything necessary to make your users feel that your profile is the only official channel of communication to remove questions and also consume the content you publish.

For this reason, if your company has 5 different business profiles and accounts, it may be a good idea to abandon the rest of the accounts and focus on only one account and focus your strategies on it, so that you can actually get a verified account.

While it may seem like a good idea to have more than one account to divide the audience and deal with different segments of the market, in fact, this practice is not considered an ally for those who want to obtain account authentication.

  • What do people notice about your work?

Instagram takes into account every movement you make on the platform, from the description you put to how you interact with users, and this greatly affects the opinion and feedback of these people regarding your business.

For this reason, try to find a real and honest relationship with your target audience, and this helps you not only to have a verified account on Instagram but also to win a large audience of fans of the brand.

Always try to answer customer and visitor questions, ask questions when needed, and always use all the Instagram resources available in Stories to deliver masterpieces of content in the Stories space.

How to verify an account on Instagram

Don't worry, the Instagram account verification process is simple and easy to do, but you must follow the detailed steps below on this network.

For this reason, we made it easy for you and put the following stages, step by step:

  1. Open your profile and go to the “Settings” section.
  2. Choose the “Account” tab.
  3. Go to the Verification Request menu.
  4. Meanwhile, you have to fill in some information such as your full name, your name or your company name, and choose the type of category to which your profile relates from among the options that are presented to you.
  5. After this process, it will be necessary to send a copy of your national ID or a document that proves that you pay taxes in your country (depending on your country), or that you have a bank account with a document that proves your company address.
  6. After this processor stage, it is sufficient to click on “Submit” and wait for the platform to perform the required analysis In case you still have some questions, click here and go to the comprehensive Instagram guide ( Validation section of the business ).

4 tips to help you verify your account as quickly as possible

For you to have a verified Instagram account quickly, we give you some tips that can help you with that.

However, it is important to remember that these tips cannot be taken as a guarantee that account verification will be accepted. Only these tips will light the way for you and make it easier for you to speed up the analysis process done by Instagram.

1- Create quality content

Since it is all about digital marketing, presenting important and useful content to your followers is essential in the profile evaluation process.

This way, the network understands that for you, taking care of the business is not just about selling, but about providing value and benefit to improve users' experience on the platform.

2- Be present on other social media

To prove that your business exists, it mustn't be solely dependent on Instagram. For this reason, being present on other social media and social media is essential to help you do this analysis.

Producing valuable and useful content on Facebook and YouTube, for example, can help you a lot to verify your Instagram account.

3- Try to get the stamp of authentication from Facebook

Although it is not as common on Facebook as it is on Instagram, having a verified Facebook account can speed up the process of verifying your Instagram account.

For this reason, it is sufficient to follow the detailed stages and steps on the social network and confirm some of your personal data, such as an address, business name, answer a phone call, which is a procedure that Facebook may do to verify your identity, as well as confirm the email or email that Facebook sends to you.

To learn more about the basic requirements to get a verified account on Facebook, read this guide.

4- Respect the rules and laws of Instagram

Here's another tip that's crucial in this process, and that's to respect all the rules and laws Instagram gives you.

This idea helps you to appear as someone who intends to abide by the laws in the use of Instagram.


As I saw in this important article, working to verify the Instagram or Facebook account is a matter and strategy that helps you a lot in getting more popularity on these social media, as well as in gaining more opportunities in achieving more sales and successful business relationships.

As soon as you see this blue logo next to a name or account on Instagram, the first thing that comes to your mind and feels is the security of this account and that you can proceed with establishing business partnerships with it without problems, such an account cannot be fake.

What do you think? Have you ever tried to verify your Instagram account? Share your opinion or questions with us through the comments space at the bottom of the article.

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