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Organize your meetings without wasting time: 11 tools for success

With the new applications available, there is no need for a physical room to hold a professional meeting with your customers! This can be very practical for freelancers who often have to work remotely.

Intuitive and powerful, the collaborative tools presented in this article will allow you to optimize briefings with your customers. Do not hesitate to share your opinion on the solutions and your questions in the comments.


Why is it important to plan a meeting well?

Planning a work meeting is an essential step to obtaining concrete results and achieving the objectives set. The use of suitable tools to organize a meeting is now essential. Indeed, this option currently meets the needs of companies.

The popularization of working from home and the distribution of teams to different work sites are increasing the usefulness of software and tools that make it possible to contact each other and work remotely.

The use of a work meeting application frees you from a large number of steps such as finding a suitable place for the meeting, renting essential equipment, buying or ordering drinks and food for attendees, etc. Thus, organizing a work meeting online allows you to make significant savings. Not only do your employees not travel, but you no longer need to rent a room or provide snacks.

Work meeting planning also becomes easier with a suitable application because it allows you to better manage the availability of participants. When many sessions are needed to achieve goals, using these meeting tools avoids the expense and wasted time that comes with travel.

The organizers can invite a larger number of participants because it does not increase the expenses. In addition, the participation rate is higher when the meeting takes place online. Indeed, the constraints relating to travel and availability are considerably reduced.

Online meeting tools register more easily and discussions are more enjoyable. Participants can ask questions through the “chat”. The manager can then answer them, starting with the most relevant questions.

In any case, it is important to choose the application or software that best suits your needs. Indeed, first, check if the features offered meet the requirements of your field of activity and the nature of the work meetings you want to organize.

The different work meeting tools

Discover the free or paid work meeting tools that allow you to organize a meeting. It is obvious that the paid versions offer more complete and more elaborate functionalities, however, the free formulas can sometimes be enough for you to concretize your projects of online meetings.

1) Vyte. in

Fast and very practical, Vyte. allows you to send an instant invitation to your guests, to make an appointment. You also have the possibility of quickly knowing the days when your guests are available.

This allows you, for example, to propose a meeting date that suits all participants from your own agenda, by limiting back and forth emails as much as possible. 

2) Framadate

Framadate is an open, free and easy-to-use collaborative tool. It allows you to create a survey on the interface of your terminal (computer or mobile) and send the link to your customers and colleagues. The software can also be used as a decision-making tool during your remote meetings.

With this utility, you can schedule your meeting dates or choose the topics to discuss with your guests. The software is compatible with several web browsers (Google Chrome 19, Opera 11, Firefox 12, etc.).

3) Xoyondo

Xoyondo allows you to quickly poll participants' availability for the meeting: you create the event, everyone receives their invitation and votes for the slots they want, and then you determine the date that best suits them.

In addition, you have the option of creating additional information for participants or sharing files with your collaborators.

Finally, know that Xoyondo is a free tool, so no need to register or break the bank to create your participation survey! 

4) Doodle

Do you need to synchronize your agenda with your appointments automatically? Test the Doodle multi-support software!

This application offers you the possibility to synchronize a scheduled event with several calendars at the same time. This facilitates its distribution in your circle of collaboration.

Thanks to its multiple options, you can also easily find out about the availability of your guests before setting a common appointment.

Host meetings for free with Doodle

A free version is available and allows you to take advantage of the different features. The interface of this meeting organization tool is sober and easy to use. The free version has only a few options which can sometimes be enough.

The free version of Doodle offers services for creating polls and sharing results by email or link. However, the possibilities for customization are limited. A 14-day free trial version is available so you can experience the different features of the meeting tool before committing.

What about the features for the paid version of Doodle?

If you want to use Doodle to conduct a survey, you can benefit from more complete features by choosing the paid version. From 3.50 euros per month, you can manage a project with your collaborators, plan meetings and take advantage of a synchronization service with your calendar.

From 6.95 euros per month per user, you can create Doodles, synchronizing meetings with calendars. Personalization of the template and the URL is also possible.

You can choose the offer at 44.75 euros per month if you need access for 5 users or more.

5) Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings offers options depending on your needs. To facilitate your meetings, the tool has invitation support including the link to redirect the participants to the space dedicated to the meeting. It's an effective way to deliver the right information at the right time.

It also offers the possibility of gathering all the files which you need, during a meeting, at the same place. You will be able to move from one file to another without having to leave the software interface.

6) Mikogo

Intuitive and easy to use, Mikogo allows you to share your computer screen with your colleagues during your conferences. It can work with any web browser and is compatible with several operating systems (Linux, Windows, etc.). This is ideal for online demonstrations.

The application offers a multilingual interface, which will suit freelancers working with international clients. They can easily use this same tool and understand all its features by choosing the language of their choice.

7) GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an application that offers several advantages to users like the ability to share your presentation and the interface of your computer screen to your guests. This option is useful for integrating more interactivity between you and your customers.

In addition, the tool is available on different devices (computer, mobile, tablet) and each participant can thus choose their preferred medium.

8) NeedToMeet

NeedToMeet allows you to organize your meetings in 3 simple steps:

  • Fill in meeting information and details;
  • Suggest dates and times;
  • Send invitations to people of your choice.

Guests are notified by email and you are notified when one of them responds. You can also, thanks to NeedToMeet, visualize in the blink of an eye their comments and suggestions to modify the meeting.

9) MeetingBooster

MeetingBooster is a solution that simplifies your life:

  • Before the meeting: easily plan the meeting and assign preparatory tasks to participants;
  • During the meeting: MeetingBooster allows you to take notes instantly, whether for in-person or videoconference meetings;
  • After the meeting: Analyze your meeting, easily store and find all associated files, and quickly assign tasks to follow up on discussions.

10) Google Calendar

Google Calendar can also be a practical tool for planning your meetings: easy to use and very readable, it allows you to quickly set a time slot for a meeting and share it with your team.

11) Google Meet

Comes with Google's G Suite tool, this video conferencing service makes it easy to organize remote meetings. This free service has been expanded with additional options to meet user needs since the health crisis. It is integrated with Google Calendar but can be used to invite users who do not use Google products to participate in the meeting.

It allows to organize a meeting with 250 participants per call and facilitates the recording of meetings thanks to Google Drive.

How to choose the best tool to organize a meeting?

If you want to choose the right tool for organizing and planning a professional meeting, start by clearly determining your needs. Do you need an effective tool to communicate effectively with your employees who work from home?

Do you want to set up a communication platform to facilitate contact with customers?

Check your customers' requirements to ensure that they will be satisfied with the features available. Choose meeting tools that allow you to benefit from good video image quality, whether in high or low resolution.

Ask about the number of authorized participants. Does the meeting tool have features that allow remote screen sharing? Is it possible to work in a team on professional documents? Does the business meeting app or software offer data encryption?

Our tip

Managing a virtual meeting or conference requires the use of powerful and interactive tools.

Do not hesitate to test the different applications proposed in this article to improve the quality of your briefings with your team and your customers.

Tell us in the comments what is your favourite tool for organizing remote meetings!

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