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Download the image compression program for the computer to reduce the size of images in high quality

Download Photo Reducer and Compress If you need to reduce the size of kilobytes and want to test a suitable computer image program for Windows, then Fotosizer should be right for you.

Hello and welcome to our valued visitors and followers, continue reading and learning about the Fotosizer program, which does a great job in compressing images and reducing their size. We always need such valuable programs in reducing the size and compression.


JPG image compression software for PC and multiple formats

80% of megabytes can simply be disposed of in JPG images without harming the photo! The main thing is to know which software to use for this.

Read the article and you will learn how to reduce the size and compression of images for a computer while maintaining impeccable high quality.

Cameras in mobile phones are more than twice as accurate as they were before, and the problem of size and storage space remains, and in the first place, the problem of sharing and transferring it and how much data you will use in sharing with others.

The solution is simple and easy by downloading the image compression program, the size can be reduced to share on social networks such as Facebook.

Fotosizer provides you with a simple solution to reduce the size of images on your computer and enables you to resize hundreds of images to the size you want in a matter of minutes.

Nowadays, we are seeing big sharing of photos online, if we are going to share photos in full size or original, uploading and downloading them will waste a lot of time and a large volume of internet, so the best way to share photos is to reduce their size or area first.

Download the program to reduce the size of images for the computer, compress and edit images easily

Fotosizer or in English is Fotosizer, a powerful and wonderful program that makes loading images faster while maintaining their quality and clarity.

Fotosizer windows 11 allows you to change the size of the image, so you can specify the size, reduce the width and height, or maintain a balance of width and height. You can reduce the size of images and reduce the size to the largest possible extent of the image size in kilobytes, and the program fotosizer to compress images provides changing the extension of images, so you can convert the image from one format to another, there is a wide range of tools in the program.

But to be able to view it, you must download the Fotosizer free pc program.

Download high-quality image compression software for free on a PC

Many device users these days take pictures with their mobile cameras or high-quality digital cameras however, the pictures produced by digital cameras today are very large, if they want to share these pictures online with their friends, it is not right to publish them directly on the internet but it is better to reduce it to a small size The image is often between 5 and 10 MB due to its large size, and uploading the image to the Internet makes it difficult for visitors to view it.

They must first reduce their size to make them easier to view or transfer. On the other hand, compressing images save disk storage space. Doing this using programs such as Photoshop to compress large numbers of images will remain tedious.

Innovative programs such as Fotosizer can be used to solve this problem and compress large numbers of images in lump sums.

Fotosizer, although fully compatible with a variety of image formats, enables you to resize images in large quantities and continue to significantly reduce their size.

On top of that, you can compress camera-captured images in high resolution using FotoSizer to resize images in three simple steps.

fotosizer for PC Windows 11

The fotosizer program works fast and is powerful to compress the size of images on Windows systems. You can download the program on personal computers, laptops and desktops with the “Windows” operating system.

It works on many versions of Windows, Windows XP or later versions up to Windows 7, 8, 10,11 Image Size and contains many free tools that can be used to reduce and compress images on your computer.

Features of FotoSizer Free Image Compressor for PC

  • Ability to resize images for emailing
  • Resize images to fit web pages
  • Ability to resize images in one batch
  • Full support for a variety of graphic formats
  • Suitable for resizing digital camera photos

Download Photoshop for PC 2022

Image compression program for the computer while maintaining quality

The ideal solution on all devices can provide you with more than 70% of the space and the size of the natural image.

The best thing that the program gives us is that it compresses images without compromising the quality, which is required by website developers and also for all users of social networks in sharing images and transferring them via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter And through the instant messaging programs, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other well-known programs.

In the end, the average user can take advantage of the features of this application in many things, even by saving images on the phone in a small size to save a large portion of the internal and external memory space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to resize a JPEG?

Go to the image you want to resize. Right-click, then open with Paint. Once in the software, look in the top tabs for “Resize”. A small window then opens with some options, in particular, to resize in pixels or in percentage

How to resize an image?

In Explorer, right-click the image you want to resize. Click Open With and then Paint. On the toolbar, click the Resize button. If you want to set exact dimensions, select the Pixels option and then enter the width or height

How to resize an image online?

To resize an image online, upload it from your device to the ResizePixel site. Then enter a new width and a new height in pixels in the fields for this purpose to resize the image.

How to resize photos for free?

Light Image Resizer is free. It converts your photos and image files. Simple to use yet comprehensive and powerful, it can resize your images and photos. If you want to convert change the format.

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