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Download Windows 11 Pro ISO [32/64 bit] For Your PC/Computer

Today we are going to tell you about two software “  Windows 10 and Windows 11 ” for 64 bit and 32 bit, so that you can choose which of these two to make your PC workable. So the choice is yours so that you can either Download Windows 10 64 bit and 32 bit or Download Windows 11 ISO Pro 64 bit and 32 bit  in your PC/Computer.

Download Windows 11 Pro
Download Windows 11 Pro

Download Windows 11 Pro ISO [32, 64 bit] For Your PC/Computer

Before presenting you the different download links, let us first give you some information about these two software "  Windows 10 and Windows 11  ". For starters, Windows 10 is official Microsoft software that has long been in the news for new technology, such as the latest version of the operating system; moreover it is the official version of Windows.

But currently, I'm talking about Windows 11; the question then, Why? “ Windows 11  ”, the answer to this question is too simple; Windows 11 is a modified version of Windows 10 which comes with new features i.e. new updates to make your work even easier than before.

Requirements To Install Windows 11 In Your PC/Computer

Don't worry if you can install Windows 11 in your PC/Computer because if you have ever used Windows 7, Windows 10 and so, there is a high probability that you can also install Windows 11 in your PC, because Windows 11 is a software that does not require a lot of things for you to download and install on your PC, all you need is:

  • At least 1.1 GB of RAM
  • At least 15 GB available on your root disk
  • 60 MB of Video RAM and more.

Windows 11 ISO Pro [32, 64 bit] Features : 

The Windows 11 ISO Pro operating system has many features that make it easier to use the computer, among which we can mention: 

  1. Windows 11 ISO Pro provides two types of backgrounds for the taskbar, the first for the Windows logo and the second for tools, history and a group of tools.
  2. Windows 11 ISO Pro system provides quick access to power options
  3. Windows 11 ISO Pro gives you the ability to quickly search for any tool and easily access it
  4. Windows 11 ISO Pro system allows to see system update notifications automatically on your screen
  5. It gives you the option to zoom into the tools in the Start menu, making it easier to see them
  6. The Windows 11 ISO Pro system  also gives you the option to turn off and brighten the screen easily thanks to its availability in the taskbar
  7. It contains a set of distinctive programs and designs that the user needs in his various works
  8. Etc.

How To Install Windows 11 ISO Pro In Your Computer

The procedure remains the same to also install Windows 11 on your PC, but as our concern is to simplify things for you and make your life easier; Here are the steps you can follow to install it easily:

  1. First of all, Download Windows 11 from here
  2. Burn your downloaded ISO file to a DVD or USB key;
  3. Restart your PC to start the installation;
  4. Immediately upon reboot, press F12 to choose the execution medium (DVD or USB);
  5. Continue the installation process until the end by following the instructions given to you.
  6. That's all !


You therefore have in front of you two software “  Windows 10 and Windows 11  ” to make your Computer Exploitable. It is then up to you to leave the choice and the time to use one of these two and to present your impressions to us in the comment section. So, don't hesitate to  Download Windows 11 ISO Pro 64/32 bit For Your PC/Computer.

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