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Best e-commerce hosting: which one should you choose?

In 2022 more than ever, electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is booming. This concept is based on the sale of products or services online and more and more users dream of getting started. Do you want to know which is the best web hosting for doing eCommerce?

In this case, read carefully the ranking and comparison that we have been able to prepare for you. You will find the best web hosts to create and host your online store.

ecommerce hosting
ecommerce hosting

The best e-commerce hosting of 2022

After having had the opportunity to test a large number of different providers, we are now able to establish a ranking.

Next, find the list of the 5 best e-commerce hosting of 2022. After that, we will focus on the three solutions that seem to us to be the most interesting.

Best web host for e-commerce:

  • Hostinger
  • PlanetHoster
  • o2switch
  • Infomania
  • Ex2

1) Hostinger

Hostinger is the best web host of 2022 if you are looking to create an e-commerce site. That's a fact.

This host, available throughout the world and having more than ten datacenters (including several in Europe), is able to offer you quality service at a lower cost.

If you are new to the world of online sales, this is definitely a godsend.

Performance, security and customer support

The performances we were able to find on Hostinger's e-commerce hosting were more than convincing.

The loading time of our test site and its pages was fast, and the availability rate (uptime) was close to 99.99% as advertised. To further improve the performance offered, you will also be able to rely on LiteSpeed ​​technology.

The latter makes it possible to improve the management of the cache of your site.

What about security? Is Hostinger also the best host for e-commerce? Yes. In addition to offering free SSL certificates, it implements anti-DDoS and anti-malware protections. And of course it will be possible to regularly save your site.

In terms of customer support, we don't have much to complain about either. Although it does not offer telephone support, it will be possible to count on a live chat available 24/7.

And of course, all the conversations will be able to take place in French. In addition to that, know that you can find a lot of answers in a more than provided knowledge base.


Hostinger's pricing for e-commerce hosting differs depending on the CMS you want to use.

Three different CMS are supported by the host: Magento (Hostinger has received the title of best Magento host by the way), PrestaShop (it also tops our comparison of the best PrestaShop hosting ) and WooCommerce.

Here is the detail for each CMS.

Magento :

Startup: €9.99 / month

Professional: €19.99 / month

Global Cloud: €69.99 / month

PrestaShop :

Per unit: €0.99 / month

Premium: €2.89 / month

Business: €3.99 / month

WooCommerce :

Starter: €3.45 / month

Premium: €7.45 / month

Business: €14.95 / month

No matter which offer and CMS you choose, know that thanks to Hostinger you will benefit from e-commerce hosting offering the best value for money.

With all these offers, you will be entitled to: 1 free domain name, free SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth, backups, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Has all this convinced you? In this case, click on the button available just above and don't forget to take advantage of an exclusive discount thanks to our exclusive promo code “pressecitron” (-10% discount) .

2) PlanetHoster

PlanetHoster despite the fact that it is not the best e-commerce host, offers excellent hosting plans that will delight more than one.

This service provider is based in Canada but offers datacenters both in Canada (Montreal) and in France (Paris) .

It is therefore perfectly suited to the creation of an online store aimed at a French audience. Have no doubt about it.

Now what is it really worth? This is what we will try to describe to you briefly below. For more information, do not hesitate to take a look at our PlanetHoster test .

Performance, security and customer support

The performance is a bit lower than what Hostinger offers. However, we are well above what most e-commerce hosting offers.

With an uptime approaching 100% (99.99% to be precise) and very low loading times, there is no doubt that your online store will be fast when hosted with this provider.

On the security side we have nothing to report because everything necessary is present: anti-DDoS protection, anti-malware, free SSL certificates. Nothing is missing ! You can even set up double authentication on your administration area.

When it comes to customer support, PlanetHoster hits hard. In our eyes, it offers the best customer support of all the hosts listed in this comparison of e-commerce hosting for 2022.

Whether it's by phone, live chat, or by opening a ticket, you'll be able to get a quick response. And that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Special mention to the telephone support which is available continuously all week. It is rather rare in the ecosystem of French hosts , which is therefore worth mentioning.


Although PlanetHoster does not offer an “eCommerce” hosting offer, its two plans are perfectly compatible with hosting an online store.

Here is what the Canadian provider offers:

  • The World: available from €6.00 ​​/ month
  • HybridCloud: available from €49.99 / month

In the first case, you will have access to shared hosting while in the second, you will be able to take advantage of a hybrid between Cloud and dedicated hosting, all 100% managed.

The “The World” plan will suit the greatest number wishing to host an e-commerce site. Indeed for only 6 euros per month you will be able to benefit from 8 CPUs, 16 GB of RAM as well as unlimited disk space.

We invite you to consult the official website of the host to find all the characteristics of its e-commerce hosting.

Because yes, whether it's The World or HybridCloud, they also support the use of Magento, PrestaShop, or WooCommerce.

If this provider tempts you, consider using our promotional code on PlanetHoster .

3) o2switch

o2switch is a French web host that is more than recognized in the industry. However, it does not, in our opinion, offer the best e-commerce hosting of 2022.

Although it is not very far.

With its unique offer, this host based in Clermont-Ferrand in any case advocates simplicity and accessibility.

If you have little or no experience in the field of online stores, you will love the simplicity of o2switch.

Performance, security and customer support

Despite a unique offer, the performance we were able to measure during our o2switch test was quite good.

The uptime is approaching 99.99% and the page load times of our test site were quite fast, although a little behind Hostinger and PlanetHoster.

Regarding the security component, o2switch does what is necessary by offering you SSL certificates as well as by implementing more than effective anti-DDoS protection.

o2switch's customer support is not left out either, although it is a little less responsive than its direct competitors as the best e-commerce host.

In any case, you can get in touch with a technical support agent either by phone or by opening a ticket. And of course, you can also count on the presence of a knowledge base.


The presentation of the prices charged by o2switch will be rather quick since there is only one possible choice: its unique offer .

The latter is perfectly suited to hosting an e-commerce site and is offered at the price of €5.00 excluding tax / month (i.e. €6.00 ​​including tax / month) .

You can also take advantage of an additional 15% discount by applying our promo code “PRESSE15”.

Here is a quick overview of o2switch's unique offering:

You will be able to find all the information concerning this offer on the o2switch website or in our opinion .

However, here is an overview of some features/characteristics:

  1. 12 CPU
  2. 48 Go to RAM
  3. Unlimited disk space (and based on NVMe SSD)
  4. Domain name offered
  5. … And much more !

Of course, if o2switch is part of this ranking of the best e-commerce hosts, it is because it supports Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop.

Which CMS can be used on these e-commerce hostings?

If you have carefully read our ranking of the best online store hosting for 2022, you may have realized that they support all the main CMS currently in use.

This applies to:

  1. WooCommerce (WordPress based)
  2. Magento
  3. PrestaShop

So you have nothing to worry about at this level. Whether Hostinger, PlanetHoster, or o2switch, they all do what is necessary to ensure that their hosting is compatible with your online store.

Advice on choosing the type of hosting for your online store

Should you rather opt for shared hosting, VPS hosting , Cloud hosting, or a dedicated server in order to put your online store online?

Well to be perfectly honest with you, there really isn't a right answer to that question. Each type of accommodation will meet different needs.

If, for example, you are new to online sales, shared hosting adapted to e-commerce will do the trick. It will always be possible to migrate to a more powerful hosting later.

On the other hand, if you already have an online store generating several hundred/thousands of visits each day, then it is better to consider options such as VPS, the Cloud, or even dedicated hosting.

This will allow you to better respond to the load imposed by the number of visitors to your online store.

Why opt for an e-commerce platform?

E-commerce site creation platforms integrate multiple tools within one software. This is a major advantage in terms of practicality because you can manage everything (sales, orders, website, etc.) directly from a single platform.

These solutions will also save you precious time when creating the website by managing the tedious procedures for you such as hosting your site, registering a domain name, installing CMS and configurations, etc.

You will also be able to take advantage of pre-designed templates to help you get started and an integrated editor to observe your modifications in real time. The designs of the proposed templates are modern, aesthetic and varied so that they adapt to all professional activities. Service providers generally leave a lot of flexibility to let you customize them according to your company's image.

Specialized e-commerce providers do not just help you create an online sales site . You will not be let loose in the wild since most offer support and sound advice. It's a good way to acquire some basics in digital marketing that you wouldn't necessarily have had if you started on your own. In addition, in the event of more technical problems, you can count on customer support available at any time.

If dedicated e-commerce platforms like Wix or Shopify are recommended when starting out, it's also because they minimize the risks. Indeed, apart from the price of the monthly subscription and, sometimes, minimal fees on your transactions, you will have no major expenses to manage. And this is all the more so in the event that you are planning to start a dropshipping business .

The best hosted e-commerce platform: Wix

In our opinion, the best e-commerce platform including a hosting offer is Wix .

Everything speaks in favor of this platform. If you want to create an online store with ease, it will be perfectly possible with Wix. You won't have to worry about the accommodation aspect.

And on your side, in just a few hours (without the slightest knowledge of e-commerce), you will be able to deploy your own online store.

To find more information about this solution, we highly recommend reading our full Wix review .

We have dealt with absolutely all the aspects that characterize this platform.

And don't hesitate to take advantage of the free trial that is offered (or its money-back guarantee if you want to push your tests as far as possible). This will give you a better idea of ​​what is possible with Wix.

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