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Disadvantages of Changan cars know them

The most prominent disadvantages of Changan cars are the poor quality of some of the components of these cars, even though they have many other characteristics as well; Its prices are significantly lower compared to the prices of competing cars, in addition to the fact that it contains many standard entertainment features such as the air conditioning system and car operating systems without using the key, and the features of the mentioned cars and other disadvantages vary greatly due to the different models, as will be shown.

Chinese Changan car

Changan company is the first Chinese company that worked in the automobile industry; Where this company produced its first cars in 1959, and today its sales have reached eight thousand Changan was able to obtain the title of pioneer Chinese car Twice during its history, it is worth noting that Changan seeks to limit the production of electric cars by the year 2025.

Disadvantages of Changan cars

Changan is one of the leading Chinese companies in the field of automobile manufacturing, and the name of this company refers to staying safe when driving on the road; This means that it manufactures many cars with high levels of safety and protection for passengers, and despite the low prices and various entertainment and safety features that Changan cars enjoy, it also suffers from some defects.

Disadvantages of Changan cs85 cars

Changan company began producing CS85 cars in 2018, which is one of the multi-purpose sports cars. The company worked to provide one of the models of this car with a four-wheel drive, while the other models contain front-wheel-drive engines. The elegant design and outstanding performance on the road are the most prominent features of the CS85, The following are some of the disadvantages that Changan CS85 suffers from:

  • The cabin of the car contains many low-quality components, including the plastic of the dashboard and the center console.
  • Changan CS85 belongs to the SUV class; This means that they have a high fuel cost, and the cost of four-wheel-drive models is high compared to the cost of front-wheel-drive models of the same car.
  • Despite the good performance of this car while driving in rainy or snowy conditions, it is not suitable for various maneuvers on crowded roads due to its large dimensions.

Disadvantages of Changan CS75 cars

Changan CS75 was able to obtain five stars in the safety evaluation by the Chinese Automotive Safety Assessment Program, and it is one of the cars that was equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 58 liters, and the boot capacity of this car reaches 1,560 liters when the rear seats are folded, while Its trunk capacity is 590 liters only when the seats are in their usual condition, The most prominent shortcomings of this car are; They are the following defects:

  • The low quality of many components found in different parts of this vehicle.
  • The high cost of fuel compared to other sports utility vehicles; Where it spends up to 8.5 liters / 100 km when traveling on both internal and external roads in one cycle.
  • Changan CS75 cars require a large stopping distance when applying the brakes, which increases the possibility of accidents in cases of sudden stops. 

Disadvantages of Changan cs35 cars

All Changan CS35 cars work with front-wheel drive, and these cars are characterized by providing many standard amenities and entertainment in addition to providing a large capacity for passengers in its interior cabin, and the monotonous design is one of the most prominent defects of this car in addition to the following defects: 

  • Some models of this car lack a better-performing engine, although other models have good performance.
  • The boot capacity of this car is only 337 liters, which is a low capacity compared to competing cars in the same class.
  • The value of the CS35 depreciates very quickly compared to the prices of Japanese cars or other cars that maintain their prices for longer periods.

Disadvantages of Changan v7 cars

All Changan V7 cars are equipped with front-wheel drive gasoline engines with a capacity of 1.6 liters, and these engines can generate power up to 124 horsepower. The following are some of the defects of the mentioned car:

  • Standard models of this car lack many advanced safety features, including a rear-view camera and hill-start assist system.
  • Standard models do not have cruise control, and all models lack automatic air conditioning as well.

The various Changan cars contain many entertainment features that many car owners prefer. The disadvantages of Changan cars are limited to the low quality of some parts and the high cost of fuel, in addition to some defects that some models suffer from others.

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